13 Best Podcast Software In 2022 (Free and Paid – for Mac & Windows)

So, is having a good-quality microphone, recording area, and soothing podcast music enough? No, you will need the best podcast software to make your podcast professional and polished.

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Have you ever thought of sharing your opinions and knowledge with other like-minded people? But you don’t want to come live on your social media platform to share your thoughts, so what should you do?

Let’s welcome the new platform in town, podcast. Yes, you can start your own podcast to debate on topics and themes you find crucial to acknowledge and become the next big podcaster. Podcasting has now become a business to boost sales, generate leads, and create a brand image.

So, is having a good-quality microphone, recording area, and soothing podcast music enough to be a podcaster? No, you will need the best podcast software to make your podcast professional and polished.

Can you find one? Which one is the right podcast software according to your project? Will the podcast software be able to deliver the results you expect? Let’s address these questions in our article.

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Why Do You Need Podcasting Software?

Podcast software comes in various categories, including automated mixing software, video editing, video recording, audio editing, and audio recording. You will find multiple podcast software in each category.

As you press the record button, the podcast app will do its work. It will help you market, transcribe, distribute, mix and edit your podcast.


If a tight budget discourages you from purchasing the software, then you will find podcast apps in every price range. So, podcast software would not limit your ability to be a good podcaster.

You can find some free version podcast software or on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. So, choose wisely after going through the features and usage of the podcast software.  

Top Podcast Software You Should Have

The podcast is the best and easy way to put your brand and your individual personality forward. You don’t need any lighting effects or a high-quality camera. All you need a microphone, a place to record, and podcast software.

So, we have selected the best podcast software to help you meet your podcasting requirements.  

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Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition Best Podcast Software For Mac

🎲 Compatibility: macOS, Windows

💲 Price: Free trial / $20.99 a month

For professionals looking for a pro tool, you will not find better podcast editing software than Adobe Audition ☍. The new and updated version enables you to produce podcasts and music and editing tracks using various background effects.

The multiple tracks editing features allow you to conveniently edit, add dialogues, sound effects and mix music with the drag and drop feature. Also, you can record multiple sessions with two separate microphones.

It must be distracting to have background noises when you are listening to a podcast. Adobe Audition helps to cut out the background noises so that you have clear audio quality. If you are recording in a restaurant or café, the features will be highly beneficial.

Being a part of Adobe, Audition is compatible with other Adobe software. So, if you want to do some other work than editing the podcast, it will be a bonus.

Apart from that, you can create your customized background music using the hotkeys and templates to produce and record podcasts quickly.  

  • Comes with powerful DeNoise and Reverb effects
  • Offers to support high-quality recordings
  • Features multiple tracks recording
  • Free trial for seven days
  • Most suitable for professional podcasters

Adobe Audition Pricing Options

Adobe Audition – Single App
Audio recording, mixing, and restoration.
Creative Cloud All Apps Best Value
Includes Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and more.
Students and teachers
Students, save over 60% on Creative Cloud.
US$19.99/mo. Buy Now
How to Make Your Own Podcast in Audition | Adobe Creative Cloud

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Audacity Best Podcast Software Free

🎲 Compatibility: Windows, Linux, macOS

💲 Price: Free

Audacity ☍ is a free podcast editing software that has been in the market since 2002. The creators of Carnegie Mellon University developed the software. As the software seems to be lacking in technology, but its features say totally the opposite.

The best part of the software is that it is totally free and open-source, meaning you can record your session without emptying your pocket. Also, you can do pretty much everything with this software.

The software is an excellent tool for beginners and compatible with Mac and PC. And Linux too. Moreover, it enables you to install plugins and add unlimited effects to your audio files. It’s an all-in-one tool to help you record audio, edit and splice recordings in one go.

The podcasting software asks you to whether you want to create 32-bit, 16-bit, or 24-bit audio recordings. So, it will make changes in the software accordingly and help you edit the final recording.

