8 Best Discord Bots For Your Server In 2023

There are various Discord bots available in the market today, each with its own pros and cons and server adaptability conditions. If you have the appropriate knowledge about the best Discord bots to add to your server, that would be a bonus.

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Discord is a common platform popular among gamers all over the world. It allows gamers from every nook and corner of the world to chat and interact with each other. Beyond their capacity as a chatting platform for gamers, digital marketers have discovered the potential of discord bots.

The platform has proven to be useful for digital marketers along with gamers around the world. They have a broad scope of uses to help you with. Not many of you must be familiar with the functionalities of Discord.

One of the bonuses of Discord is that you can add the best Discord bots to your server and, accordingly, employ its functionality and enrich your user’s Discord experience. Discord bots help manage a server better while adding a fun element to the same.

You are also enabled with the features of integrating Discord bots with other apps for a broader approach to resources. This may be helpful in your business to a large extent.

This post covers everything you need to know about Discord bots, some of the best Discord bots out there, and how to add bots to your server. You will also learn why bots are helpful and where you get to access bots for Discord. So, let’s get started!

What Are Discord Bots?

With the business sector escalating to heights, it has become essential to stay ahead in the advancements in every way possible.

Discord bots are those features that businesspersons and marketers are using for most of their automated tasks on their server. These are AIs that provide you with the communication platform you need for a wide range of tasks.

Discord allows you to build a community in a non-typical yet fun way. You can use your strategy to your own benefit as you create your audience and bring them together under this shared community.

Using Discord, you can do a lot of stuff. First, you can record videos, host lives, offer tips, or even teach people in a closed community and secure environment. It is entirely rational to want something unique, which is not the mainstream product out there. Discord bots are such a product.

This way, users are more prone to keep using it, share it with their close communities, and pay more for additional information. Using Discord, you can build a community that loves to engage in different tasks, be it work or games.

In Discord, you have the feature of welcoming new members, initiate moderate communications, and eliminate people who violate the Discord rules. Moreover, it is limited to straight communications only. Still, you can also use the platform to share memes, games, music, and other entertainment content.

There are various Discord bots available in the market today, each with its own pros and cons and server adaptability conditions. If you have the appropriate knowledge about which Discord bot to add to your server, that would be a bonus.

Among the vast range of Discord bots, some of them are better with enhances features of widening your community. In contrast, others could create a poor environment. If you know which one is the best for your server, such Discord bots allow you to engage with your community better. So, make sure to choose the right one.

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8 Of The Best Discord Bots

Here is the list of eight popular Discord bots in the market today. Going through each of them, you may find the right one for your server.



Build the best Discord Server!
Configure moderation, leveling, Twitch alerts, and much more with the most easy-to-use dashboard!
Meet MEE6
10,5000,000+ servers

MEE6 ☍ is one of the top-rated, popular Discord bots in the market. It allows you to automatically configure your server in the desired way. You can set a custom message for your bot to notify you whenever someone joins or leave your server.

MEE6 bot for Discord can also assign roles to new users. Such tasks are helpful when you do not intend to share access with all your users. Additionally, MEE6 can scan your server for banned content, ban specific users of multiple channels, use it as a music bot, level up users per their participation, and much more.

❓ Why choose Arcane?

  • Already trusted and used in over half a million unique servers
  • Constantly updated and being worked on
  • Nearly everything is free
  • Absolutely NO votelocks
  • An easy to use dashboard
  • Reliable/high uptime
  • Music bot
  • Gives a fresh coat to your discord server


Leveling, XP, ranks, voice, role rewards, auto mod, reaction roles, custom commands, YouTube alerts. Free features from Dyno, MEE6 bot, Eli, etc.
Meet Arcane
650,000+ servers

Arcane ☍ is a popular bot that allows you to increase Discord user participation on your server and prevents your server from spam content. The bot can mute, kick, or ban users on your server if they violate the server guideline or use spam content or blacklisted words. It can also block inappropriate channels.

The Discord bot awards the users of your server that participate more in your Discord channel. They can reward them with custom roles and prizes. With Arcane bot for Discord, you can pick roles for specific reactions to messages by your server’s users. This assigns a quick role to several users to their interests.

❓ Why choose Arcane?

  • Already trusted and used in over half a million unique servers
  • Constantly updated and being worked on
  • Nearly everything is free
  • Absolutely NO votelocks
  • An easy to use dashboard
  • Reliable/high uptime
  • Gives a fresh coat to your discord server


Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot
1,950,000+ servers

As you can see, this Discord bot does not have the most attractive name. This is what YAGPDB ☍ stands for: Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot. As illustrated by its name, it performs all the duties of a Discord bot and does not disappoint you if you assign it to your server.

YAGPDB makes tasks seem more effortless and manages all the automated tasks super efficiently. Moreover, it is absolutely feature-laden. For instance, using YAGPDB, you are introduced to the Automatic Moderation setting. This setting allows you to auto-ban members for any violation of protocol.

