10 Best Toshiba Microwave Oven to Buy in January 2023

If you are not sure which Toshiba microwave is right for your home, keep reading to find out the best Toshiba microwave oven to buy and explore a few of our selections.

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Our top 5 recommendations for the Best Toshiba Microwave

10 Best Toshiba Microwave Oven to Buy in January 2023
6 Automatic Preset Menus
5 Unique Power Levels
Intuitive Operation
Sound On/Off Button
Easy Defrost
LED Cavity Light
Product Specs +
Highly recommend
Good Value 🔥
10 Best Toshiba Microwave Oven to Buy in January 2023
Pre-programmed sensor menu
1100 watts with 10 power settings
Large digital display
One-touch start popcorn and two defrost settings
Product Specs +
⚡ Pre-programmed
10 Best Toshiba Microwave Oven to Buy in January 2023
Stylish black stainless steel with timeless design
Pre-programmed menu for 6 popular foods like popcorn, pizza
One-touch start – quick access to start the microwave
Equipped with power-saving Eco mode
900 watts with 10 power settings, clock, and kitchen timer
Bright digital display, easy-to-read control panel, LED cavity light, and 10. 6 inches glass turntable

Product Specs +
Best value
💥 Multifunctional
10 Best Toshiba Microwave Oven to Buy in January 2023
One microwave with multi-functions of microwave, air fry, convection, combination cooking can fulfill more usages.
Healthy Air Fry
Smart Humidity Sensor
Energy Saving Features
Bright digital display, easy-to-read control panel, speedy cooking, multistage cooking, child safety lock, clock and kitchen timer, mute function.

Product Specs +
✨ 1.6 Cu. ft
10 Best Toshiba Microwave Oven to Buy in January 2023
1200-watt high power microwave with 10 power levels
1.6 cubic foot capacity with one-touch popcorn button
Position Memory Turntable
Auto defrost, fast cooking, memory function, multi-stage cooking
Product Specs +
Good value

Toshiba’s microwave ovens ☍ are developed with creativity, functionality, and excellent safety features to make cooking a pleasant, quick, and regular activity. When it comes to technology, the company has an excellent popularity for longevity and customer services. In addition, these models are ideal for modernized kitchens because of their trendy features.

If you are not sure which Toshiba microwave is right for your home, keep reading to find out more and explore a few of our selections.

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The Best Toshiba Microwave Oven to Buy


Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven 

[amazon link=”B071WCB1T6″ title=”👉 Check the latest price on “]

This Toshiba’s 1.2 cubic foot variant microwave is the ideal balance of affordability, capacity, and performance. With a powerful sensor mechanism that eliminates cooking uncertainty, your purchase will not go in vain. 

[amazon box=”B071WCB1T6″]

9/25/2021 Update
There is a newer version of this model

[amazon box=”B08G4H2Z9G”]

During preparation, an integrated sensor measures the humidity level of the dish. It automatically changes the temperature and time for maximum performance. Certain goods, such as butter, cocoa, and cheddar, are quicker to soften or dissolve. Seven auto selections with weight indicators stress thinking about what to eat out of the equation. As a result, you can cook almost any meal within the optimum range of calories to ensure good health.

Scratch and stain resistance are provided by the incredibly simple covering, which is made of tough substance. Maintenance has never been easier or more convenient because all you need is simply a few touches of a moist towel to clean the interior. 

image 10

With the unique defrost function, thawing is a breeze. Select a customized defrost option and enter the volume of the food; the microwave will cover the rest. You may also vary the voltage levels from one to ten watts up to 1.100 watts, which is the optimum rated power for a wide variety of applications. 

Though it takes up some room, the handle is convenient and a terrific alternative to merely pressing a button to open. 

image 14

While the Toshiba EM131A5C-BS ☍ is not as compact as other microwaves in its price bracket, it provides reliable voltage and has a decent aesthetic. In addition, it is simple to use and will not cause problems. 


