6 Easy Decor Tips to Make your Office Look Sharp and Presentable

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You do not have to spend months renovating if you are looking to switch things up and make your office space a more enjoyable and productive environment. There are simple steps you can take which do not include spending a lot of money and effort, but that will ensure that you have satisfied clients and employees. Simply follow our advice for making your workspace look professional and stylish at the same time.

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Organize and clean the area

In order to make your office look sharp and professional, the first thing you can do is organize and declutter. There is nothing worse than visiting an office as a client and seeing stacks of paper or files scattered all over the room. Actually, the only worse thing might be working in such an environment.  So, whether you are the boss, in charge of your staff’s offices, or an employee looking to increase productivity by redecorating, your first step should be to get rid of the junk and tidy up the place. Digitalize your paperwork, and invest in organizers. This way you will have a clearer picture of what you want to change (if anything at all).

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Let the sunshine in

A professional office should have adequate lighting, depending on the layout. Use as much natural light as possible, and this means having windows with sheer curtains that disperse light and provide a bit of privacy. Having enough light and big windows can also make your office appear larger. If there is not enough natural light, invest in a good lighting system, with various different adjustable light sources. If that is not an option, at least place a lamp or two in the spots where you need extra lighting. They can be a stylish and functional addition to boost your productivity. 

Air it out

Besides being well-lit, office space should always smell good. Pay attention that you have enough airflow through your space and that it is not stuffy. Having more oxygen in the room will not only make everyone less moody and much more awake and productive, but it alleviates headaches and decreases the chance of getting ill (the pandemic has taught us a lot). You can also make smell part of your décor. Have air fresheners or aromatherapy diffusers that make the place smell fresh and clean. A pleasant fragrance will only add to the atmosphere you are trying to achieve. 

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Pay attention to detail

Everyone appreciates the attention to detail. So do your clients. Consider representing your brand through interesting and stylish décor. Add splashes of color here and there, especially if your space is dominated by neutrals. This can be achieved by laying intricate top-quality carpets from Hong Kong ☍. They will not only make the place more inviting but also visually warmer. Furthermore, make your office appear less sterile and cold by placing large office plants, like succulents or indoor trees. You can add a zen garden to help cope with stress, or maybe even a game room if you have the budget for it. Think outside the box, and always consider your employees’ opinions on what they would like.

Make it comfortable

No one should work in an uncomfortable environment, and that includes you. More people are developing back and hip problems from sitting at their desks all day long. Your job should not take a toll on your physical or mental health. Having comfortable and satisfied employees will certainly rub off on clients. A good idea is to invest in adjustable desks, that can turn into standing desks when needed. Change the chairs if they are uncomfortable. Additionally, you can include an office lounge, or a morale-boosting coffee corner ☍, where your employees can sit an relax and get the creative juices flowing. 

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Make it pop with art

Decorate your lounge with interesting wall art. This can even include abstract art of your brand, just make sure that it goes with the color scheme of the room. Modern statues and large wall installations are great accent pieces, especially in the lobby. They add a bold pop of color and texture and can set the tone of the entire space. This is also a smart way of supporting local artists. Buying pieces from up-and-coming local artists can show local pride and connection to your city, which is attractive to clients. 

So, you see, there is no need to go all out in order to transform an office. Simply make sure there is enough light and fresh air, and that everything is clean and organized. Then add in a few accent pieces and space for your employees to unwind, and you will surely have a modern, stylish office that both your team and your clients will enjoy. 


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