8 Best Chess Set for Playing in 2023

Chess sets will usually have the same basic rules and elements when playing. Still, they may vary in quality, design, and construction. Here is a list of our best chess set that you can buy online.

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Our top 5 recommendations for the Best Chess Set

⭐Best Seller
716mcgV6vL. AC UL320
Chess Armory 15″ Wooden Chess Set
81kwR9OMGGL. AC UL320
Wegiel Handmade European Ambassador Chess Set
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ASNEY Upgraded Magnetic Chess Set, 15”
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Amerous 15 Inches Magnetic Wooden Chess Set
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Chess ☍ is one of the oldest board games and has been around for more than 1500 years ☍. In this time, chess boards have evolved in a range of styles and designs. Chess sets ☍ will usually have the same basic rules and elements when playing. Still, they may vary in quality, design, and construction.

Here is a list of our favorite chess sets that you can buy online.

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8 Best Chess Set

Best wooden chess set


Chess Armory Wooden Chess Set

with Felted Game Board Interior for Storage
15″ x 15″ folding chess board for easy gameplay
QUALITY – Wooden chess set with inlaid walnut
STORAGE – Felted interior with straps for storing pieces
SIZE – 3″ King Piece
STAUNTON – Handcrafted Staunton style chess pieces

The Chess Armory Wooden chess set ☍ is the best all-purpose chess set on this list. It is not too expensive and is crafted with good quality wood. Wooden-crafted chess boards will last you a long time and give you a professional feeling while playing. The Chess Armory Wooden Chess set is a great option crafted using inlaid walnut and has a felt interior used to store bishops, pawns, and others.

The chessboard can fold inwards for the storage of chess pieces. The inner lining is protected by a felt interior that is secured with interior straps. When folded up, the board is conveniently compact and is very easy to store while traveling.  When unfolded, the size of the board is the standard fifteen by fifteen inches. All the pieces of the set are handcrafted, modeled in a Staunton style.
Best Chess Set - Armory wooden chess set

The Chess Armory wooden chess set is a great gift to give to people because of its great quality and unbeatable price. It is one of the classic chess sets that is cheap but does not compensate for quality. Wooden chess boards are known to last long, depending on their wood quality.

One drawback with the Chess Armory Wooden chess set is the hinges in the middle of the board. This may make gameplay a little awkward, but it is just a minor inconvenience. 

Best chess set for kids


Winning Moves No Stress Chess, Natural (1091)

Play the worlds greatest game instantly
Includes two-sided chess board
17 Charcoal pieces
17 ivory pieces
56 action cards

No Stress Chess ☍ is one of the best chess sets for kids. One downside of chess, in general, is that there is a big learning curve. This might intimidate a lot of players when they start playing. Chess is not a game that you can pick up and start playing. You need to acquire knowledge of the game, strategy, and skill. Game sets like Winning Moves No Stress chess make learning the game a lot easier. It is important to choose a chess set for kids that is fancier to keep them interested in the game.

The game comes with action cards that can be helpful to both kids and adults. These action cards have detailed instructions and illustrations about the game’s rules and other helpful hints, including how each piece can move on the board. This chess set also has a board used to help teach new players where to position different pieces during a game. The Winning Moves No stress chess set mirrors the traditional playing rules, so children will learn how to play chess properly without losing interest.

The contents of the box include two sets of chess pieces in black and white color. It also has one two-sided chess board, 56 different action cards, and a plastic card tray. The different action cards identify how to and which piece to move.

image 31

Having a very low price, No Stress Chess is one of the best cheap chess sets. But with this price, you will have to sacrifice refinement in this particular set. The pieces and board are made of plastic and cardboard, respectively. This is a price many learners are willing to pay, particularly with children, as the priority is learning and enjoying the game.

Other great chess sets


The Camaratta Collection – The Piatagorsky Cup Series Luxury Chess Set

Pieces Only – 4.4″ King
Total Number of Pieces: 34 Chess Pieces
Including 2 Additional Queens (for Pawn Promotion)
Recommended Chess Board Size: 2.5″ inch / 6.4 cm (NOT INCLUDED)
The Camarata signature chess set counts as one of the unique chess sets available in 2021. Pieces of this beautiful chess set were drafted by Frank Camaratta, known as the legendary chess artist. The pieces in this chess game are designed in accordance with the Cooke set. However, there is a pinch of twist. Pieces of this game have captivating vintage coloring. The pieces are built from Bocote and natural boxwood. In addition, you will find each piece of this game incredibly detailed that adds up to the charm of the chess set.

