25+ Best 21st Birthday Gift Ideas 2021 Picks

We have got you covered with a list of the best 21st birthday gift ideas that are guaranteed to make your loved one's birthday memorable.

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Are you searching for something attractive to give your friend but cannot choose from the several products available on the market? If this is the case, we have got you covered. Here is a list of 25 things that are guaranteed to make their birthday memorable.   

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25+ Best 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Fun 21st Bracelet

Nothing seems better than an elegant bracelet that also happens to come with well-thought-out charms. So, since your friend, sister, niece or daughter is starting a new chapter of her life, let it be memorable by giving her this awestruck adjustable Bracelet. 

Since it is adjustable, it fits into all wrist sizes. It has 21 gold-dipped beads attached to it, and each one of the beads represents each adventurous year of their life. It comes with a beautiful gift box and happens to be nickel-free. This is an added benefit because no Nickle also means no skin reaction and better quality. This will, hands down, be the gift your friend remembers for lifetimes to come. 

Instant Polaroid Camera

If you’ve been looking around for a cool gift for your sassy friend that also happens to be a selfie freak, then this is what you need to get. The Instax Mini 8 polaroid camera by Fujifilm is hands-on as it helps people photograph stacks of memories. On that account, it gives credit-card-sized pictures from the camera swiftly, which come out aesthetically pleasing. Your person does not have to worry about diversity because it comes with more than eight features for image composition. Likewise, it is light in weight and so can easily be carried anywhere and everywhere. Since FujiFilm has also come out with a huge range of colors, they can best fit your friend’s taste. There should not be any second thought when you’re making this purchase.  

Nintendo Switch

What is a more memorable, flashy, and cherished gift for gamers than this one? Well, nothing more than a device that helps them play video games alongside all the home comfort. Nintendo Switch has left no stone unturned. They attract gamers to buy it with added piles of versatile features like its 6.2-inch touch screen, long battery life, and the three styles to play it; the TV Mode, Handheld Mode, and the Tabletop Mode. Including the multiplayer and single-player mode also happens to be portable, a plus point. Don’t forget, if your friend is a gamer, then they, like everyone, are probably eyeing the two Joy-Com controllers because it has features that can leave gamers dumbstruck. 

Kate Spade Cross Body Bag

Cross Body Bag is everyone’s favorite, and they happen to be a constant companion for parties and everyday use. In addition, it fulfills the purpose of being a security blanket which makes it a very attractive 21st birthday gift. 

Kate Spade bags can never be behind the race and out of fashion regarding their design, size, and leather material because they have always chosen quality over other things. 

This black, stylish, and sleek embossed leather bag is a wonderful gift for someone who loves carrying simple bags. Not to forget, this bag is more than just an accessory because of the space that it provides, the zip that it has attached, and an adjustable strap of nearly twenty-two inches. 

Curling Wand Set

For a friend of yours who loves styling her hair, nothing can ever be better than a curling wand set. The curling wand set by Parwin Pro comes with a total of seven interchangeable wands for unlimited styling ideas like curls, spirals, ringlets, and big waves. 

All the barrels are made up of ceramic which is light in weight and easy to use. The huge box comes with a digital display that shows the temperature scale on the LCD screen. Consequently, the LCD screen changes its colors according to temperature since it comprises the latest technology. It also has sensors that allow the curler to be shut off every 60 minutes if the device is not in use. 

Timberland Wallet

If you have been looking around for an ideal trifold-designed wallet for your brother, friend, husband, or nephew, Timberland Wallets has got you covered with their huge long-lasting variety of wallets. In addition, they have a diverse range of colors and designs to pick from, which makes them more interesting and perfectly matches your person’s look of the day, giving them an overall classic, elegant and sophisticated look!  

Since it happens to be a trifold, many things like credit and debit cards, cash, and receipts easily fit into it. Furthermore, companies will often scam in terms of quality for the number of leather wallets out there in the market. Still, this one by Timberland does not compromise quality and also offers the best price ranges. So make your loved one’s twenty-first birthday memorable with Timberland wallets!

