40+ Best 40th Birthday Gifts for Your Loved One’s (2021 Ideas)

We've compiled a list of 40+ best 40th birthday gifts that can make your loved one's fortieth birthday memorable and something they will hold onto for a lifetime. 

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Is it your loved one’s birthday in a few days, and you still have nothing planned out? Well, we have you sorted out because here is a list of forty things that can make their fortieth birthday memorable and something they will hold onto for a lifetime. 

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40 Best 40th Birthday Gifts: 

Polished Stainless Steel Bangle

What is better than a statement piece of jewelry for someone you love? This stainless bangle is no standard piece of ornament available in the market- it is made with pure steel. It has a stack of charms, including a birthday cake, 40 fabulous, and a wine glass, put directly on top of the bangle. Each one of them portrays positivity in the truest of the essence! The steel doesn’t have zinc infused in it, which is one of the reasons why the bracelet will not rust anytime soon. Not to forget, it is not only pocket-friendly but also thoughtful in the way it will uplift your loved one’s mood.

Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager

Do you plan on gifting him a practical gift, something that can be his ride or die for a long time? If yes, then we believe you have come to the right place! Massage gun integrates comfort and convenience, all in one place. This massage gun comes with various heads alleviating pain in the muscles and tons of adjustable speed options to suit everyone’s preference. Its lightweight quality makes it easier to carry without any complications. The sleek design is a favorite among buyers. This gift will doubtlessly take him to cloud nine on his 40th birthday.

Michael Kors Large Chain Shoulder Tote

Michael Kors Tote bags can never really be behind the competition regarding quality, price, and design. However, for someone who is a bag freak, this is a great gift that can be used on several occasions, like carrying it to the office, parties, or dinners. With a perfect grey and brown colored leather alongside a recognizable brand chain, any woman would be astonished to see how it looks. The spacious interior of the bag, several pockets, and zips are the cherry on the top.

Funny Ceramic Mug for Women

If you have been exploring for the perfect 40th birthday gift for your dearest friend who understands humor, then we have got you covered! This white ceramic mug will be an icebreaker in the family and friend’s circle. With customized sentences that can make your loved one chuckle, and the ability to fulfill a lot of purposes like having a cup of coffee, tea, or juice, this product is an all-rounder. You can put it into a microwave or dishwasher without thinking twice about it because they are microwave safe too.

Bath Set for Women for Ultimate Home Relaxation

If you want your loved one to have a peaceful experience in the comfort of her home, you need to get this for her! Inside the awestruck packaging, she will get various essential things like a shower gel, bubble bath, lotion for her body and hands, bath salt, and a mesmerizing jasmine scent! All the preceding qualities make it a perfect all-in-one gift set. It is made with premium quality ingredients to pamper your loved ones in all possible ways.

Breathtaking 3D Moon Lamp in Elegant Box

Moon lamp happens to be a present of great benefit if it’s gifted to someone who usually stays indoors! It perfectly fits in the wooden frame, which is also given alongside the moon lamp present in the box. The moon lamp is three-dimensional and versatile in the color ranges that it provides. Furthermore, the remote control can change its colors and illumination intensity giving the room a captivating and aesthetically pleasing look. And since it has a timer function available, it is user-oriented in all aspects.

Silver Heart Keychain 

Are you pondering over a tiny gift that your special person can take everywhere? Then the Silver Heart Keychain will perfectly fit your requirement. Its shape symbolizes the key to your heart, and its extraordinary silver shine can fascinate anyone and everyone. For some meaning to be added to this tiny keychain, the engraving does a satisfactory job. The engraving adds to the beauty of this keychain and makes it special and reflective in its own way.

Monogrammed Apron

What is a better gift than a customized apron for someone fond of cooking? This monogrammed apron comes with huge strings and pockets to quickly keep utensils and ingredients in them. That’s not all because you also get spacious pockets which are undoubtedly a plus point. The monogram is sewed with a versatile range of threads and bold text to make it visible to everyone around you. It is a special present for those who like to show off their personalized attires and apparel in the kitchen.  

Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler 

With a timeless classic design, this stylish tumbler is not an ordinary insulated flask. It is made up of double layers of stainless steel alongside vacuum insulation and a lid to keep the inner contents hot or cold. It also happens to have a sweat-free body on the outside. The beautiful unchanging rose gold color and a flawlessly printed monogram of the birthday year make it look meaningful. It can easily be a special gift for your best friend, sister, cousin, or boss. These thermal mugs are reusable and shatterproof. In the end, these tumblers are portable and a perfect fit for outdoor and indoor events.

Lightweight Powerful Binocular with a smartphone adapter

How alluring is a pair of black binoculars that come with a phone adapter? You can gift it to someone who loves staying outdoors and goes on adventures at parks, sporting arenas, and several other places. It is an enticing gift for your loved one who is turning forty. It has a waterproof system, adjustable lenses, and is lightweight; it leaves no stone unturned at being considered a multipurpose device. The smartphone adapter, which comes in the box alongside the black binocular, is a smart feature because it helps taking close-up videos and images with the power zoom lens of the binocular connected to the smartphone. 

Vintage Candy 11. Co. Retro Candy Gift Set

For your loved one who loves munching on candies, what could be a better present? This vintage candy box with a brown exterior and an orange sleeve offers your loved one a walk down memory lane to reminisces their childhood candy collection. It includes 55 packets of candies from renowned brands of earlier times like the Big League Chew, Cow tails, and ZotZ. Not only this but, the box includes a newspaper-like handout that has details of the historical information which makes this gift stand out.

12.Birthstone Scents Candle

Birthstones are something we all value and remember. So the idea of being gifted these staggering birthstone candles is a treat everyone would endear. These exquisitely scented candles will leave your loved one in awe and admiration. Being a highly personalized gift, your loved one can enjoy it all year long. Not to forget, these candles and their scents are inspired by each month’s birthstone. They’re poured by hand, out of pure love; hence they smell luscious. A gift one must not miss out on.

13.May The Forties by with You Mug

A gift that reminds you of your favorite movie and is also practical? Bring it on! This good luck and a happy birthday wish combined in a mug will be cherished by any Star Wars fanatic reaching their forties. It will make coffee and tea drinkers laugh every time they sip from this one-of-a-kind gift to give your friend if they are a fan of the movie. With its glossy finish and a classic interior, it is a must-have for anyone who likes to look forward to their Middle Ages.

Customizable Birthdate Constellation Star Map

A star map sounds like a unique idea. But as a present, it is not only different but also heartfelt and memorable. Due to these qualities, it is the most suitable present to give your person! When you hand the Etsy seller your beloved one’s birth date and location, they’ll produce a custom sky map design with the exact start and constellation patterns from the moment they were born, using charting software. Any astronomy fan will adore this depiction of their birthday by their own Star Map, right from the minute they were born.

15.Yatris 40th Birthday Necklace

A piece of jewelry to commemorate your loved one’s fortieth birthday is a pronounced way to make their day special. With a heartfelt message written on the top of the box, the necklace comes in fancy packaging, ready to be presented to your loved one. The four rings linked in this subtle, elegant silver chain represent four decades of endless love and unity. They are the ultimate heartfelt and meaningful gift to someone who is just welcoming her forties.

16. Men’s Trainer Shoes by Adidas

For every guy out there, trainers are a necessary pair of shoes. These trainers are the best thing for your partner, friend, or even your family member who is about to turn 40. They are not only comfortable but also come with a rubber sole of imported quality. So, what are you thinking? Get your hands on these trainers and motivate your beloved to start exercising! Also, they come in black and white, so choose a preference and go with it.

Tasty Barnett’s Gourmet Chocolate Biscotti

If you are unsure what to give to a person who owns everything, here is a precious suggestion for you- the moreish gourmet chocolate biscotti. The brown and white box comes with a printed brown string wrapped around it. Inside the box are approximately a dozen assorted top-notch quality biscuits baked perfectly with natural ingredients and the yummiest flavors. For someone fond of biscuits or baked items, this is an excellent fortieth birthday gift!