  • Free audio recording options
  • Support standard audio file formats
  • Can produce high-quality audio
  • Filled with numerous audio effects
  • Interface design is outdated
Audacity Features
Audacity Features
How to Record and Edit a Podcast in Audacity (Complete Tutorial)

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garageband podcast software

🎲 Compatibility: iOS, macOS

💲 Price: Free

Another free podcast recording software is GarageBand offering numerous audio recording features free of cost. You can record about 250 tracks with this software and take as many recordings as you want.

The mixing and editing of audio files have become convenient. It also enables you to polish the audio before sharing it with the public. Moreover, it comes with a visual EQ that features about eight different color-coded bands.

Besides, you have access to various plugins to create dynamic and diverse podcasts to entertain your audience. For Mac users, the software is most convenient as it comes pre-installed on their devices.

You have access to create multiple tracks using the pre-made loops and MIDI keyboards, voice recordings, and instrumental effects. Also, you can make a portable podcasting studio with an iPad, iPhone, or MacBook using an external microphone.

  • Comes pre-installed on Apple devices
  • Portable editing and recording tool to make a podcasting studio
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Includes built-in sound library
  • Limited editing features
How to Edit a Podcast in GarageBand

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Hindenburg Journalist

🎲 Compatibility: macOS, Windows

💲 Price: $95 starting price, free trial available

Journalists, accomplished podcasters, and audio recording professionals need a reliable and efficient pro tool to record podcasts. It should be loaded with advanced features and create fine-quality audio files.

One such pro tool is Hindenburg Journalist ☍, who can create your solo audio recordings, interviews and record clear conversations. With the podcasting software, you can edit and import previous audio files and create new files.

The best podcast recording software includes a voice profiler tool to automatically improve the audio quality and EQs to balance the lows and highs. Moreover, you will have access to all the audio recording tools you will need to edit your audio files. You can eliminate any mistake or apply the fade-out and fade-in audio effects.

You can directly share your podcast from Hindenburg Software to SoundCloud, Libsyn, or Loudness. All you need is to select any platform of your choice. Besides, you have the option to format your audio files, select the loudness levels and add a host.

You can also find a clipboard function to cut audio segments and save them to use in future edits. Additionally, it comes with an integrated Skype Call recorder to make it more effortless and user-friendly software.

Hindenburg Features
Hindenburg features
  • Option to directly upload on Loudness, Soundcloud, and Libsyn
  • Offers to deliver the best audio quality
  • Can support different audio files format
  • Offers a 30-day free trial
  • Not suitable for beginners

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auphonic podcast software

🎲 Compatibility: Mac, Windows

💲 Price: Free for 2h of audio per month, payments start at $11 / month

In terms of pricing and features, Auphonic ☍ stands out among the best podcast software for beginners. Also, it includes automated audio enhancement features, which most professional podcasters will acknowledge.

With a wide array of editing features, the software will save your time and deliver excellent results. The user-friendly interface makes it even for a beginner to understand and use the software.

Whether you have Windows or Mac, the software is compatible with both devices. Moreover, it is designed with AI-based audio algorithms to deliver professional sounds without you needing to know the technicalities.

The software is usually automated and designed for movies, broadcasters, radio hosts, and podcasters. As you upload the file, the software will get to work immediately. It will process the music and voices separately and deliver the file with optimized quality.

Try Auphonic For Free Every Month
Try Auphonic For Free Every Month
  • User-friendly interface
  • Web-based automated software
  • Comes with an affordable paid options, and a Free option
  • Provides free upload for up to 2 hours every month
  • Advanced features are only available upon purchase.
Alitu Podcast Software

🎲 Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

💲 Price: Free for 7 days, paid options start at $28/month (Monthly) or $280/year (Yearly)

If you have no technical background, then this podcast software is specifically made for you. Also, it makes another excellent choice for beginners. Moreover, you will have to do nothing as the software will do its work as you upload the recording.

Alitu’s user-friendly interface is something that makes it one of the top competitors among its peers. It can take any of your raw audio files and edit them from scratch. It can even do background cleaning and volume leveling.

For short recordings, the software is highly effective. Additionally, the software allows you to record audio files and then improve the audio quality automatically. However, you can add effects and music to your podcast to make it sound professional.

Apart from that, you can add personalized outros and intros in the recording by adding it before and after the main recording.   