 21st Birthday Gift Necklace

A memorable piece of jewelry to celebrate your beloved’s twenty-first birthday is a perfect idea; a simple yet elegant gold plated necklace which comes alongside a box for gifting purposes and a little note makes it an extremely presentable gift overall. Since it has a long chain, it fits the size of every girls’ neck, and because it is completely nickel-free, it happens to be non-reactive on all skin types. It comes in various colors like gold, silver, and rose gold to fit everyone’s choice. Don’t forget to grab it for your daughter, best friend, sister, or wife, for it will, without any doubt, make them happy. Don’t forget, the best point about this necklace is that it is pocket-friendly.

Bella Mini Waffle Maker

Congratulate your loved one on her twenty-first birthday by gifting her a waffle maker, which is a total steal that comes with an astounding range of colors. The breath-taking colors and sleek circular design will fully embrace the décor of their kitchen.

Being nonstick and 4-inch small serves to be a plus point of owning this machine because it is manageable and gives an aesthetically pleasing sight. With the ability to consume low energy, it is user-friendly and safe to handle. The Mini Waffle Maker comes with a 1-year long warranty which serves as a motive to buy it for your loved one on their birthday!

Vintage 1999 21st Birthday T-Shirt

If you are looking around for a t-shirt for your friend, nephew, or brother because they were born in 1999, then look no further. This t-shirt happens to be a great twenty-first birthday gift for guys born in 1999 since it comes in a classic black color. But apart from the black color, it also has a huge range of dark solid colors like green, red, blue, purple, and orange. This shirt is very light in weight, so it can easily be washed in a machine, making it a five-star gift. Don’t be surprised when your person gets complimented when they rock this shirt paired with blue jeans. 

10.21st Birthday Party Candle

Homesick has come out with the best-customized candles for a twenty-first birthday party. You get an option for adding whatever written note on it, which can be glued to the candle jar, making it: personal, reflective, and memorable. It has a burn-time of 60 to 80 hours in total and is light in weight since it weighs only 13.75 Oz, allowing it to be carried everywhere easily. Natural soy wax is blended perfectly within several oils, giving this candle a subtle vanilla odor when burnt. Homesick fits the definition of an awesome gift for the scent and overall packaging. Nothing is better than a unique scented candle that comes like a ray of sunshine and hope amidst the darkness. 

11.21st Birthday Cake

The best way to make your loved one’s twenty-first birthday special, memorable and extraordinary while also keeping an eye on your budget is by getting them a freshly baked cake, especially if they have a sweet tooth. 

Cakes have always been a traditional gift for centuries because they can make any birthday girl or birthday boy smile. This three-tier is no exception: yummy, moreish, rainbow-flecked, and full of confetti. You won’t be disappointed with its presentation and aesthetics! 

From its milky flavor to its fresh white cream in every layer and colorful sprinkles alongside the cookie biscuits on top of it, all of these qualities leave no stone unturned to make your loved one happy. As much as everyone will rave and vouch for its decoration, you will see people vouching for its flavors at the party as well.

12.Pointed Toe High Heels Shoes

For women on the hunt for the best heels, what else can be a better gift for them than a pair of heels that fit their comfort zone? Suppose your loved one is very fussy about footwear and always needs something perfect. In that case, you should plan on giving her these heels since they come with a rubber sole, making walking comfortable, easy and boosts confidence. 

These heels come in more than ten colors allowing you to choose your friend’s favorite color. The heel is nearly 2.5 inches long, allowing it to be worn to dance parties and formal lunches and dinners. In addition, it is wide with a diverse range of sizes so that it fits everyone’s requirements!

Make your loved one’s day more memorable by gifting this pair of heels that will undoubtedly leave them amazed!

13.Wallet Bottle Opener

This American Expensed Black Card, which serves the purpose of a bottle opener, is the way to go for your best friend’s 21st birthday present if you want to impress the rest of your pals at the said birthday party. 