The bot allows you to easily assign roles to your server’s users. Additionally, you are being updated about your server within minutes. The bot is compatible with many popular servers that you can think of.

❓ Why choose YAGPDB?

  • Feeds
  • Self-assignable Roles
  • Automatic Moderator
  • Custom Commands
  • General Moderation
  • Cat Facts 🐱


Welcome images, voice/text levels, reaction roles, logs, high-quality music bot, moderation bot, chatbot, and many many more!
Meet ProBot
2,000,000+ servers

ProBot ☍ is new in the market of Discord bots. It has managed to redefine the terms of a regular bot by enabling you to add welcome messages for the new users of your server. It works like a Discord bot sending custom welcome messages to the new users with its avatar and name.

You can also set auto-replies for specific messages. ProBot is another great Discord bot that uses commands to ban users, warn, mute, or kick them from texts or channels or your server for inappropriateness. The bot can also replace them with a channel with a human moderator to talk to them about their behaviour.

Suppose the entire Discord channel stands up against an offender. In that case, ProBot reserves the right to lock the Discord channel and erase the messages.

Moreover, ProBot acts as a music bot and allows you to play music, can auto-assign roles, and distribute XPs to community members. Additionally, you can adjust the volume of music and use premium anti-raid features with ProBot.

❓ Why choose ProBot?

  • Best Welcomer
  • Anti-raid Protection
  • Auto Moderation
  • MultiLingual
  • Auto Responder
  • 99.99% Uptime


All-in-one calendar bot for Discord. Recurring events, magic time zones, event reminders, role based sign-ups, and more!
Meet Apollo
85,000+ servers

Apollo ☍ is known to be the best scheduling bot for Discord. With this great Discord bot, you can even organize an event on the Discord platform. Users or community members can mark by checking or clicking the x button to inform if they’re attending.

You can later delete the event whenever you want to. On nearing the event, the bot manages to send private reminders to the attendees for the event. There is also the feature of creating recurring events so you won’t have to recreate the event every time.

Moreover, Apollo also has custom sign-up options in your best interests.

❓ Why choose Apollo?

  • Automatic reminders
  • Recurring events
  • Role-based sign ups
  • Mention roles when an event is posted
  • Custom event colors
  • Restrict signup to certain users
  • Easy time zone conversion
  • Add events to your Google Calendar
  • Fully customizable
  • Intuitive time inputs
  • Multiple event channels to keep organized
  • Modify existing events
  • Advanced permission management

Carl Bot

Custom commands, reaction role assignment, twitch, starboard, polls, levels, moderation bot, logging, timers, announcements, Dashboard
Meet Carlbot
Serving 350,000,000+ members in 3,000,000+ servers

Discord bots allow you to add custom commands that feature reaction roles and emojis to imply changes made to the server. The changes can be embed colors, server prefixes, and more. Carl Bot ☍ is the bot for Discord you want to add to your server, for it allows you 250 roles to play with.

Carl Bot allows you to log name changes on your server. This way, you steer clear of any mischief that might be committed on your server. Carl Bot is one of the topmost auto-moderation Discord bots that you can add to your server for smooth and better functionality.

❓ Why choose Carl-Bot?

  • Reaction Roles
  • Log everything
  • Powerful moderation bot
  • Suggestions
  • Granular permission system
  • Automod
  • Powerful custom commands
  • Welcome messages
  • Discord user engagement
  • Twitch


Backup, Archive, Copy, Clone or Synchronize your discord server with just one command and take advantage of hundreds of free templates.
Meet Xenon
950,000+ servers

Xenon ☍ allows you to backup your Discord server. Using Xenon, you can upload server templates, transfer messages between channels. These features help structure your server. You can later restore if any issue shows up.

With different templates featured by Xenon for gamers, fans, and educational communities, you can structure multiple channels, categories, roles, etc. Discord bots are better known for automation. So, you can either backup the necessities manually or leave it up to the bot for automatic backup.

The specialty of Xenon is backup in this case. This great Discord bot comes with 25 backups, if you need more, you can choose from the available paid plans.

❓ Why choose Xenon?

  • Create Backups
  • Backup Interval
  • Load a Template
  • Transfer Messages
  • Manual Backups
  • Backup Interval
  • Templates
  • Synchronization


Discord-enabled games! Pets, housing, items, profiles, badges, server & global economy & more! Gamify your community with Tatsu!
Meet Tatsu
1,500,000+ servers

Tatsu ☍ is an all-in-one Discord bot with a server-based economy to offer. Using the Tatsu bot, you can opt for gaming, leveling, and logging. This bot also enables you with the feature to set custom messages welcoming or bidding farewell to users from your server. Additionally, you can also add custom reaction and server join roles.

That is not it. Tatsu allows you to search for pictures, Wikipedia or Urban Dictionary information, and other information to add to the fun. With Tatsu enabled, the users of your server receive more XP with more usage. Besides, you have the power to customize their rewards and roles.

Tatsu is one of the best interactive bots with basic auto-moderations. Moreover, Tatsu lets you disable any user commands if you do not want it to access any particular information. However, this depends on the Discord user you have added Tatsu to.

