77 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners in 2023

Are you looking for the best affiliate programs to join and increase your affiliate income? Read our ultimate guide and pick the ones that fit your niche.

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Affiliate network marketing is one of the top ways to generate passive income. It requires a lot of research, groundwork, and overall hard work to reap results. You can do everything you need to do through simple procedures that get incredibly easy to implement over time.

Making a recurring commission through affiliate marketing can make you rich overnight.

However, most of the money you make depends on the different types of affiliate programs offers you opt for. Most affiliate network partner programs pay minimally. However, you can even make something like $900 through just a single affiliate sale.

The affiliate marketing industry is already becoming incredibly huge, with a total worth of over 12 billion dollars ☍. Writing blogs, making video, audio, or picture content on the internet, and monetizing it will help you make a fortune over a long period. However, you have to make the right decisions regarding which best affiliate program offers you choose.

Are you curious about the different kinds of affiliate marketing programs for beginners and the top choices among them? Are you wondering which affiliate program offers will help you establish the highest passive income? You have landed in the right place. This article is your introductory yet in-depth guide to the best affiliate marketing programs for you to invest your time and energy in.

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Affiliate Disclosure

Please note that in this tutorial, we use affiliate links when promoting other products or services. They do not add any additional cost to you when you make a purchase. They are solely used to bring us a small commission and keep this site alive and free of annoying ads. We only recommend safe to buy and use products and services from reliable companies.

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What Are the Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners?

The best affiliate marketing programs are the ones that pay the highest recurring commission for every sale. They could be anything ranging from general global affiliate programs to web hosting affiliate programs. Most people prefer web hosting affiliate programs because they are in exceptionally high demand. After all, every new website requires a web hosting service.

Some people also like affiliate programs from product selling websites such as Amazon or service selling websites such as Fiverr. Affiliate investing in global marketplaces is a great idea since they are always in demand.

While choosing the affiliate programs, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. Therefore, let us have a quick look at some of the best programs for you to invest in to grow a massive passive income base.

ACCU Web Hosting

ACCUWEBHOSTING Affiliate Program
Sign up now
Earn up to $200 for a single conversion

Earn more with every single visitor you send to the website!

Advantages of the affiliate program:

✔ Unlimited Cash Earning Potential
✔ Get Rewarded for your Every Effort
✔ Robust Tracking
✔ Marketing Materials
✔ Easy To Use Dashboard
✔ Anti-Fraud Protection
✔ Easy Sharing

Commission: Flat rate high commission starting from $25 up to $200 per sign up

🍪 Cookie Duration: 90 days

You can expect these types of earnings from the visitors that you refer.

accuwebhosting affiliate program earnings


Fiverr Affiliate Program
Start earning now
Earn up to $1000 for a single conversion

Fiverr Affiliate Benefits
➡ Maximum Earnings
Get paid for every first-time buyer, with no referral limit and a lifetime attribution

➡ Professional Support
Gain access to professional support, tutorials, and a dedicated Affiliate manager

➡ Intuitive Dashboards
Easy-to-use dashboards to launch, manage and monitor campaigns

➡ Creative Resources
A portfolio of high-performing creative assets to help you promote

Commission: get paid 10% hybrid model for services priced up to $10,000 earnings per click.

🍪 Cookie Duration: 30 days

We rate Fiverr as one of the best affiliate programs across all categories for several reasons. First of all, the online service marketplace is huge. Remote working is in trend, and getting services online without the hassle of going out and meeting people is exemplary.

Fiverr allows you to promote one of the biggest online service marketplaces in the world. The website hosts a huge variety of experts ranging from graphic designers, writers, editors, voice artists, WordPress experts, and sales experts.

The options to promote people and the website are huge. In addition, some options can also get you a recurring commission for every sale.

Moreover, most people landing on your blog will be more than happy to take up services from the people you promote from Fiverr. Signing up to the Fiverr affiliate program is incredibly easy, and you can expect to earn up to $150 per every $1,000 sale or on selling to every first-time buyer. The amount of CPA you can make through the three million digital services available on the website is unimaginable.

The sheer number of income possibilities through Fiverr allows their affiliate networks to be a high-paying affiliate program.


clickbank affiliate program

Commission: Varies but is high across all categories.

🍪 Cookie Duration: 60 days.

If you’re looking for variety and a massive number of customers, ClickBank is the place to go. ClickBank is a major marketplace that partners with small brands to sell a variety of things ranging from eBooks to mats. The website is designed specifically for affiliate marketing and is a great place for a novice to start from.

The signing-up process is absolutely free and allows everyone to participate. Therefore, if you’re looking for an online platform that will help you get a commission through affiliation, this is the place for you.

ClickBank has a huge number of daily customers, some of whom like to read blogs regarding the things they can buy from the website. Become one of those sites and earn about $90-100 per sale made through your affiliate link.


BlueHost is one of the Best Affiliate Programs For Begginers

Commission: Get paid $65 earnings per signup for the Bluehost programs.

🍪 Cookie Duration: 16-30 days.

As mentioned earlier, investing in a hosting affiliate program is very profitable because it has a lot of demand in the market. Due to that popularity, we suggest the BlueHost affiliate program ☍. Not only is BlueHost one of the best web hosting platforms, but it also provides such high commission that you are sure to make a huge stream of passive income.

BlueHost programs for web hosting are very affordable, making sales incredibly easy for an affiliate manager. Since the cost of the website’s programs is not too much, your audience is more likely to buy their service, getting you a commission.

The minimum payout cost per checkout is only $100, which is not too much to ask for. What’s more, is as you move higher up their affiliate program, you will get exclusive banners with great customer service for better results.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is a valuable option if you choose to sell physical goods on your site. Through Amazon Associates, you can receive compensation for nearly everything sold at Amazon.com. What makes this service so feasible is that you get a commission for making someone interested in a commodity you are not even a part of.

What you should know about Amazon Associates:

  • Styles of niche/product: anything available on Amazon’s website (including third-party vendor products)
  • Standard commission rate: varies from 1% to 10%, relying on the classification
  • Duration of cookies: cookies last 24 hours. However, if you help customers specifically add an item to their carts, you can get a 90-day cookie, but only for the particular item in their carts
  • Minimum payment: $10 for Amazon gift card or wire transfer

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Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Shopify Banner
Start Your Free Trial
Try Shopify free

And start a business or grow an existing one. Get more than eCommerce software with tools to manage every part of your business.

Affiliate programs themselves are incredibly powerful to help you earn passive income. However, what is even more powerful is using affiliate programs that have a recurring income base.

Using such programs will not only give you a single benefit from a sale made through your link but will continue to reap results as long as your audience stays on the program. Recurring affiliate programs, therefore, allow a steady stream of passive income, allowing you to earn money every month.


⚡ Commission: 200%, or up to $600

🍪 Cookie Duration: 30 days.

Shopify ☍ could have easily been a part of the previous section. However, the kind of commission it provides makes it a better constituent here. Shopify is a very popular company allowing people to create incredible and user-friendly e-commerce stores. Its popularity is immense, and therefore, when you mention its name on your blog, the affiliate link is going to convert.