With this card, regardless of the beer bottle, everyone will have access to a drink opener with this Black Card. This is a gift that will go a long way with them, no matter whether it’s gifted to you on your birthday or your friend on his birthday. With its sleek design and it is beautifully crafted with a perfect blend of black color and embossed silver print on it, it is a gift that is a must-have so that you or your friend never go without a good beer. 

101 Secrets for Your 20’s

Our 20s are not laidback or years that we can spend in the comfort zone, with the added and exaggerated drama of breakups, highs and lows, mundane jobs, anxiety, post-college confusion, financial instability, and minor wins accompanied by losses in our life. 

With all that is this going on in modern times, your person needs a key and guide to success that can get them through these rough times. This is exactly why the book known as Secrets for your 20’s is essential for you to hold on to. 

With its witty remarks, motivational thoughts, and quick inspirations, this book will make rough times easier amidst hopelessness. 

Filled with hilarious details, encouragements, and wisdom from your elders, your loved ones’ 21st birthday and the years ahead will be made a lot easier. 

15.Timex Expedition Ranger Solar Watch

For someone who likes wearing a watch daily, this is probably the finest one out there since Timex watches are timeless and classy. 

With a two-month-long energy reserve and an ability to be charged by almost any power source, you can charge this watch with ease and convenience in less than five hours- now that’s a steal. 

Along with that, it has an adjustable tan leather strap that can fit an eight-inch wrist circumference, making it easy to wear for everyone, regardless of where you’re going or what outfit you’re wearing. 

Water-resistant, solar-powered, and silver-toned with a brass case, it is one of the best gifts for turning 21. All these qualities make this product stand out as a birthday gift for your friend, brother, niece, or husband. 

16.Spa Bath Birthday Basket

What’s better for a woman than going to a spa and having the time of her life there and then? It is the thought of getting a spa basket that serves as the best 21st birthday gift! 

Made from excellent naturally processed ingredients and scents with essential oils, this might be the right thing for your beloved person turning 21. With self-care being the top priority on everyone’s list these days, this basket comes in versatile products. From the bath salts, salt scrubs, scented soaps, and essential oils to even a bath rose petals, each is better than the last.

What more could you ask for? This is the perfect gift for anyone who deserves to treat themselves leisurely and make their skin soft like a baby. With a huge range of moisturizing and comforting products to rejuvenate and make your loved one’s skin fresh, this is the gift to go with.

Beer Making Kit

Who does not love the idea of having a good drink after a long and tiring day? And what is better than being able to make your beer yourself right on your kitchen counter without any hassle? This is what makes this beer-making kit a wonderful gift for your friend’s 21st birthday! 

With this beer-making kit, brewing beer has been made easier. It comes with all the ingredients that you need, like malted barley, yeast, and hops, making it a complete package. 

With such a good deal right on your fingertips, making high-quality, delicious, and even complex beers will never be more fun. It is a one-of-a-kind gift for someone who loves to have beer daily and now wants to make it within the comfort of their very own kitchen.

Photo Hanging Set

Suppose you know someone who loves to hoard different memories in the form of polaroid pictures that can be hammered right on the wall and someone who will turn 21 soon. In that case, this is probably the best gift for them since it can incorporate memories of all the 21 years of their life. 

Sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? With a unique design and an option to hang multiple images together, this set gives you the freedom to be as creative and out of the box as you want to be. Not only that, but for instant room décor, it happens to be the best gift. 

With 40 removable pins included in the package, imagine how much you can do with the photos, artwork, illustrations, and even clipart filled with motivational quotes. With such a good set and the ease to set it up, this gift would stand out amongst all the gifts. 

Cool Backpack

If your friend, niece, nephew, or sibling is turning 21, here is a great idea for them! It doesn’t matter where they are going; they will always need a bag to carry their essential items throughout their journey. 

Why not get your hands on this classy, sleek, yet extremely practical bag for them, which fulfills all purposes and fits everywhere? Be it a college trip, a weekend camping, or even roaming around as a tourist, this is a must-have! 