’40 Reasons Why We Love You’ Printable Poster

There are always gazillion habits of our loved ones that we hold close to our hearts. So here is a printable poster where you can express it all. With 40 hearts drawn, there is enough space in them to write their 40 habits which you’ve held dearly in yourself and now want to make them feel special. Hands down, this is an exceptional gift for someone who turned forty! Every time your favorite person needs a confidence boost, it will be there to calm them down and make them realize that they are loved.

Plaid Cashmere Scarf

A classical gray-and-black patterned cashmere scarf that is versatile, long, thick, and warm is a practical 40th birthday gift for him because you can perfectly pair it with anything formal or informal on special occasions. Furthermore, this scarf will serve the function of looking stylish because of its design and fringed ends and also help him stay warm. Finally, since it is durable, soft, and comfortable to touch, it happens to be perfect in all aspects to make someone’s fortieth birthday special.

Movado Bracelet Watch

Stylish, sleek, and simple! If you’ve been hunting for a prepossessing jewelry gift, you have landed at the right place. Movado bracelet watch is a flashy yet precious fortieth birthday gift for people who like dressing up fancy. It is dressier and fancier than an average bracelet watch. It’s made with stainless steel and a waterproof crystal face. Incorporating Swiss Quartz durability provides precise time by proper movement. This watch also comes with a two years’ warranty. So get your hands on this striking watch to make their day memorable.

Kiel’s Facial Fuel Gift Set

Every man cares about self-care. Hence, here is a Kiel’s Facial Fuel Gift Set that includes everything essential for self-pampering in the comfort of your own home. The gift set incorporates facewash, energizing moisturizer, and eye fuel to make one look fresh all day long. Since it helps your loved one feel great and look young, it’s a lovely gift for those turning forty. All the products are made by mixing Caffeine and Vitamin E because they are essential products for our skin.


What better way to stay fit than a FitBit? This digital wristband is a device that tracks your heart rate and makes keeping a note of your day-to-day calorie loss much easier. Plus, it comes with several heart rate zones and has an LED display that even shows your phone’s text and call logs. Also, you can keep track of the steps walked, active minutes, and the number of stairs climbed. With so many diverse functions that you can perform, this is a stunning gift for any fitness geek out there.

Digital Drawing Graphics Tablet

Have you been looking for ways to embrace your beloved’s creative side once more? This digital drawing tablet may be the right thing for it. With options like painting, drawing, and even editing, you could use it for creating multiple designs. This tablet comes with a stylus, and there is no hassle of a battery or charging. The stylus can change your design depending on the pressure you apply. It is an ideal gift if you’re looking to buy it for graphic designers and artists since it is the way to go.


This Nespresso machine with a single-serve capacity is the best gift for any coffee lover out there. Not only does it serve you coffee with espresso but also with crema, and for days when you’re running late, this machine heats up in less than 15 seconds which is a bonus. So the Nespresso coffee machine is a blessing in disguise, and as a gift for your loved ones, it is one thing you should instantly get!

HP Sprocket

If you know someone who loves taking photographs, this is just the exact thing you’re looking for. By connecting the HP Sprocket App with a smartphone, you can get your hands on any image off social media. With Bluetooth connections and vibrant colors, you can instantly get your favorite picture right in your hands. Plus, you can add your spark to images by adding colorful borders, emoji, and text. Seems like the best gift for someone who loves to capture moments and memories and savor them for a long time ahead.

Sports Uniform Wallet

Do you know someone who is a major sports fan? These handcrafted bi-fold wallets are constructed from pre-loved and worn uniforms and confirmed as authentic by the NFL, NHL, and NBL. Wallets are a must-have, and what better way than to give it in the ode of their favorite sport. These wallets are plain yet far from dull! This is a fantastic 40th birthday present idea if your loved one enjoys baseball, hockey, or football with a classic design and simplistic pattern. In the end, this uniform wallet will make them feel special! 