Alitu features
  • Allows you to record the audio anywhere you want
  • Requires no mobile or desktop application
  • Suitable only for short recordings
How Alitu makes for Quick & Easy Podcasting

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buzzsprout podcast app

🎲 Compatibility: All devices

💲 Price: Upload 2 hrs Each Month for FREE, paid options starting at $12 / month

Do you need hosting services for your podcast? Once you are done editing your sessions, you need to publish them somewhere. Here, Buzzsprout Podcast App can help you out as it offers you convenient ways to track, share, distribute and host your podcast.

The streamlined features of the software, along with easy-to-understand features, help you publish your podcast as soon as possible. Moreover, it is compatible with the best podcast directories across the world.

All you need is to upload your audio files, and the software will take care of the rest. You can schedule a time to publish your audios, and it will come alive at the scheduled time.

The software enables you to check the analytics of how your podcast is behaving and how people are responding. Now, you can reach millions of people by having your podcast in Spotify, Apply podcast, iHeart Radio, Google Podcast, Alexa, and many more.

Further, the software is affordable, so you can try it without stressing your wallet.

You don’t have to worry about the ID3 tags, audio file types, and bitrates. The software will optimize your audio files as soon as you upload them. Apart from that, it comes with a Dynamic Content tool to remove or add post-roll and pre-roll segments in your podcast.

Lastly, you can transcribe your podcast episodes to become accessible to the hearing impaired, search engines, and speed readers.

Monetize your podcast with Buzzsprout
Monetize your podcast with Buzzsprout
  • Can publish episodes immediately or let your schedule a time
  • Allow you to add transcriptions of the episode
  • Come with podcast analytics
  • Offers you to add a podcast player on the website
  • Lack advanced features of editing
Hosting a Podcast with Buzzsprout – Complete Setup, Walkthrough & Review!
Reaper podcast software

🎲 Compatibility: Windows and Mac

💲 Price: 60-day free trial, $225 for commercial license and $60 with discounted license

If you are looking for podcast editing software for Windows, Reaper ☍ is your best choice. The podcast editing software offers advanced features to edit and record your audio tracks at very affordable pricing. Moreover, it is lightweight and offers a user-friendly interface.

The software allows the users to go live on Open Broadcaster software on Windows. However, it is possible with other software, as Windows handle different audio devices differently.

You can import your audio track to master, mix, arrange, edit, sample, compose and synthesize your audio sessions. Additionally, you can record multiple loops, rakes, and layers of audio.

As it is lightweight, you can quickly launch and operate the software. Furthermore, the software comes with various customization features to personalize the interface as per your choice.

  • UX/UI customization available
  • Faster operating and loading time
  • Compatible with Linus, Windows, and Mac
  • It can operate from a USB
  • Plugin integration is complex
Podcasting in REAPER

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Logix Pro X

Logic Pro X Podcast Software

🎲 Compatibility: MacOS

💲 Price: $199.99

Logic Pro ☍ needs no introduction as the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is the highly recommended podcast editing software in the industry. Moreover, its audio recording features are even more advanced compared to other podcast software.  

The software is specifically designed for professional podcasters who want to edit fully-features films. Besides, the simulating acoustic spaces, sound effects, and vintage EQ are the free features this software offers.

It is basically a fully-fledged music production and audio editing application for Apple users. Therefore, you can easily use the software on your iPad, Mac, or iPhone to edit your files anywhere you want.

  • Edit and record files on your iPad or iPhone with the mobile app
  • Can work with various plugins
  • Master and mix audios like a pro
  • Comes with multiple automation and post-production features
  • Slightly difficult to understand at the beginning for novice podcasters
Logic Pro X Podcasting Setup & Review

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zencastr podcast software

🎲 Compatibility:  Web-based

💲 Price: $20 / month, free version available

The problem with inviting guests for a podcast interview is the busy time schedule. Therefore, Zencastr has found a solution to your problem. Now, you can say hello to your guests while sitting in your own comfort places. Meaning, you can conduct online interviews.

Being web-based podcast recording software, it can record the interview with 16-bit 44.1k quality without any loss. It just requires you to send an interview link to your guest of the day.