Shopify ☍ allows you to earn a recurring commission from the subscription plans sold through your links.

Therefore, you can generate and keep residual income for the long run.

Not only is the commission recurring but also incredibly high. The website allows you to keep the complete fee paid by the customer for their first two months of subscription. There are also many other exciting commission features through this affiliate program.

What’s best is that the minimum cashable is $25. So, you do not even have to wait for long until you start generating income through Shopify.

BeRush – Affiliate Marketing Program by SEMRush

semrush affiliate program

Commission: 40% recurring commission on every sale

🍪 Cookie Duration: 10-25 days.

Search Engine Optimization is a hot topic for the current times. Website-providing SEO solutions are in incredibly high demand and are seen as the holy grail of content marketing. Therefore, it is only obvious that many people will want to invest in such SEO marketing tools and websites.

SEMRush is the best SEO helping tool provider and guide out there. Using their BeRush affiliate program will not only help you gain income but also help your audience’s business thrive. As a result, it is a double benefit for everyone.

You can encash your payments once they’ve crossed the threshold of $50. However, if you don’t earn that much, that money will not be lost. Instead, it will be converted and shifted to the next payout period.

Therefore, all the money you earn through SEMRush is safe ad secure, just not as accessible all the time. Since SEMRush is one of the leading SEO tool providers out there, they also have a high conversion rate.

Moreover, their quality services prove to have a high retention rate as well. Therefore, you can rest assured of gaining a lot of money through this affiliate marketing program.


socialoomph affiliate program

Commission: 40% recurring commission.

🍪 Cookie Duration: 30 days.

Social media marketing plays a vital role in digital marketing these days. Whether you want to make sales on the internet or want to become an influencer, you have a lot of scope through SocialOomph. Its power and usability are great leverages into selling and converting affiliate links.

SocialOomph ☍ is best known for increasing social media engagement, something commonly desired by people these days. Moreover, the website is so powerful and addicting that many people are likely to stay on the programs.

The longer your audience sticks to SocialOomph, the better for you since you’ll be making a 40% commission off of their pay each month. Since joining the SocialOomph affiliate program is incredibly easy, it is slowly becoming one of the most popular affiliate programs.


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Website Affiliate Programs

Create a website with WIX
Get Started
Create a Website You’re Proud Of

Wix is the platform where you have the freedom to design, create, develop and manage your presence on the web exactly the way you want.

Creating websites ☍ has become incredibly important for all of today’s businesses. However, not every startup knows how to create a website, nor do they have the budget to hire someone to do it for them. Therefore, many new businesses resort to programs that can help them create a website with ease.

Due to the high service demands, most website affiliate programs enjoy a reasonable conversion rate. Therefore, you can earn a stable commission through such a program for beginners.


BigCommerce affiliate program

Commission: $1,500 per customer
or flat 200%

🍪 Cookie Duration: 90 days.

BigCommerce ☍ has been one of the most reliable places to help businesses build their websites. It has several e-commerce sites spread globally. Through the size of their user base, ease of use, and the high commission rate, there is no second-guessing the BigCommerce affiliate program as one of the best affiliate programs out there.

BigCommerce e-commerce stores deal in a vast variety of products and industries, allowing you the versatility of email marketing. We like the versatility and the user-friendliness of the service. What’s best is the spectacular commission rate offered by the company.

You get about $500 per referral and $1,500 per enterprise customer. Therefore, BigCommerce is a great way to expand your passive income. 


Shift4Shop Affiliate Program

Commission: $100 one-time commission per sale

🍪 Cookie Duration: 120-days.

It is the high focus on SEO that makes Shift4Shop ☍ one of the best picks for an affiliate manager and website builder. Most of the e-commerce platforms created through Shift4Shop rank high on Google, allowing new businesses to get a healthy kickstart.

If you are looking for an incredibly high-paying affiliate program with good conversion rates, Shift4Shop is your ideal choice. Besides providing you great banners and commission, the affiliate program also helps you get some SEO marketing tools. Therefore, they help you build your site.

The commission rate is so high that you can earn up to $100 per referral; making actual sales is an entirely different question altogether.


Wix Affiliate Program

Commission: $100 per sale plus incentives and additional commission.

🍪 Cookie Duration: 30-90 days.

Just like Bluehost ☍, Wix is one of the largest web hosting companies. Since the company can be seen in so many advertisements wherever you go, it is a renowned brand. Therefore, when you mention the name Wix with an affiliate link on your blog, your customers are highly likely to sign up for their services.

The high-quality and user-friendliness of the website is another reason why Wix becomes one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners. Wix will help you earn well by providing you $100 per sale. Moreover, you will get access to some creative banners and landing pages that you can use on blogs of multiple languages.

Wix’s programs are very affordable and it is the best affiliate program. Therefore, when you refer it to somebody; you are likely to get a lot of commission due to the high conversion rate.


Sellfy Affiliate Program

Commission: recurring 25% of a subscription your referred sellers pay during their first year.

🍪 Cookie Duration: 90 days.

Sellfy is a very niche-oriented e-commerce builder website that could both be seen as an advantage or a disadvantage depending on how you choose to look at the situation. The website allows people to sell niche-oriented products, including digital subscriptions and even physical products.

Considering the specific customer base they have, they do cover a small market. However, whoever comes across their landing pages is likely to purchase. Therefore, it makes a great affiliate program. The best thing about Sellfy is their recurring sales commission.

Not only do you make revenue through your sale, but you also continue to earn for as long as your audience keeps using the platform to create e-commerce stores.


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VPN Affiliate Programs

NordVPN Affiliate Program
NordVPN affiliate
Join the world’s #1 VPN for online privacy and security

  • Safely access websites and apps
  • Protect yourself on public Wi-Fi
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Internet safety is extremely important, and so is accessing information from certain websites that might be blocked in your area. People use VPN services for many reasons. However, the most common reason for using VPNs is Internet anonymity and safety.

At least 25% of the global netizens use a VPN service every month, and the numbers are only likely to grow. Therefore, VNP affiliate marketing opens a huge market of people looking for exceptional VPN services.

The best thing about VNP affiliate programs is that they incur a recurring fee. Therefore, you get recurring payments for every sale made through your affiliate manager link. This is the biggest reason why looking into the best high-paying VPN affiliate programs will help you get the most out of your audience.


Commission: 40%

💲 EPC rate: $190.27

🍪 Cookie Duration: 30 days

NordVPN ☍ is the result of friends coming together with an idea of an inexpensive alternative that makes the Internet active and secure. This VPN service company has been in use since 2012 and now represents and helps 12 million users around the world. Nord has become a household name in technology and online privacy circles and has received recognition from almost everyone. Yet they’re not flawless, and they’ve suffered a data breach in 2018, even though they’ve been frank about what supposedly happened.

But what are they really giving their clients?