It has plenty of compartments and accessory pockets, which are padded to protect your devices from any damage. It is easy to carry but comfortable, versatile, and long-lasting, making it the best gift for your beloved one. Also, it comes in various colors and styles, so choose one that best fits them.

Adios Fake ID Candle

The feeling of turning twenty-one and never having to use another fake ID to get yourself a drink or to enter a fancy bar is unmatchable. This funny and witty birthday present will be enough to make your best friend chuckle doubtlessly and will also bring a wide smile to the face of those who get to see it. 

Made with extravagant scents collected from all around the world and soy wax infused alongside a diverse range of oil within this candle, makes it a must-have. It also has a burn time of almost 50 hours which is what we all need. 

Its size makes it stand out since you can keep it anywhere and everywhere! Also, with no chemicals and additives added to it, the candle overall happens to be a healthy choice to help you unwind and make one’s 21st birthday memorable. 

Monogram Tote Bag

If you are looking around for a customized tote bag, this is the right place since this bag is easy to carry and the best-customized gift you can give to someone who’s turning 21. 

With it being extremely spacious, comfortable, and minimalistic, this bag with its long dusky brown handles is a must-have. In addition, it has a customized exterior and monogram printed on it with a perfect blend of colors and long durability.

Also, with a well-stitched zip around the pockets and on the outside, you can easily keep all your essential things in one place. Calling this bag a perfect birthday present would be an understatement, especially when filled with other unique gifts and a fun package inside to make your loved one’s day considerably brighter and memorable. 

It also comes with a range of pastel colors that you can fully customize per your friends’ liking.

A Sephora Gift Card

What’s better than shopping around, that too for fancy makeup? Well, shopping around for free. So if your best friend, sister, or wife loves shopping and nothing more than getting something for themselves after every little while, this is just the right gift for them to be given on their 21st birthday. 

This Sephora card would make their day brighter and fulfill all their love for owning dreamy and flashy makeup. With several options at Sephora for lipsticks, foundation, highlighters, eyeshadows, skincare products, and even primers, this would be the perfect gift card for women who love to splurge on makeup items, especially at Sephora.

There is no going back with this gift card, and the makeup lover in your life who is turning twenty-one will forever be grateful to you for it.  

Birthday Month Flower Earrings

For a friend of yours who is insane about collecting floral resin jewelry from all around the globe, what do you think is better than giving her just what she likes? 

These birthday month flower earrings don’t happen to be just a simple and boring gift out in the market. However, these earrings symbolized a lot more, like the personality of a person, the importance of flowers since they radiate positivity, and the relation of that flower with the traits your friend possesses. 

The best part about these is that they come in a huge range of flowers, each representing a certain zodiac sign and reflecting characteristics of people born therein. Since they have a teardrop shape which is something new in the market, they seem to win the hearts of a lot of people. Not to forget, they come in a vast variety of colors as well. All the characteristics mentioned above accumulatively make this the best gift ever.

24.  Giant Bean Bag

21-year-old men and women don’t need fancy furniture to maximize their comfort level since they are already messy, juggling through life, and like to party around. If your sibling or friend who is 21 has the same personality traits overall, then here is the best gift for them, which will also fit their requirement of keeping up to date with a rock and roll lifestyle. 

Since furniture can be a liability for them, gift them this comfortable huge bean bag that they don’t have to clean or set up daily. Instead, help them embrace a comfortable lifestyle. 

This giant bean bag is designed specifically to play video games, watch movies, and have fun. They are filled with foam to make the product softer and more durable than a normal bean bag for sound sleeping! 

Hands down, it will be a fantastic and thoughtful gift for your loved one, and it is not just because it also comes with customizable colors. 

The Giant Cocktail Shaker

So you think you’ve got a friend that likes to show off Infront of their other friends? Well, nothing new because everyone tends to act the same at their 21st birthday party! 