The chessboard is constructed from multiple materials, including Bird’s maple eye woods and African Palisander. Both these materials give high contrast and a classic traditional feel to this board. Each square is sized at two and a half. Users are given a choice of which chess box to pick while purchasing the chess set. First, they can choose from Bird’s maple eye, red burl, or Mahogany. Engraved on each box is a House of Staunton logo. The second list of options includes Bubinga burl, ash olive burl, Macassar ebony, Elm burl, or Brazilian rosewood boxes. These boxes do not have the logo on them. The boxes include a green lining and come with a lock.


Burnt Golden Rosewood Grandmaster Series Chess Set

Handcrafted Wood Chess Pieces by the House of Staunton

This chess set offers aesthetic and luxury both at the lowest cost possible. ‘Burnt’ in the name comes from a technique used to form these chess sets that give them a unique and glossy look.

Why Settle for Less When You Can Own the Legend?
Each Piece has been Hand Weighted and Hand Polished
Designed to Withstand the Rigors of Practical Play
Includes 34 Chess Pieces, including 2 Additional Queens (for Pawn Promotion)
Chessmen in this set are hand-carved by artisans using boxwood. Once the carving is done, they are moved further in the production process, where weighing takes place. Finally, pieces are stained and burnt to enhance their detailing. This yields a final product that is natural-looking chess set with a shiny finish.
image 32

The pieces of this chess set are shiny and beautiful, but the chessboard is no less than them. They are made from olive wood and blackwood. In addition, the usage of unique wood in its making helps this chess set stand out from the rest.

You can accompany this chess set with various boxes that you can choose from. These boxes are made of different woods, such as Elm Burl, Brazilian rosewood, and Mahogany ☍. The range of boxes doesn’t end here. You can buy boxes made of Olive ash Burl and Bird’s eye maple ☍ with payment of an additional amount.

Along with the box, you can get a designed bag for an additional fee. What makes this chess set a dream set is its price. Its affordable price gives additional value to customers.


The Isernia Luxury Chess Set – Pieces Only

Handcrafted Wood Chess Pieces by the House of Staunton
4.4″ King – Genuine Ebony
Each Piece has been Hand Weighted and Hand Polished
Designed to Withstand the Rigors of Practical Play
Includes 34 Chess Pieces, including 2 Additional Queens (for Pawn Promotion)

Each game set is carved by hand by master artisans to give it a finished look. This practice makes the chess set look like a piece of art, and it is thought to be a masterpiece. This chess board is a replication of an old chess set that was most decorative and popular in its time. Another quality of that chess set is that professional players used it in worldwide chess tournaments held between the 1950s and 1960s.

Skilled artisans carve unique chess pieces from boxwood and leave flawless detailing. Each of the pieces is separately burnt and then sealed to give them a glossy look. These pieces are covered with a velvet-type base to stop them from scratching the chessboard. The quality of these pieces ensures frequent use without fear of ruining their design. You can play chess with them and use them as a lovely display.

The Isernia Series Chess set ☍ is built from Maple and Blackwood. Its king has about 4.4 inches and a 2.0 inches diameter base. All the pieces have a lining of a billiard green cloth that protects the chess pieces and the board.


The Grandmaster Series Chess Set

Pieces Only
4.0″ King
Style: Ebonized Boxwood & Boxwood
Brand The House of Staunton
Material Wood
Genre Strategy

The Grandmaster Series Chess Set ☍ is your affordable chance at luxury, coming at a low price. Its style is particular of the Staunton House with a little bit of innovation. Its knight pieces are delicate and defined, and it has a glossy finish and few other features that make it unique from all Staunton chess set available in the market.

This chess set has a king of 4 inches tall. All the white pieces are hand carved using pale antique boxwood that compliments black pieces made of earthy and dark Ebony. As a result, this chess set portrays colors that contain all the warmth and classical beauty of a chess set made of natural wood.
image 33

The Grandmaster Series Chess set includes multiple options boxes that you can choose from. They are all available in the House of Staunton store; however, the ones made from high-end wood require an additional amount. In addition, customers have the choice to buy a chess set bag at a cheaper price. This helps to cover your chessboard while transporting or storing it.