You would be charged $10 a month for Nord on the Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android computers – up to 6 at a time. But you can also customize your router to use Nord VPN, offering a very real layer of security between your information and other prying eyes. They have an outstanding EPC (earnings per click) and a very high ‘Network Earnings’ ranking on the Commission Junction platform. As a Nord VPN partner, you will receive up to a 40% share of sales (depending on how many users you refer) from each transaction, and you will also have a 30-day cookie at your disposal.


NordLayer affiliate program
High conversion ratesDedicated account managerGlobal customer baseBest commission rates

NordLayer is an adaptive network access security solution for modern businesses — from the world’s most trusted cybersecurity brand, Nord Security.

By the use of modern security frameworks, alongside the best practices regarding secure access such as ZTNA – NordLayer is an integrational tool to connect securely between peers, devices and remote networks.
With NordLayer you are protecting critical business resources by creating encrypted tunneled connections,
verifying users’ identity by biometric and multifactor authentication and enabling conditional access to different business applications to their respective authorized users.

Earn money and help us secure organizations across the globe. Make the digital world safer with leading-edge cybersecurity software — NordLayer. Designed to adapt, NordLayer offers secure network access solutions tailored to evolving business needs.

Utilizing state-of-the-art AES 256-bit encryption, NordLayer ensures that no snoopers can eavesdrop on
employees’ online traffic. They also provide global internet access with more than 3,000 secure servers in over 33 locations across the world.

image 4


ExpressVPN Affiliate Program

Commission: Flat commission. $13 for one month package, $22 for the six-month package, and $36 for the year package.

🍪 Cookie Duration: 90 days.

If you have been looking for VPNs yourself, you must have heard of ExpressVPN, since its conception in 2009, it has continuously been one of the most popular VPN services in the world. This popularity makes it to be one of the best affiliate programs due to its large customer base.

ExpressVPN has a lot of loyal customers who might jump to your blog and review their plans through you. Therefore, if your blog talks about making IP addresses and using public wi-fi safely, ExpressVPN is a good option for you to begin with.

Signing up for their affiliate program does not take a lot of time either. It can be done by filling out a simple signing-up form, and you will get access to your unique affiliate links. You can make a commission of over $1000 through Express VPN. However, the payments are not recurring, just flat.


Cyberghost Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to 100% commission per sale.

🍪 Cookie Duration: 45 days.

Along with being user-friendly, CyberGhost also allows you to access a tool-packed premium VPN service for the best results. Since the service is reliant, stable, and automatic, it is easy to use to attract customers.

Instead of resorting to complicated processes and difficult to understand algorithms, CyberGhost’s best affiliate program allows a user-friendly interface. This is one of the biggest reasons why CyberGhost is preferred by over 36 million websites and businesses to keep their online presence safe.

One of the best things about CyberGhost is its 100% commission due to the very quick payments. Moreover, you can have a varied affiliate commission package depending upon how you talk about your performance-based commission model to the affiliate manager.

CyberGhost gives you access to some of the coolest banners and landing pages to help you attract more customers. CyberGhost is an overall reliable service allowing you to earn with every sale made through your link.

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN Affiliate Program

Commission: 40% revenue share

🍪 Cookie Duration: 30 days.

Surfshark is an incredibly popular and one of the most marketed VPN services out there. Almost any technical YouTuber you follow would have been sponsored by Surfshark VPN at least once. Their affiliate marketing is extremely strong, and it shows in their popularity and high commission rate.

Signing up for Surfshark is incredibly easy. Therefore, paired with the incredibly competitive rates on the website, it is sure to make a lot of conversions in no time. Therefore, you will create an impressive passive income base.

One of the things we like about Surfshark VPN is that they do not only want to retain their customers but also affiliate marketers. Therefore, they provide a lot of benefits to everyone to tempt them to stay. With the high commission rate ad the easy conversion rates, Surfshark VPN is, without a doubt, one that has the best affiliate programs out there.


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Travel Affiliate Programs

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

If you own a travel blog with some loyal followers and readers, you might just be sitting on an affiliate goldmine. You can help people plan their trips along with recommending flights, hotels, and other things that you can convert into cash through the top affiliate programs.

The best way to create travel affiliate marketing income is to create custom package options. For example, you can do your own research and create travel packages explaining how much money your reader is going to spend on a specific flight, hotel, or restaurant, and attract customers to sign up for those programs for maximum affiliate benefits.

Trip Advisor

Commission: 50% to 80% commission structure.

🍪 Cookie Duration: 14 days.

TripAdvisor ☍ is not only the best travel website but also helps you build strong affiliate links. With over 859 million reviews for over 8.6 million accommodation, attractions, restaurants, and airlines, it has a pretty big market base.

One of the incredible things about Trip Advisor affiliate programs is that you can join several affiliate links in a single package. With every booking made through your affiliate links, you can earn anywhere between 50 to 80% commission, making your passive income skyrocket.

You can look at the cookie timing of just 14 days as an added benefit. You can use Trip Advisor affiliate links to sell services from their website and get immediate results. Therefore, you will get the maximum benefit from your blog monetization.


Booking Affiliate Program

Commission: 25-40% commission.

🍪 Cookie Duration: 60 days.

One of the most popular affiliate programs for travel bloggers is Booking. No matter how many travel blogs you visit, the most affiliate links you will find will be from Booking. There is a good reason for this popularity. The high commission per action rate is so good on the diverse variety of booking options that it is a highly profitable affiliate program.

Booking.com is known for having an average booking of over 1,550,000 rooms per night. That is a seriously incredible number, and you can profit from any one of them by including an affiliate link to any of those rooms on your blog.

Booking has different commission rates. If you are a newbie and make a sale, you will get a 25% commission. However, once your website progresses in sales, the commission rate can go up to 40% after you have sold 501 or more rooms.

The only problem with Booking is that it has a big cookie time. You will have to wait for about two months to cash in your commission.

Sandals Resorts

Sandals Affiliate Program

Commission: 4% per sale.

🍪 Cookie Duration: 60 days.

Many travel bloggers like to diversify their locations and accommodation through the travel destinations they suggest. If you want to monetize your blog with luxury and expensive trip ideas, you should consider Sandals Resorts.

Sandals Resorts is one of the most renowned names in the Caribbean travel industry. With fifteen luxurious resorts in places such as the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Barbados, you can earn a lot through their affiliate links.

Since you will be recommending such traveling places to your readers, you can also make money with the restaurants, flights, and attractions that you suggest. You don’t necessarily have to convince your readers to book a room at the resort. Just booking one of the extremely exciting activities is enough as well.


Cheapflights Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to $0.45 per click-out

🍪 Cookie Duration: Currently unknown

Continuing on the topic of diversity, travel bloggers love to suggest flight booking destinations to their readers. If you want to help your readers book affordable flights, you can recommend Cheapflights and earn an affiliate commission out of the transaction.

Since the flight fares on Cheapflights are already incredibly low, there is not a lot of commission value that they can provide. However, owing to the affordable rates and high conversion rates, the website can help you create a good passive income stream. 