The software allows you to separate the tracks according to the guest to avoid any drop-offs in the recording quality. Also, you can easily add outros and intro after the recording with the Soundboard feature on the app.

There is nothing to worry about editing the interviews as the software does it for you automatically.  Also, it will adjust the audio levels in the files.

Lastly, the software has an inbuilt VoIP service that doesn’t require recording services like Skype. As you send the link, the guests will join you in the live session. Record the session from the local microphone without any VoIP dropouts, compression, or artifacts

  • Record separate lossless WAV tracks in the cloud and locally
  • Comes with both paid and free options
  • Records HD video to upload podcast directly on YouTube
  • Unlimited guests interview
  • Come with no publishing or hosting tools
Zencastr review & tutorial for podcasting

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SquadCast Podcast Software

🎲 Compatibility: Web-based

💲 Price: 7-day free trial, $20 for 5 hours of recording

SquadCast ☍ is another excellent podcast recording software to offer convenient collaboration and post-production. It makes an excellent substitute for those who want something else to work with apart from Zoom or Skype.

You can record a one-on-one conversation without losing the recordings with SqadCast. Thus, it is an excellent solution for long-distance interviews. It allows you to send the link to a maximum of three guests at a time.

As soon as the interview gets completed, the recordings are immediately ready for further editing. After you have stopped recording, you will have access to all the recording files to drop in Digital Audio Workstation for editing.

The software is compatible with MP4 and WAV format to help you record video and audio tracks for everyone. As a result, you will get a studio and professional-like audio quality. Moreover, you will never lose any recording as it backs up all the data in the cloud.

Squadcast features
Squadcast features
  • Option to use the video-call feature and have a face-to-face conversation
  • Allow you to back up your data on the cloud
  • Simplify editing by eliminating audio drift
  • Guests are not required to create an account
  • No automatic editing
SquadCast Tutorial for Podcasters
Cast Podcast Software

🎲 Compatibility: Web-based

💲 Price: One-month free trial, $10 for beginners, and $30 for professional usage

Cast is an excellent podcast software for those who want all-in-one software. It will get you covered from recording to editing. Thus, you will save a lot of money as well as effort.

The software comes with three main sections, including publisher, editor, and recorder. Also, you can directly record your sessions from your web browser. Other apps would want you to download it first and then record it.

With Cast, it is possible to record a session with about four guests for three hours directly from the browser. Moreover, you can easily invite people by generating a link. People can directly enter the meeting without creating an account.

Lastly, it also offers to host to help you publish your audio track to the public. It can also help generate RSS feet to include services and apps to index and publish your work. After that, you can also view how many downloads are there for your podcast episodes with podcast stats.

Cast Features
Cast Features
  • Offers high-quality audio sync
  • Live show notes and text chat
  • Provides analytics on published casts
  • No download required
  • UI needs some improvement
How to Record/Edit/Publish Podcasts In A Browser

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Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools Podcast Software

🎲 Compatibility: Windows and Mac

💲 Price: Limited free version is available, $29.99 per month or $79.99 / month for the ultimate package

Adding the last Digital Audio Workstation to the list is Avid Pro Tools. It is the best podcast editing software used by many audio beginners and professionals. Moreover, it is a one-stop solution for everything you need from podcast software. 

Whether you want to do editing or mixing, you can efficiently do it with this software to help you compose music and become a complete music composer.

The advanced features include the Beat Detective to remove any inconsistencies and imperfections in your raw audio files. Secondly, its exporting functionality makes exporting and packaging of the audio tracks quite convenient.

You can also publish your music at the top music directories like Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music. Apart from that, it enables you to collaborate with other people within the comforts of your home.  

Avid Pro Tools Features
Avid Pro Tools Features
  • Arrangement of Music and Multi-track recording
  • Easy Export and Import of Music
  • Easy transfer between users
  • High-quality audio recording and mixing
  • Can get pretty expensive

Final Thoughts

Now, you have no excuse to delay starting a podcast. You have everything with you, including podcast software. All the best podcast editing software we reviewed in this article offers exceptional audio track editing and recording options.

You don’t have to buy any professional audio editing apps when you choose from these reliable options.

So, have you decided on your favorite podcast software yet? Let us know in the comments.


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