To make your friend feel cool among the crowd, gift him a giant cocktail shaker. Owning a giant cocktail shaker and knowing how to use the tool puts an impression on everyone present. 

The device is insulated on the inside, is user-friendly, and has a perfect kind of pour because of its high-capacity interior. Moreover, no leak is promised with this shaker since you can twist the top portion smoothly, and it filters ice through a built-in straining system. 

Not to forget, it is crafted perfectly, unlike the cheaper glass material shakers out in the market for sale, increasing the hassle and workload! 

Stainless Steel Bangle

You don’t have to think a lot before buying a gift for your friend, because this bangle is enough to mesmerize your friend and everyone around. It is a stainless-steel bangle that doesn’t corrode or rust due to the presence of Zinc. Having four charms, this bangle symbolizes positivity, thoughtfulness, and everything your friend needs for a 21st birthday party. 

All the charms are eco-friendly, tiny, and non-reactive on all skin types. The bangle also happens to be fully adjustable as per your friend’s liking. Don’t forget; the bangle also comes with a gift pouch for uncomplicated gift-giving.

Jar of Memories

Birthdays are exemplary occasions celebrated to make our favorite humans feel loved; it’s a day full of expressing joy, contentment, and endearment. A day which we celebrate to glorify a passage of time our loved one has spent in this world.

But what is a passage of time? Well, it is merely a compilation of souvenirs and memories. Just as we juggle a little more back and forth, we often forget the events close to our hearts. 

This is exactly why jars exist to date! Jars can hold on tightly to thoughts, expressions, and tales of old times. You can put 21 pieces of paper filled with the best 21 memories or 21 traits and gift it to your loved one on their 21s birthday; it will uplift their mood amidst all the chaos of the world.

The glass jar is carefully packed in a box. It comes with a decorative lid, pen, 150+ blank tickets, and a rewritable hung plaque that makes it fit the definition of an ideal gift.


21st birthday gift ideas for someone who doesn’t drink?

  1. An instant pot
  2. Tempur-Pedic pillow
  3. Statement necklace
  4. DIY Mocktail recipe book
  5. Polaroid Camera
  6. Candles
  7. Personalized Keychain
  8. Michael Kors Wallet Set
  9. Revlon Hair Straightener
  10.  Personal Frame with Favorite Pictures
  11.  Dyson Hair Tools

What should I get my best friend for her 21st birthday?

  1. Wine Bottle Straw
  2. Personalized Shot Glass
  3. Hangover Kit
  4. Dior Perfume
  5. Personalized Cushion
  6. Long Distance Touch Bracelet
  7. Best Friend Wall Art
  8. Partner in Crime Phone Case
  9. Wine Tumbler
  10. Best Friend necklace
  11.  An Aldo Handbag

What is a good gift for someone turning 21?

  1. Sushi Making Kit
  2. Oster Silver Electric Wine Opener
  3. Flip Cup Game
  4. A Cozy Hoodie
  5. A tie-Dye Sneaker
  6. A fancy glass shot
  7. A skincare Set
  8. A Sephora Gift Card
  9. Spa Gift Card
  10.  A Fragrance from Dior
  11.  A Fancy Dinner Date

What do you buy a guy for his 21st birthday?

  1. Double Wall Insulated Can Cooler
  2. Shot Glasses
  3. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack
  4. Just Turned 21 T-shirt
  5. A Rolex Watch
  6. Retro Flip Down Clock
  7. Best Man Ever Keychain
  8. Gentleman Job Complete Wet Shave Kit
  9. Men Plush Robe
  10.  A Watch Organizer
  11. An Anker Powerbank

What is a traditional gift for a 21st birthday?

  1. Engraved Wine Glass
  2. Stainless Steel Flask
  3. Soy Wax Candle
  4. Engraved Wooden Bottle Opener
  5. Hand Painted Wine Glass Shot
  6. A personalized Leopard Print T-shirt
  7. A Silver Plated Heart Trinket Box
  8. A card with a Heartfelt Message
  9. A Custom made Cake
  10.  A Customized Mug
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