The website will provide you with creative marketing assets such as search boxes, banners, and even travel widgets. Therefore, you can create affiliate income for yourself without much effort. All you need is to have a good audience base.


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Finance and Credit Card Affiliate Programs

American Express Affiliate Program

Why not monetize the finance industry itself? This industry is huge, and there is always a high demand for credit cards and financial services on the internet. According to research, there is an average of 4 credit cards per person in America.

People just love to spend money they don’t have and take on more credit. Making money with an affiliate marketing program through insurance and credit repair review sites is a great idea since they are always in high demand.

Be aware that not many finance and credit card affiliate programs are well-paying. However, with the right research, you can monetize your finance blog through several affiliates.

American Express Referral Program

Commission: Up to $200/lead

🍪 Cookie Duration: 7 days.

AMEX is a website made to help people make difficult financial decisions. They offer credit cards, financial information, resources, and tools to help them better their financial situation. They have a team of great employees who help not only customers but also affiliate masters tirelessly.

American Express loves to retain its affiliate marketers. Therefore, they offer high commission rates. The payouts are also easily manageable with zero bottom limit.

As part of their affiliate marketers program, you will get access to exclusive banners, logos, tools, and more to help the company sell. Moreover, you can track your live updates with the help of the tracker integrated into the affiliate program.

Bankrate Credit Cards Affiliate Program

Bankrate Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to $200 per signup and 40% Shared Revenue

🍪 Cookie Duration: 30 days.

Everyone benefits from online financial services, and you can add your name to that list through affiliate links. Bankrate Credit Cards ☍ is a solution built to provide to their affiliates access to over 300 offers related to credit cards and financial advice.

If you have a financial blog, you can use the affiliate programs from Bankrate Credit Cards to help your readers with their financial struggle, while making passive income. The affiliate team has dedicated personnel who will help you step by step.

The reason why Bankrate Credit Cards is one of the best affiliate programs is that you get more technology solutions than in any other affiliate network. They provide user-friendly in-site tools, co-brand solutions, and strong data feeds. Additionally, you get full access to award-winning editorial content.

DisputeBee Credit Repair

Disputebee Credit Repair Affiliate Program

Commission: 35% per sale.

🍪 Cookie Duration: Unknown.

Just as much as Americans love to spend and spend with credit cards, they have to take up services to fix their credit score. Why? The better the credit score, the more loan they can raise, and the cycle goes on.

DisputeBee Credit Repair is a huge name in the financial industry due to the quality of service they offer. Since they have an age-old affiliate program, you do not have to worry about authenticity. The company knows exactly what it is doing through its affiliate programs.

With DisputeBee Credit Repair’s affiliate program you get access to a variety of promotional equipment to help make sales better. Overall, the affiliate program is clean and well-paying for any financial blogger and content creator.


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Fashion Affiliate Programs

Rewardstyle Affiliate Program

If you look at the world’s clothing industry, the brick-and-mortar stores are shutting down. Based on this, it’s better to invest your time to look for high-paying fashion affiliate programs. Besides, fashion is one of those niches that is recession-proof.

Here are some of the top-paying, renowned fashion affiliate programs:


Commission: Varies

🍪 Cookie Duration: Not Mentioned

When it comes to an affiliate marketing program, RewardStyle is unique in multiple ways. RewardStyle is not only into fashion but also homewares, technology, food & drink offers.

With RewardStyle, you’ll have the golden opportunity to work with big names like Reebok, Macy’s, Scott, Conair, etc. Getting affiliate approval from them might be tricky, but it’s well worth it.

ShopStyle Collective

Shopstyle Collective Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to 20%

🍪 Cookie Duration: Varies

ShopStyle is an affiliate program that focuses on influencers. They are representing hundreds of brands rather than their products. On ShopStyle, you can find everything from beauty products to baby clothing.

To become an affiliate with ShopStyle, you have to have an Instagram Creator account. Most importantly, they have fewer traffic requirements in comparison to RewardStyle.


Newchic Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to 50%

🍪 Cookie Duration: 30 days

Newchic ☍ stepped into the fashion industry in 2015. Their main aim is to offer a premium yet budgeted fashion apparel to both men and women. Newchic also caters to plus-size buyers.

As a Newchic affiliate marketer, you have to work with a tiered commission mechanism. The high commission rate is one reason why bloggers and influencers prefer working with Newchic.


Zappos Affiliate Program

Commission: 7% per order

🍪 Cookie Duration: 14 days

Zappos became famous for selling shoes on the internet. Currently, you can find over 1,500 different brands on Zappos for a complete range of accessories and clothing. Hence, if your target audience is brand-conscious, then you can refer them to this eCommerce site.

If you run a fashion blog, you can get a great commission rate with Zappos.

Daem Watches

Daem Watches Affiliate Program

Commission: 20% per order

🍪 Cookie Duration: 45 days

Many affiliates think that the fashion niche only deals with clothing. If you have the same mindset, you’re mistaken. Today, fashion accessories have the same importance to that as clothing. Each Daem watch undergoes the designing journey in Brooklyn.

However, the actual crafting takes place in the watch capital of the world, i.e., Switzerland. Let us tell you that Daem watches don’t come cheap. It means that you can earn a pretty decent commission.

Goat Fashion

Goat Fashion Affiliate Program

⚡ Commission: 8% per order

🍪 Cookie Duration: 30 days

Goat is a fashion destination for any woman who craves chic style and panache. Goat Fashion has successfully found its place in the wardrobes of busy working mothers and also female members from the British Royal families.

Though Goat is based out of United Kingdom, it also ships its products to the States. Therefore, international affiliates should not hesitate to pick them.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Affiliate Program

Commission: 8% – 12% per order

🍪 Cookie Duration: 30 days

Hugo Boss is one brand that is synonymous with male fashion. The company has been in the fashion industry for over 100 years now. Over these decades, they’ve quickly expanded their product range.

Today, you can also find womenswear in Hugo Boss stores. This fashion affiliate website is a gold mine for those who wish to make a significant commission.


H&M Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to 7.4% per sale

🍪 Cookie Duration: 30 days

H&M is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry. This fast-fashion brand operates worldwide and enjoys a loyal user base. They have thousands of products to offer. They offer women, men, and children clothing.


Nordstrom Affiliate Program

Commission: 2-20% per sale

🍪 Cookie Duration: 7 days

The product range at Nordstorm ☍ is endless. This brand has jewelry, clothing, shoes, makeup, and whatnot. Nordstrom keeps running offers from time to time on their website. Referring your traffic to Nordstorm will only add value to your blog.

Promoting Nordstrom is great because they ship their products worldwide. This means that they’ll not have problems accepting international affiliates.


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Beauty and Makeup Affiliate Programs

The makeup and beauty industry is here to stay. The makeup and beauty brands believe that affiliate programs can boost their marketing campaigns significantly. A few names in the beauty industry have set high benchmarks for affiliate commission.

Take a look at the best beauty and makeup affiliate programs that fashion bloggers can leverage this year.