Tom Ford Private Blend Cologne

A delight for all perfume lovers out there! This spicy and warm scented perfume will doubtlessly remind you of the taste of tobacco. With a fragrance like cocoa, creamy bean, and dry fruit, this perfume is a blend of many aromas which elevate your love for tobacco even more. Moreover, this perfume is a special one by Tom Ford, and for perfume lovers, his scents are a true haven. So get your hands on this beautifully scented and geometrically designed bottle right away!

Overnight Bag

If there is one thing almost all of us like to have, it’s an overnight bag. With something so versatile and essential for day-to-day use, why not get this excellent personalized overnight bag for your loved one’s 40th birthday which is every bit classic and fancy. With leather and zips along with the interior, this bag makes packing easy and more fun. Also, you can get their name embossed on the bag to make it memorable for your loved ones. With multiple color options and a beautiful exterior, this is the gift for your man on his 40th!

Personalized S’well Bottle

With these constantly changing temperatures of beverages from hot to cold or otherwise, these S’well bottles are the way to go! The S’well bottles come in multiple colors ranging from brown to red and sky blue to aqua. Also, these bottles can keep cold beverages chilled up to twelve hours and warm beverages hot up to twelve hours. With something so practical, this is the right gift for your loved one, which is made ten times better with the option of personalizing it according to your personal choice.

Cosmopolitan Personalized Stationery

This personalized stationery being luxurious and reflective is the most thoughtful gift if your loved one is a huge fan of handwritten notes and old-school art. With this beautiful set of personalized stationery, he can use these notes for anything from thank you, I love you notes to sorry and condolences letters. With several paper choices and color options, you can even personalize these stationery sets with your beloved’s name on them. Name a better gift for a stationery fanatic!

Angel Food Bakery Happy Birthday Donuts

If you think you can’t go to your loved one’s place to make their fortieth birthday memorable, these donuts arranged into a short message are hopefully the most adorable way to make them feel special and loved regardless of the distance. They are freshly baked, and yeast-raised with extravagant assorted flavors like strawberry, fruity-pebbles, chocolate, and scout cookie put into a wide white box alongside confetti.

Happy Birthday Bath Bomb Bag

Suppose you want to surprise your best friend or wife with an extraordinary spa date that seems absolutely out of reach. In that case, this colorful bath gift set will surely be of some help. It serves the purpose of recreating the same rejuvenating and soothing experience right at one’s own home. These come in a large plastic pouch manufactured with diverse natural colors, glitters, chemicals. Not to forget, they are also dye-free! All four-bath gift sets have unique fruity smells, and they are fun and eco-friendly, 

Kate Spade Initial Necklace

Nothing in the world seems better than a personalized initial necklace, that too, by Kate Spade! It is an attractive gift for someone who is about to be forty, and hands down: the person will truly appreciate getting this for the style that it renders. It comes with a beautifully stitched bag and two different colors like rose gold and silver. It is gold plated and has a single engraved pendant attached to the chain, making it a lot classier than you would expect. 

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Ember Temperature control mug ensures the same temperature state of our coffee no matter how long it takes for someone to finish it. There is no better incentive than this one to buy this for your loved one on their fortieth birthday. It has a lot of features like a long-lasting battery that makes this temperature-controlled mug stress-free. Furthermore, it is controlled by an app that you can download on your phone. This helps you trace the last temperature you set. It has on and off features because of auto sleep and is made up of scratch-free ceramic. This ember temperature control mug comes with an adapter, charging coaster, and a quick start guide which makes it user-friendly. 

Lucky Feather Beaded Bracelet

What is prettier than a feather beaded bracelet that is adjustable and delicate! It has to be one of the greatest fortieth birthday gifts because of the adjustable cord that extends in such a way that it can fit onto any woman’s wrist. It has forty beads to mark her fortieth birthday. Because it is delicate, it looks perfect if paired up with a pastel-colored top. It comes with a convenient gift box if you want to give it to your mom, sister, or wife. 

Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

Well, if you think your loved one is a nature and flower enthusiast, why juggle around choosing any other gift than a beautiful flower, which can grow indoors? This flower grows kit comes according to the birthday months, stars, and even colors! Furthermore, since it is a DIY thing, it has all the material that the flower needs to grow, bloom, and blossom included in the box itself, making this gift pocket-friendly too. So even if your loved ones are not blessed with a garden or green thumb, they will still be able to plant these indoors.

Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany

Do you know a forty years old obsessed with reading books and one who is also a bibliophile? It goes without saying that they love a new collection of books on their bookshelf. This packet of books is full of several quizzes alongside illustrations to attempt for the avid readers. These also have portraits of famous books and bookstores. In addition, these books include interesting fictional and non-fictional tales, so there will always be something new to learn from them. 

Hot Sauce Kit

Spice her life up with a hot sauce-making kit since it is all that a food lover really needs: flavors in life and flavors in food! The kit comes with several ingredients to make sauces as per your person’s taste. That is specifically why this kit is going to fascinate everyone around. It has everything from ancho to habanero included in it, tons of tools to make the sauce, and an instruction book to guide through everything from the sauce to controlling heat and temperatures. The hot sauce-making kit will be nothing but beneficial for your person. 

Wine Soap

Wine soaps are a superb gift for a wine lover and people who love different scents for daily use! The reasons to gift wine soap are several, but mainly because all love the scent and luxurious feel. This crimson soap is created out of natural good quality products. Since the scent is extracted from the wine, it is appealing, rich, and heady! They lather wonderfully and make for better soap than drugstore ones. Rest assured, it surely is an alluring fortieth birthday gift.

Classic Bathrobe

This Classic Bathrobe is a marvelous gift for all gender because of the vast color range. It comes with a waist strap, making it a hundred times better and more feasible to wear around the house. This bathrobe is made with a comfortable cloth, pockets, waffle texture cuff that gives it a next-level bathrobe feel! Lightweight, premium, cozy, soft on the skin, it will keep your loved one warm since it is made up of high-quality, durable polyester. This one is perfect for a precious fortieth birthday gift because of its durability, easy-to-care material, and diverse sizes.



What is the traditional 40th birthday gift?

  1. Personal frame with favorite pictures
  2. Pass for a local attraction
  3. Vintage wine
  4. Napping pillow
  5. Newspaper or magazine subscription

What is a good gift for a 40-year-old woman?

  1. Michael Kors Wallet set
  2. Makeup Bag
  3. Faux Fur Slipper
  4. Revlon hairdryer 
  5. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Winter set
  6. Stainless Steel Bangle

What is a good 40th gift?

  1. Gorgeous Handbag
  2. Spa Treatment
  3. Fabulous Jewelry
  4. A signature Fragrance from Dior
  5. An Opulent Tea
  6. A Nespresso Machine
  7. Home Beer Dispenser
  8. Golf Themed BBQ Set
  9. Retro Sweet Treats
  10. Movie Memorabilia

What do you buy a 40-year-old man for his birthday?

  1. A Custom Watch Organizer
  2. Coolest Cutting Board for Men
  3. Personalized Golf Balls
  4. Men Plush Robe
  5. Secret Message Compass

40th birthday gift ideas for a woman who has everything?

  1. Shower Cap
  2. Journal Set
  3. Meditation Cushion Set
  4. An Apple Ipad
  5. Loafers

40th Birthday gift ideas for a girl who loves her dog more than me?

  1. Dog Face Pillow
  2. Custom Pet Portraits
  3. Wipe Your Paws Welcome Mat
  4. Fresh Pet Food
  5. Personalized dog socks

40th birthday gift ideas for a man who has everything?

  1. Miniature Indoor Fireplace
  2. Freezable Beer Glasses
  3. Old Whiskey
  4. Vintage Luggage
  5. Drone

40th birthday gift ideas for a male friend who likes sports?

  1. Personalized Golf Ball
  2. Hockey Puck Chillers
  3. Engraved Pyrex Baking Dish
  4. History of Baseball Print
  5. Personalized Printed Boots
  6. Home Plate Doormat
  7. Baseball Cufflinks
  8. Adidas Running Shoes
  9. Full-Zip Jacket
  10. Basketball Jersey
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