The Imperial Collector Luxury Chess Set

Pieces Only

This chess set is designed for those who like a traditional style with a hint of twist. This chess set makes a great combination of the chessboard with traditional chess pieces. As a result, it is not just appealing to the eye but also practical.

4.4″ King – Mopane and Natural Boxwood
Handcrafted Wood Chess Pieces
Hand Weighted and Hand Polished
Designed to Withstand the Rigors of Practical Play
34 Chess Pieces, including 2 Additional Queens (for Pawn Promotion)

The chess set pieces have a glossy finish and leather pads embossed to their base. The chess set’s king piece has a base of 2.0 inches and is 4.4 inches tall.

The pieces of this chess set are replicas of the Staunton pattern that Nathanial Cook drafted in March of 1849. The chessboard that comes with this game was originally designed in Spain. It helps balance the formal and classical look of chess pieces and adds up the playfulness.

The board is built from tiger ebony and maple, which offers a striped appearance to the border and dark boxes. Lastly, you can purchase a designed carrying cover for the chess set. It gives protection to your chess set and can be used as a place to exhibit a certificate of originality.

The best chess set ever


Best Chess Set Ever Quadruple Weighted XL Tournament Style Chess Set

with Exclusive Chess Strategy Guide

This chess set has something new to offer. It is not a conventional chess set, because it’s made out of silicone

20” x 20” Silicone Board
Perfect for chess beginners and chess tournament players
Exclusive strategy guide
Includes only chess tournament grade components
Cloth felt bottoms, and bonus Queens (4 total!)

This is the best chess set ever – as depicted by its name. It provides a modern and practical experience to the game of chess, making it perfect for beginners and also professional players.

image 34

It comes with a 32-page illustrated chess book that covers a lot of the winning tactics that the pros use in their daily games. It has a silicone board measuring 20 x 20 inches, so it’s lightweight and convenient to carry.

Top 7: Best Chess Sets


What is the best material when buying a chess set?

If you are looking for durability and portability, plastic pieces are the way to go. In addition, plastic pieces make great starter kit game pieces for kids who might play with them roughly.

Wood chess pieces are more traditional and tend to give you a more professional and sophisticated feel when playing.

If you are looking for something more luxurious, you can get marble, granite, crystal, or other materials like these.

There isn’t the best material when buying a chess set; it depends on how you plan on using these pieces. The more careful you are with any chess set, the longer it will last.

What is the best electronic chess set?

DGT Centaur Chess Computer.
The DGT Electronic Chessboard USB / Bluetooth.
Millennium Electronic Chess set – Chess Genius Exclusive.
DGT Smart Board.
The DGT Revelation II Electronic Chess Board & Computer.

Where to buy the best chess set?

If you are looking to buy a normal chess set, then amazon is the best option. Amazon ☍ allows you to look at the reviews and recommendations before buying any chess set. You can easily browse through amazon, looking at different chess sets to fit your needs.

If you want something more custom, like a giant or outdoor chess set, MegaChess ☍ is a very reliable seller. In addition, MegaChess has the widest variety of chess sets on the market.

How much does a good chess set cost?

Chess sets can range in prices; they can go from $10 to thousands of dollars.
If you are a beginner, it is recommended to buy a simple chess set that costs below $50.

To find a nice chess set that you can display in your home, you should expect to spend from $80 to $200 depending on what design you like.

Lastly, if you want something luxurious and have the money to spend, the skies are the limit. There are a lot of uniquely designed chess sets on the market that can cost you a fortune.

What chess sets do pros use?

Wooden chess sets: These chess sets are usually made from walnut or maple wood. These are pretty expensive and provide a professional and classy feel when playing in tournaments. Out of all the designs out there, pros usually use this type of chess set a lot. Unfortunately, these sets are usually not that durable and wear down quickly.

Plastic chess sets: This is a more affordable option to use without sacrificing the quality of beauty.


With the vast variety of designs and price points in the market, you are surely going to find a chess set that fits your needs. We picked these chess sets as they stood out the most in quality, design, and price.


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