Yves Rocher Makeup

Even if you’re not into beauty and makeup, you would’ve heard of Yves Rocher. The brand is famous for delivering makeup with natural ingredients. Despite being a part of the tremendous cosmetic empire, their prices are still reasonable.

Yves Rocher offers a lucrative amount of commission for its affiliates. Because the brand is quite popular, it’ll be pretty easy for you to make sales commission.

Commission: 15% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is a world-famous brand that does not require any introduction. It began its journey as a beauty salon in New York city’s fifth avenue. The brand promotes high-quality cosmetics and skincare products.

With Elizabeth Arden, you have a chance of earning multiple commissions from repetitive sales. The brand affiliate program is quite popular.

Commission: 9% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Avon Cosmetics

Avon is a highly renowned name in the skincare industry. It has been delivering satisfaction to customers for more than a century. Also, Avon indulges in door-to-door selling rather than online sale.

You can be a part of Avon’s affiliate program through the CJ affiliate network. Even though it is into traditional selling techniques, the commission rate is satisfactory.

Commission: Up to 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: Up to 45 days

Charlotte Tilbury

If you are passionate about beauty and makeup, you would be aware of Charlotte Tillbury. From celebrities to ramp models, everyone loves this makeup brand. Apart from a fabulous product range, Charlotte Tillbury also allows people to promote her products.

However, the commission rate isn’t awe-inspiring. But, since the brand is quite popular, you can earn well once you begin promoting.

Commission: 8% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days


Sephora is a world-famous cosmetic store that houses more than 300 brands under its roof. This French beauty store offers both an affordable and luxurious range to its customers.

The best affiliate program at Sephora enables you access to almost 13,000 premium products from multiple brands. The commission will vary from product to product. Though the day cookie period is short, it’s still possible to make sales.

Commission: Up to 10%

Cookie Duration: 1 day


You are not a complete makeup buff if you don’t know about MAC. The iconic Ruby Woo remains to be the brand’s bestseller since its inception. This worldwide makeup brand offers products for people belonging to all genders, ages, and races.

The traffic/audience on your website can also enjoy several coupons, free shipping, and discounts. MAC has a secure payment process, which makes it a popular affiliate choice between beauty bloggers.

Commission: 4% per sale

Cookie Duration: 7 days


Clinique is an American brand that is into producing skincare & cosmetic products and even perfume. Clinique is a subsidiary of Estee Lauder. Both men and women can find suitable skincare products in this brand.

Clinique’s affiliate program has an 8% commission rate policy. We recommend you to join the program through Viglink, which is a secure payment option.

Commission: Up to 8%

Cookie Duration: 7 days

Alpine Beauty

Alpine Beauty redefines luxury like no other cosmetic brand. It is well-known for its environment-friendly products.  Their products use wild-crafted alpine botanicals that are sustainable and natural.

If you want to add value to your blog, this eco-friendly brand is a good option. The best thing about joining hands with Alpyn beauty is its high commission rate. Since they have an expensive product range, your commission will also be pretty good.

Commission: 25% per sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days


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Fitness Affiliate Programs

Some of the most popular blogs and video channels on YouTube are the ones related to health and fitness. Everyone wants to be fit, and since only a few have the dedication to learn Biological facts by themselves, people rely on health and fitness creators to get the most out of their diet.

Whether your readers are beginners, bodybuilders, or fitness coaches themselves, you can recommend certain things on a blog to benefit everyone. If you own a fitness blog, you can create a huge affiliate passive income through the best affiliate programs.

Jade Yoga

Yoga is the best way to keep your body in motion and in its healthiest state. It is the way to live for many people. Most people who care about Yoga care about the environment as well. Therefore. Jade Yoga is the right place for them.

Jade Yoga is the biggest worldwide platform for environmentally friendly performing yoga and yoga products. The company aims at giving back what we take from the Earth. Therefore, it is sure to attract a lot of like-minded customers.

Along with being incredible at what they do, Jade Yoga also has a great affiliate program. The company offers a large commission per every sale they make through your affiliate marketing links. You can expect to earn about 20% commission. However, since the products are generally expensive, even this percentage is enough to give you a lot of money.

You will need to reach a minimum of $50 to encash your affiliate payout. However, once the limit is reached, payouts are simple and flexible.

Commission: 20%

Cookie Duration: 30 days.

Ace Fitness

Ace Fitness is a website for professionals in fitness and health. This is the website people go to gain fitness knowledge and even get the NCCA certification allowing them to become professional practitioners. Since Ace Fitness is a one-of-a-kind service provider, it is great in terms of conversions, allowing you to gain a lot of income through affiliate links.

Anyone who wants to start a career as a fitness professional will choose Ace Fitness as their tutorial website. Therefore, when you promote it on your blog, you have a huge possibility to gain commission through sales.

Ace Fitness’s affiliate program is well-suited for beginners in affiliate marketing. It is easy to understand and take by anyone with a slight audience as a fitness content creator.

The program offers an 8% commission on every successful referral. However, as your partnership with the company improves over time, you can get better offers as well.

Commission: 8%

Cookie Duration: 30 days.


Do you have a huge reader base who will love you to buy sports and fitness equipment online? You should consider Net2Fityness in that case. Net2Fitness is an online superstore for fitness equipment. If you join their affiliate program, you can help your readers be on their fitness journey while making a commission through every recommendation they purchase.

Net2Fitness sells equipment ranging from exercise bikes, exercise balls, inversion tables, and leg machines. No matter what equipment you want to recommend, you will find it on Net2Fitness. Moreover, the website also has offered to upgrade or replace your existing machines.

Since ordering machines online is feasible, the website enjoys a good conversion rate. You can enjoy a flat 8% commission on any product sold on the website through your affiliate link. However, Net2Fitness is not for beginners since if your blog is less than six months old, you will not get affiliate links.

Commission: 8%

Cookie Duration: 30 days.


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Gaming and Twitch Affiliate Programs

Critics assume that the gaming industry is all set to touch a $300 billion mark by 2025. Gamers around the globe spend an enormous amount of money on gaming accessories and OC’s.

But, how are you going to benefit from this booming gaming industry? The answer’s as simple as joining the industry as an affiliate. Here are some of the best gaming and twitch affiliate programs:

Leprestore Gaming Affiliate Program

Are you aware of the game boosting service? This service does exist, and they enhance the gaming character of players. Leprestore can level up the gaming characters in multiple games. Though it is a sub-niche, the demand for such services is relatively high.

You’ll be content with the commission rate and the day cookie length.

Commission: 15% per sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Razer Affiliate Program

Razer is a big name amongst gaming lovers and is into manufacturing gaming accessories for hardcore and casual gamers. You can find a high-performing gaming laptop, gear, bag, mouse, consoles, and many more things at Razer.

Interestingly, the brand also produces energy drinks. Since Razer is a popular name in the market, you can earn a decent affiliate commission.

Commission: Up to 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Alienware Gaming Affiliate Program

Don’t call yourself a gaming fan if you have never heard of Alienware. Earlier, Alienware was known as Sakai during its inception in 1996. Alienware has some of the best gaming laptops in the world.