Toshiba EC042A5C-BS Countertop Microwave Oven with Convection

[amazon link=”B071ZSCY1P” title=”👉 Check the latest price on “]

Black Stainless Steel

[amazon box=”B071ZSCY1P”]

This is a one-of-a-kind microwave that lets you accomplish almost everything in one device. This microwave supports convection, so you may cook and convect at the same time. Because it’s a 1000-watt microwave, it’ll heat up quickly and keep the convection fan running throughout any cooking procedure.

81KiFhgnh7S. AC SL1500

This microwave has a capacity of 1.5 cubic feet and a turntable with a diameter of 13.6 inches. Both the outside and the interior are made of stainless steel, making it simple to clean when things get dirty.

Stainless Steel

[amazon box=”B076V5DJ4S”]

The Toshiba EC042A5C-BS ☍ Microwave Oven includes a number of pre-programmed cooking modes that are all easily accessible from the menu selections. Because of the design, getting ready to cook or heat anything up is straightforward.

To determine how long anything needs to cook, all of the available choices depend on Toshiba’s smart sensor technology. Temperature, humidity, and other factors are recorded by these sensors, which allow the microwave to make required modifications.

image 16

After you’ve finished cooking, the clever sensor technology makes it simple to keep foods warm until you’re ready to consume them.

image 15

The sensors monitor the temperature and humidity in the microwave’s interior and make changes as needed during cooking to guarantee that the food is cooked to perfection. It accomplishes the same thing to maintain items at the appropriate temperature in the oven after the cooking is finished.


Toshiba ML2-EM09PA(BS) Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor

[amazon link=”B08G4HSJCJ” title=”👉 Check the latest price on “]

Toshiba pledges to provide bespoke, game-changing home products with thoughtful details that make a massive impact. This Toshiba countertop microwave oven is a prime example of the promises that this company has made. 

0.9 Cu Ft

[amazon box=”B08G4HSJCJ”]

This model has 6 pre-programmed menu choices for easy cooking snacks, dinners, drinks, and more. In addition to the oven, you can use 5 unique power levels to warm, bake, or roast for various culinary outcomes.

1.2 Cu Ft

[amazon box=”B08G4H2Z9G”]

Who would not want to have a stylish microwave oven in their kitchen gadget collection? With its black smooth stainless-steel polish, this Toshiba oven will accentuate your kitchen’s overall appeal and make it look elegant. Furthermore, the steel surface makes it much easier to clean and maintain.

image 11

Then we have another fantastic feature which is the smart sensor. This smart sensor’s 6 preset options feature constantly monitors the humidity level of the cooking ingredients and adjusts the temperature accordingly. As a result, you can unwind and concentrate on other activities.

It also has a handy function “One Touch Start” that lets you choose between 1-6 Minutes. More notably, it has a child safety lock, which you can snooze at any time and in any setting. As any decent microwave, it has “Sound On/Off” functions, easy defrost, and a kitchen timer.

image 12

Overall, with this ideal countertop microwave oven, you can relish your food and cooking experience. 


Toshiba ML-EM45PIT(BS) Microwave Oven

[amazon link=”B085FZXZJ5″ title=”👉 Check the latest price on “]

Another great model from the Toshiba team is this ML-EM45PIT(BS) ☍ microwave oven, equipped with inverter technology and a whole bundle of other features. 

Black Stainless Steel with Origin Inverter

[amazon box=”B085FZXZJ5″]

Inverter technology, InverTech, included in the model, contributes immensely to its efficiency. It ensures consistent warmth and defrosting, allowing you to prepare great meals without overcooking. In addition, it can cook for long periods at low power for reliable results, which makes sure that your food retains essential nutrients for the best taste of your favorite recipes.

Stainless Steel with Origin Inverter

[amazon box=”B085G2T7NS”]

Best Toshiba Microwave Oven - Inverter technology

The innovative sensor keys on the control panel allow you to prepare six of the most common dishes to perfection with the click of a button. There is no need to anticipate; press one of the pre-programmed options, and the microwave adjusts for different types of food. Use Cook Time and pick the power from one to ten for heating or cooking meals. In addition, the inverter technology minimizes overcooking, making it simple to thaw poultry, veggies, or curries.

image 26

A huge display screen has been introduced, including a clock. It can also indicate the current cooking time with a slow but steady beep.