❓ Why choose Tatsu?

  • Create your own server-based economy
  • Custom items for your community
  • Create a fun loyalty program + reward store
  • Chat activity, XP leaderboard features
  • High-quality, community-focused chat games
  • Customization & a global system make chatting fun & rewarding
  • Welcome messages, direct users to channels, set up voice channel logs
  • Autoroles, chatbot, reaction roles, light-touch moderation bot

Why Use Bots?

It is pretty standard for general people to question the benefits of a bot. However, when confused about whether or not their server needs a Discord bot, server owners lead to specific discussions. Though not a necessity for server owners, Discord bots amplify the usage of their servers.

For starters, they work as an app that makes the management of the server simply easy. Assigning bots tends to automate many of the server’s functions. For instance, your server has welcome messages for new members with bots and assigns a new role to the new members.

As far as the smaller servers are concerned, you have the option of entertainment bots, such as Groovy, that enhance the entire Discord experience. Some bots enable you with games while chatting on the server. So, you can say that with bots comes innumerable new and fun experiences, only enhancing every task and activity.

Where To Find Bots?

To find the correct bots for your server has two ways. Developers or coders are trained to create their own Discord bots appropriate for their particular server. On the contrary, you can also refer to the several websites that list out the famous and top-rated Discord bots.

One of the familiar sources to look for the bots for Discord is Discord Bots. Such websites enable you to look up different utilities. Also, Bots On Discord ☍ and Top.GG ☍ are positively good sites to hunt for bots. You can look them up on these sites if you need bots for your server to enrich the Discord experience of your users.

While choosing the bot for you, make sure to cross-check the features offered by that particular bot. Also, you need to check for additional details if they enable any. This way, you make an informed decision of selecting the correct bot for your server.

How To Add Bots To Discord?

Now that you have come across the importance of bots, the various top-rated bots list, and how you can look for bots, it’s time you learn to add bots to your server. After finding the appropriate bot for your server by going to the sites you just came across above, you can add the bot in the following steps.

2023 How To Add a Bot to Discord Server – Easy Tutorial

Step 1.    Log In To Discord

For starters, you need to ensure that you are logged in to your Discord account. Not just accessing your desktop version, but you need to be logged in to the Discord Web App in your browser.

Moreover, once you are logged in, you also need to ensure that you work in a private connection. Also, make sure that the two-factor authentication of your connection is active. This prevents any leakage of data to third parties.

You can also log in to your Discord account with the help of a QR code. All you need to do scan the code using the mobile version of Discord.

Step 2.    Invite Bot

Add bot to Discord
Add bot to Discord

Once you are logged in to the desktop or the Discord mobile version and your browser web app version, you can now add the bot to your server. On the website of the bot, you should see an invite button. Click on the “invite” or “add to Discord” button. This pops up a general information page on the bot and the “authorize” option.

Authorize Discord Bot
Authorize Discord Bot

Here, you need to make sure that the bot is online. An online bot can communicate, and you can invite them to your server. Next, click on Add or Invite. It relies on the site you’ll be using to download the bot.

Step 3.    Select The Server

The first step is to select a server from your list of servers and set up the new bot that you want to add.

select a server to set up
select a server to set up

The following page will direct you to the list of servers you can add the bot to. This depends on the user’s power to administer their servers. You need to possess managerial powers to invite a bot to your server. Any server owner will be easily able to invite a bot to their server.

Once you confirm the managerial powers and the server admin is informed about the addition to the server, you can choose the server to which you want to add the bot.

manage server permissions
manage server permissions

Step 4.    Authorize The Bot

Discord displays the changes a bot can make to a server once added. Make sure to run through the list of permissions that the bot needs. If you feel something is off and the bots need access to specific permissions that it doesn’t;t need, you can untick them.

It is not a recommended action to tick off any of the permissions of the bot. This may disrupt their functionalities in the server if you don’t want your bot to access any particular information. It would be best to drop the idea of that bot and search for another. Finally, you can Authorize the permissions by clicking on the button.

permissions discord bot
list of permissions for the Discord bot

Some Discord bots may have a captcha that you need to solve first before finishing up. This is only for security measures.

captcha discord bot

Step 5.    Communicate Or Set Up Bot

You must know that not all bots are the same. It is, therefore, highly recommended to go through the information of the bot you add to your server. You can even refer to the additional information about the bot in the pages created by the bot developers.

Discord bot dashboard
Discord bot dashboard


Now that you have reached the end of this post, you realize the importance of Discord bots. They are not only an integral communication platform but much more than that. There is a broad scope of action on their platform. With their feature of automated tasks, you can monitor your community better and efficiently, use them as a chatbot, etc.

You also have Discord integrations to expand the scope of functionality of the Discord bots to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your community. Nevertheless, apart from the eight Discord bots you came across in this post, there are many more in the market. Make sure to go through the information of the bots before you add them to any server, and you’ll be good to go.


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