Dell acquired Alienware in 2006. Hence, you have to be a part of Dell’s affiliate program to promote Alienware products. Though the commission percentage is low, considering the price of its products, it’s justified.

Commission: 3% per sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Zygor Guides Gaming Affiliate Program

World of Warcraft players loves Zygor Guides services because it enhances their gaming experience. The brand offers in-game guides to level up your gaming skills. They provide these services keeping in mind not to violate the ToS of the game.

Zygor Guides provide a whopping 50% commission to its publishers. Since they are very famous, you’ll have plenty of earning opportunities with them.

Commission: 50% per sale

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Killer Guides Affiliate Program

Nobody becomes a gaming expert during the initial phase of the game. Players require proper guidance and strategy to learn their way around the game. Killer Guides is one such service that helps players to have a better understanding of their favorite games.

The thing is that these kinds of gaming services are gaining momentum speedily. With a 40% commission opportunity, it is a perfect way to amp up your earnings.

Commission: 40% per sale

Cookie Duration: TBC

Nvidia Affiliate Program

When we think of hi-fi gaming graphics, the first thing that comes into our mind is Nvidia. Nvidia is famous for high-quality GPUs that are suitable for gaming or casual PCs. Nvidia is also into AI development workstations.

This company is the default option for many PC gamers. All in all, you’ll end up earning some good commission through them.

Commission: 2%-5% per sale

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Final Mouse Affiliate Program

A casual PC user might not understand the importance of using a professional gaming mouse. The Final Mouse recognizes the importance of high-quality gaming accessories and hence focuses on that arena.

Gaming lovers adore this brand for its limited edition products. Each of their mice is only available for a limited period. With the Final Mouse affiliate program, you can manage a decent commission out of each sale.

Commission: 25% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

ModdedZone Gaming Affiliate Program

ModdedZone is a gaming controller modification brand that has hundreds of varying designs. They enable special features on controllers like “fast reload” and “adjustable rapid-fire.” Their controllers are available for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, etc.

If you consider video games to be an indistinguishable part of your life, it’s a perfect affiliate program for you.

Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days


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Sports Affiliate Programs

Sports affiliate programs are one of the most underestimated niches in the market. However, it is an untapped golden goose that has many benefits for you as an affiliate marketer. You may not realize it, but you can earn commissions as high as 20% with sports programs.

Without further delay, let’s check out the best sports affiliate programs.

Al’s Sporting Goods

Al’s sporting goods knows its job when it comes to sporting goods. You can leverage the company’s authentic relationship with sports products to make a good affiliate commission. They offer sporting gear from more than 1,200 different brands.

You can find trekking, hunting, fishing, water sports, winter sports, outdoor sports, indoor sports, and other sports gear types.

Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: 150 days

BPI Sports

BPI Sports specifically targets the bodybuilding niche. The website delivers personal care products and supplements that can help both genders achieve better fitness. They also deal with sporting apparel and accessories.

You’ll receive a 30% promo code to use on the website, early access to deals and new arrivals, and many more benefits.

Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Eastern Mountain Sports

Eastern Mountain Sports specializes in offering all sorts of outdoor sports gear. You can buy equipment related to cycling, hiking, climbing, etc. They stock their racks with only the best brands.

You’ll spot GoPro, Thule, The North Face, Mountain Hardware, and many more brands on the website. Although their commission percentages are low, buyers’ high intensity and high pricing will make up for it.

Commission: 7% per sale

Cookie Duration: 14 days

Enigma Fishing

Anyone who is a fishing enthusiast will know about Enigma fishing. From rods and reels to sheers and tools, you’ll find everything related to fishing at Enigma. To keep their beloved fishers in style, they also have a stock of accessories and apparel.

The looking cookie length and the excellent commission rate is an attractive proposition for publishers.

Commission: 20% per sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days


Fanatics is a worldwide retailer of high-quality sports merchandise. They are very selective of the affiliates they choose for the program. Hence, getting approval from Fanatics is not going to be easy.

If you get approval, you’ll have access to more than 500,000 sports products. You’ll also be excited to know that they sell licensed NASCAR, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, AND MLB products.

Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: 7 days


Talk about activity trackers, and you’ll hear someone talking about FitBit. They have smartwatches for people of every fitness level. Their watches help men and women of all ages stay in great shape and follow a healthy lifestyle.

An affiliate marketer will have access to an abundant amount of fitness accessories. Affiliate marketing with FitBit is an exceptional way for fitness enthusiasts to turn their passion into a business.

Commission: 3% per sale

Cookie Duration: 15 days


Many companies produce effective supplements for fitness. However, Gainful fills one significant gap. They realize that all the people do not share the same common fitness goal. Hence, the company takes care of specific requirements and makes personalized protein powders.

Their products can help your audience become closer to their fitness goals. Gainful is undoubtedly one of the largest affiliate programs for beginners.

Commission: $20 per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days


GoPro is the top technology company that indulges in all kinds of sports. They have one of the most versatile camera ranges. You can nail a perfect shot with GoPro cameras. Finally, there’s a solution to capture all your thrilling adventures permanently.

Apart from cameras, GoPro also sells mods, cases, and bags. The brand value of GoPro will be enough for you to make a good amount of sales.

Commission: 5% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days


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Music Affiliate Programs

Among all the flourishing niches, music is one such sector that is increasingly becoming an integral part of affiliate marketing. You’ll agree that everybody listens to music. After all, we all have our favorite artists and soundtracks.

The current-day affiliate programs cater to artists, music industry technicians, and even learners. Below, we’ve curated a list of the best music affiliate programs for you.

Guitar Center

Guitar Center is an e-store for music-related products and musical instruments. Their product range is quite enormous and includes DJ equipment, studio equipment, guitars, basses, and drums.

The store also offers refurbished products.  Third-party monitors your commissions after you exceed $25. If your website gains heavy traffic, affiliating for Guitar Center can be a good income source for you.

Commission: 6%

Cookie Duration: 2 weeks


Pianoforall is one of the best online services for learning piano. It provides video tutorials and ebooks for aspiring artists. For people who like to keep backup, the company also offers a DVD option. The service is suitable for most keyboard-type instruments.

Pianoforall affiliate program pays a staggering commission for each sale that your website pushes. Besides, it is pretty easy to sign up for their affiliate program. The day cookie period for the brand is also generous.

Commission: 60%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Musician’s Friend

Musician’s Friend is a unique online store that can satisfy any audiophile. Their vast collection of gears and music can baffle you. If you’re into sound mixing, you’ll love Musician’s Friend. They also assist and offer support to the customers to make the right choice of instruments.

However, the affiliate partner program does not have a wide commission rate. The cookie length is decent. To boost conversions, Musician’s Friend gives exclusive access to deals and promos.

Commission: 4%

Cookie Duration: 14 days

Prime Loops

It is an online library suitable for music producers. Prime Loops contains music presets and audio samples. However, the collection at Prime Loops isn’t very huge. The best thing is that you can hear the samples before purchasing them.