Black Stainless Steel with NON-Inverter

[amazon box=”B081T6GZZF”]

This oven is not only attractive on the inside but also on the outside. The exterior is made of black stainless steel (or non-painted stainless steel) and looks wonderful in any kitchen. Furthermore, the big, easy-to-grasp door handle makes popping open the microwave a simple task.


Toshiba ML2-EC10SA(BS) Microwave Oven 

[amazon link=”B08G4Q5196″ title=”👉 Check the latest price on “]

This Toshiba 1800-watt microwave oven has a classic black stainless-steel design and can be used in various kitchen layouts. 

[amazon box=”B08G4Q5196″]

With the right blend of microwave and intense turbo cooking, you can enjoy a delicious chicken breast. Microwave cooking is greatly accelerated, while the convection fan uniformly distributes heat throughout the interior for a flawless result. In addition, this model contains a special low-temperature cooking option for culturing yogurt, drying fruit, rising bread, and maintaining the warmth of food. 

An extremely clear internal view is the key element when heating, allowing you to monitor the meals easily. In addition, it is furnished with LED interior light, which is a power-efficient and long-lasting alternative.

image 27

Revolutionary position-memory technology returns the turntable to its previous spot after each use, preventing you from injuring yourself when bringing the cup or plate out. In addition, this microwave oven has 25 standard preset options, including ten air fry recipes, four low heat menus, and 11 regular oven menus, to keep track of your everyday diets.

image 28

All in all, you get an ecologically friendly culinary option that reduces energy usage and total costs while also protecting the environment by using the ECO Mode to reduce power consumption by half. 


Toshiba ML-EC42P(BS) Microwave Oven

[amazon link=”B089WBK1S8″ title=”👉 Check the latest price on “]

For our next product, we have the strapping Toshiba ML-EC42P(BS) ☍ packed with various ergonomic features that elevate your daily work in innumerable ways. 

Black Stainless Steel

[amazon box=”B089WBK1S8″]

Food is fried crunchy inside and out with just one drop of oil owing to the safer and healthier air fry technology, which merges grill function with warm air circulation inside the microwave. Moreover, Toshiba has also integrated a sensor mechanism that eliminates cooking errors. It measures the moisture content of the meal and regulates the temperature and time accordingly.

Stainless Steel

[amazon box=”B089WC2P2K”]

The stainless-steel body is scratch and corrosion-resistant due to its hard-wearing characteristics and sleek structure. Cleaning the interior requires only a few touches with a damp cloth; maintenance has never been quick and straightforward.

image 29

Like all our older iterations, this device features an ingenious position-memory method that returns the spinner to its starting state after each use. This thoughtful feature allows you to remove the mug or dish without accidentally burning yourself. 

image 13

Toshiba ML2-EM62P(SS) Microwave Oven with Built-in Humidity Sensor

[amazon link=”B08PK7WZC1″ title=”👉 Check the latest price on “]

Toshiba’s 1200-watt solo microwave facilitates simple operation. This model offers 6 preset menus and a fixed timer that goes up to 100 minutes, making it ideal for basic, hassle-free microwaving.

[amazon box=”B08PK7WZC1″]

You can easily thaw, reheat, and cook as per your preferences using simple controls. This microwave’s internal volume of 2.2 Cu. Ft. is excellent for normal dinner plates, a 14-inch pizza, or a whole chicken. It’s perfect for large families.

image 14

This microwave has a timeless style with two ergonomic control knobs and a plain white case that will blend seamlessly with your current kitchen design. Select a cooking length from 1 second to 25 minutes to begin cooking right away.

Furthermore, it has an intuitive humidity sensor. Together with 6 Automatic Preset Menus it evenly heats your food and locks in the moisture for the best outcomes.

image 15

With a sound intensity of only 55 decibels, you can use this oven at any time without disturbing people in your family, particularly infants. In addition, the spinning glass disc guarantees consistent heating with no chances of overcooking or unpleasant accidents.  