Prime Loops pays its affiliates through PayPal. Also, they do not mention their cookie period. If you are a music influencer, you can make a good amount using the Prime Loops affiliate partner program.

Commission: 20%

Cookie Duration: Not Mentioned

Apple iTunes

iTunes undeniably has one of the most expansive albums, songs, movies, TV shows, and audiobooks. Moreover, iTunes is famous worldwide. Their immense popularity makes them a good affiliate marketing option.

You should know that iTunes takes about seven days to approve an affiliate membership. Influencers have to use the Blink app to generate links and share them on their blogs. On an important note, the payment is only available post-90-days of sale.

Commission: 7%

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

Sam Ash

Sam Ash is another store on the internet that deals with musical instruments, DJ equipment, and pro audio equipment. They are the enormous gamily-owned music instrument dealer in the United States.

Sam Ash partners with LinkShare to analyze the traffic on their platform. LinkShare also helps them to calculate the total earnings of the affiliate participants.

Commission: Up to 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days


If you are passionate about music, there’s no better place to learn it than Singorama. Singorama helps people work on their range and vocal strength. They offer physical and downloadable products. Its high commission rate attracts lots of publishers.

The 60-day cookie time is quite good. Singorama uses Clickbanks to monitor web traffic and calculate total member commissions.

Commission: 40 on shipping products, 70% on instant downloads

Cookie Duration: 60 days


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Crypto & Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

If your finance-related blog generates a humongous amount of traffic, maybe it’s time to monetize it further. Because of the nature of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, many companies offer affiliate programs. For all we know, crypto being a booming industry is worth a try.

Let’s explore all the best crypto and bitcoin affiliate programs:

Vortex Alpha

Vortex Alpha is a performance affiliate marketing network that has an abundance of quality offers in Tier 1 GEOs.

Their team can help you maximize your marketing efforts in crypto and achieve faster results, as their advertising partners and marketing tools make it easier to reach bigger audiences and attract customers. 

Commission: CPA 80% commission on deposits of $250 up to a max of $320
Cookie Duration: 30 days


Coinbase came into existence only in 2012. Since its inception, it has been a leading platform for cryptocurrency brokerage and exchange. Through Coinbase, you can purchase bitcoin via bank account, debit cards, and credit cards.

It has an easy-to-use interface that reduced the complexity of the trading platform. You can also deal with XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc., through Coinbase.

Commission: 50% for three months

Cookie Duration: 30 days


Coinmama is another cryptocurrency brokerage platform that sells altcoins and bitcoins. Coinmama also accepts numerous payment methods. The best thing about affiliate marketing with Coinmama is its lucrative lifetime commission.

Since the bitcoin industry is rapidly growing, you can take advantage of it. The cookie length at Coinmama is also adequate, so you’ll have no issues with that.

Commission: 15% lifetime

Cookie Duration: 30 days


There are tons of cryptocurrency exchange platforms, but none of them offers affiliate commissions like Kraken. It is a highly-rated exchange platform for cryptocurrency. Users can trade, sell, and buy digital currency at Kraken.

Kraken boats of tight security, solid banking partnerships, and legal compliance. But, what’s most intriguing about Kraken is its cookie length.

Commission: 20% lifetime

Cookie Duration: 180 days


Binance’s colossal trading volume makes it one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Binance lets you trade in more than 45 different digital coins. The main goal of Binance is to treat the common loopholes that plague the cryptocurrency industry.

They are constantly working on enhancing security, customer support, and design. But that’s not the only thing. They also have an eye-widening commission rate.

Commission: 20%-60% lifetime

Cookie Duration: Not Mentioned


When it comes to reliable brokerage, there is nothing better than eToro. The company is revolutionizing the ways retail clients conduct trade on financial markets. The amateur traders can follow and learn from the moves of experienced traders.

However, eToro does not encourage or allow scarping or APIs. This mutually beneficial brokerage has a lot to offer to affiliates. Therefore, if finance and trade interest you, eToro is a good choice.

Commission: $200-$600 CPA

Cookie Duration: Unknown 


PrivacyPros is a website that focuses on helping individuals improve their security and privacy online. They are a bitcoin, privacy, and cybersecurity company that deals with various products and offerings.

They sell hardware wallets such as Trezor, KeepKey, Ledger, and more. Why should you try out the PrivacyPros affiliate program?  It’s because of their conversion, which is better than all other cryptocurrency affiliate programs.

Commission: 15% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days


CryptoTrader.Tax is prevalent cryptocurrency tax software. It allows people to calculate their taxes for a fraction of the standard costs. The platform is as simple as the import of trades manually or through API.

They use Firstpromoter to track their website’s traffic and also calculate affiliate earnings. Moreover, the commission rate and cookie time at CryptoTrader.Tax is favorable.

Commission: 25% lifetime

Cookie Duration: 15-day cookie

eBay Partner Program 

eBay is the world’s first worldwide online auction site that matches customers with sellers of products and services. eBay’s main focus is on individual sellers and small businesses. Seeing eBay on this list might come as a shocker for many.

However, it is a reliable spot for purchasing hardware such as GPU and ASICs for bitcoin mining. Though the commission rate is not as good as others, it can offer a steady income because of eBay’s popularity.

Commission: 4% per sale

Cookie Duration: Not Mentioned

CBD Affiliate Programs

The CBD industry is booming with the rising number of states where cannabis is legalized. If you tell people that a single solution can cure them of several stress-related physical and mental issues, they will obviously take it. This is why the CBD industry is gaining pace in recent years.

Due to the several online platforms available, people can be CBD products whenever they can. However, most people prefer buying through referral links to ensure quality and safety. This is where you can take the opportunity to take advantage of CBD affiliate programs to earn income.

There are several affiliate marketing programs allowing you to gain an income as a CBD affiliate.


As an affiliate marketer, the commission is what you should care about the most. Therefore, CBD Pure is the right choice to make with the highest offering of CND affiliate commission rates. Another great thing about CBD Pure is how long-standing and reputable the company it is.

You can add links to any pain-relieving and stress-busting oils, pet products, teas, or even soft gels. With a good variety of products to sell and a great conversion rate, CBD Pure is one of thebest affiliate marketing programs out there.

Commission: 40%

Cookie Duration: 90 days.

CBD Medic

CBD Medic is one of the top brands selling CBD products and medicines in the country. CBD Medics are the right destination for everyone who cares about natural skincare and pain relief since their products are an amalgamation of active pharmaceutical ingredients with hemp rich in phytocannabinoid.

Sue to their partnership with RevOffers, CBD Medic runs the most powerful CBD affiliate programs in the world. Once you become a CBD Medic affiliate, you can enjoy heavy commission along with perks such as sub-affiliate commissions, on-time payments, and multiple products to offer.

Commission: $50 CPA

Cookie Duration: 60 days.

Honest Paws

The best thing about Honest Paws is that it can be used by people who own either CBD blogs or pet blogs. The company is a leading name in the pet health industry and offers some of the top CBD products for pets.

Whether your readers are looking for quick wound healing or relaxing their pet’s anxiety, they will be excited to buy products from Honest Paws. The company offers products such as CBD infused coconut oil, pet oil, and CBD treats to make life better and more enjoyable for pets in a safe manner.

Just like CBD Medics, Honest Paws is partnered with RevOffers, allowing their affiliate program to be extremely reliable and effective.

Commission: $50 CPA

Cookie Duration: 60 days.


CBDFX is one of the easiest places online to buy CBD products from. The website has an incredibly easy search and exploration facility, allowing the ordering experience to be very user-friendly. This is why the website had a high conversion rate, something you can leverage as a CDB affiliate marketer.

Just like most online CBD stores, CBDFX is powered by RevOffers to help you get the best affiliate rates and offers. The store has a variety of products such as CBD shots, Oils Tinctures, and Vape pens. Therefore, you have lots of opportunities to make sales through their affiliate programs.

Commission: 25%

Cookie Duration: 60 days.

How Do I Join Affiliate Programs?

Have those excellent commission rates finally convinced you to join an affiliate program? If this is your first time, the process might seem a bit overwhelming. However, once you have the right plan by your side, you’ll be making sales in no time.

This section will walk you through everything you need to know about joining affiliate programs.

Choose Your Platform

Theoretically, you can carry out affiliate marketing on any platform, even on Instagram. However, it’s much easier to build sales on channels such as Youtube and blogs. Besides, optimizing the content on these is relatively more straightforward.

Make sure to include a disclosure statement whenever you mention any affiliate products.

Select Your Niche

No matter which niche you select, it has got competition. On that note, it is better to narrow down your category. For example, the topic of food is vast. You could go for something like baked foods or grilled dishes. If you are the leading content creator, it is better to focus on your interests.

Filter Through Various Affiliate Programs

Essentially there are three types of affiliate programs:

  • Low-volume, high-paying affiliate programs
  • High-volume, low-paying affiliate programs
  • High-volume, high-paying affiliate programs

The type of affiliate program depends on your expertise. If you have a more business-type audience, you can go for the first type. If you want to target customers, you better go with high-volume and low-paying type programs.

Apply for the Program and Create Content

The final step is to register for the program. Keep in mind that some programs are tough to enter and might take as long as seven days to get approval. We also suggest you apply for multiple programs.

Once you get approval, it’s time to create high-quality content. Make sure that your target audience can relate to whatever content you post. If you are doing reviews, it’s better to test the product and give your honest opinion. The audience will love it!

What Are the Best Affiliate Networks?

Here are our picks for the top affiliate network. Take a look:

CJ Affiliate by Conversant

CJ Affiliate by Conversant was previously known as Commission Junction. With an experience of over two decades, they’ve quickly emerged as an affiliate network leader. CJ Affiliate by Conversant is processing a whopping $15 billion.

You can find brands like Lowes, GoPro, Office Depot, Overstock, and Priceline on CJ Affiliate. One significant drawback of these big merchants is that they do not offer approvals easily. You have to get pretty creative with your email pitch. The platform is also suitable for seasoned affiliates. 


Impact is a partnership relationship management software that connects publishers with top-quality brands. The affiliates can register with the affiliate network and sign up to join programs from numerous top-paying names like Airbnb, Uber, Alstate, Adidas, and many more.

If you are looking to create your affiliate program, you can use Impact to use the best partnership tools. Impact helps the clients manage custom contracts, affiliate partnerships, attribution & analytics, business development deals, and influencer marketing partnerships. 


This one is a performance affiliate network with more than 10,000 business merchants for affiliates. When the affiliates register, they have access to a plethora of tools. These tools will help the affiliates to maximize their revenue and increase sales numbers.

Anyone in the B2C consumer category, Lemonade offers a marketplace to advertise products from several industries. More interestingly, 85% of the publishers augment their revenue within the initial three months of partnering with Lemonade.

Rakuten LinkShare

Rakuten initially started with the name LinkShare in 1996. Though they have been in this industry for a long, they are not as popular as CJ Affiliate by Conversant. Still, they offer a wide choice of more than 1,000 merchants which is great as compared to CJ Affiliate.

You’ll love to see some biggies like Sephora, New Balance, Ray-Ban, and Pac Sun.  The unique thing about Rakuten is its user-friendly and intuitive interface. They have exceptional tutorial videos and transacting reports to put you on the right track.


You’ll be surprised to know that Shareasale has about 3,900 merchants. Moreover, almost one million+ affiliate work with Shareasale. The company has been in this line of business for 19 years. They promote several niches like food & drink, B2B, fashion, home & garden, and many more.

They also offer many extra features like affiliate marketing classes, merchant recommendations, training webinars, etc. The Shareasale platform enables easy access to reporting tools and affiliate links.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have a question regarding the affiliate programs, don’t worry. We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the topic on the internet.

How long does a website cookie last?

Each company/website determines its cookies based on the business model, product, order value, and marketing strategy. Some cookies can last for as little as 24 hours.
While there are websites with cookies that have a period of 30 days, and sometimes even 90. The most common cookie length is 30 days.

Who is responsible for the management of the affiliate program?

The management of affiliate programs varies from brand to brand. Some brands choose affiliate networks to do the task. Some brands use in-house affiliate program management as well.
You may also come across affiliate management agencies that help the company manage its day-to-day requirements. Generally, the more prominent brands opt for the agency option.

Do affiliates have to disclose their relationship with the brand?

The Federal Trade Commission requires affiliate marketing partners to include a disclosure statement within their blogs/posts, pages, or social media posts. They should make it clear if the link has any form of paid advertisement.
The disclosure statement should be concise and clear.  Additionally, affiliates also have to mention if they are earning compensation from the mentions.

What does product data feed mean?

A product data feed is a compilation of all the goods and services a company advertises online. The company either uploads it on the Saas platform or affiliate network to use. The data feed will have important info such as keywords, categorization, prices, images, descriptions, etc.

What is the commission rate?

Generally, the brand sets the commission rates for the affiliate program. They are based on the percentage value of the total sales. Commission rates can vary depending upon the promotional channel or type of website.
However, some companies might be open to negotiation for the commission rates. In any case, all companies have different rates. The higher the commission rate, the more you’re going to earn through the affiliate program in the form of commission.

In a Nutshell

Regardless of whichever affiliate network marketing niche you opt for, there are tons of high-ticket options to suit your interests. Whenever you look for an affiliate program, don’t forget to consider its commission rates and cookie period.

Hopefully, after going through this piece, you’ll have a fair idea of how to start with affiliate marketing. These programs are a phenomenal way to earn a bit of extra cash and invest them in your business. 

Now, all that’s left is for you to follow your interests and pick a niche. Don’t forget to do your homework. Sign up, deliver great content, and earn a sweet referral revenue!

We hope you’ve found this advice helpful. Please make sure to leave a comment if we missed out on something or you have something to share with us.

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