Toshiba ‎MW2-AM20PF(BK) Microwave Oven

[amazon link=”B07W7SVTLT” title=”👉 Check the latest price on “]

With the Toshiba MW2-AM20PF(BK) Microwave Oven ☍, you can experience an even and controlled temperature dispersion to cook your meals to precision.

20L Mute Function

[amazon box=”B07W7SVTLT”]

Designed for straightforward microwaving, but with plenty of advanced features like a user-friendly settings menu, internal illumination, and eight cooking templates such as greens, seafood, chicken, pasta, soup, and pizzas are all auto reheated.

20L Enamel Cavity

[amazon box=”B07V6K156W”]

Defrost various dishes according to weight or duration easily with this microwave’s multiple power levels, which allows for a wide range of heating tasks, from iced drinks to leftovers. In addition, the long-lasting LED internal illumination lets you keep an eye on your food. At the same time, it prepares, which is beneficial for tricky meals.

image 19

Another distinctive advantage of this product is the express cook mechanism, which allows you to start cooking with P100 capacity from 30 seconds to 95 minutes by hitting the quick-start button. Thus, it allows you to prepare food in half of the time it takes with older versions.

When the microwave is turned on, the glass platter revolves to minimize scorching and ensure uniform cooking. It also features a handy mute setting that automatically switches off the final beep, allowing you to use it whenever you want without disturbing people in your home, especially resting infants! 

image 20

Lastly, this models’ storage volume of 20 L is excellent for normal plates and bowls. It has a unique design with two user-friendly control levers and a shiny black enclosure that can easily integrate with your current interior decor.


Toshiba ‎ML-EM23P(BS) Microwave Oven

[amazon link=”B087RHD284″ title=”👉 Check the latest price on “]

This Toshiba 800w standalone 23L ☍ microwave oven guarantees that you will get excellent performance and an array of useful functions. 

[amazon box=”B087RHD284″]

Created to add ultra-modern convenience to your everyday chores, this model has been integrated with six cooking options, which include popcorn, vegetables, pizza, and drinks as well. In addition, a user-friendly control panel and extremely powerful illumination on the inside further accentuate your experience tenfold. 

You have the multifaceted option to configure two distinct cooking processes, each with its own time and energy level, to guarantee that the food is prepared precisely. Defrosting various dishes to perfection based on volume or duration is also a breeze.

image 21

Combined with an express cook timer, the multiple power levels make this microwave ideal for a wide range of cooking applications, from melting ice to rapidly thawing leftovers. This variant, like most others, is equipped with a 5-blade fan that makes it incredibly unobtrusive when in action.

image 22

In conclusion, this well-versed device also enables a protective child lock feature that prohibits minors from activating it and comes with a one-year Toshiba warranty, which makes your purchase well worth the price tag levied on it.


Toshiba MW2-AC25TF(BK) Microwave Oven 

[amazon link=”B07N6KQQPF” title=”👉 Check the latest price on “]

Make your daily kitchen tasks easier and trouble-free with the Toshiba countertop Microwave oven at the most affordable price!

23 Litre

[amazon box=”B07N6KQQPF”]

The versatility of this device makes it a must-have for every contemporary kitchen owner. Prepare a wide variety of meals with the six preset cooking modes available for your convenience, such as pizza, vegetables, beverages, and popcorn. Moreover, an interior Led light makes your work easier, as you can observe the food within the microwave from a considerable distance to shield your body from the harmful radiations emitted from within.

23 Litre Eco-Friendly

[amazon box=”B07WBZHPW2″]

25 Litre Enamel Cavity

[amazon box=”B07V3CK2WX”]

A movable, interior glass turntable provides even cooking while the microwave is operating and prevents burning to a great extent. In addition, the weight and time options available for defrosting enable you to have any meal at any time of the day regardless of its volume and time duration. 

image 23

Eleven exclusive power levels have been incorporated for you to perform vast heating jobs, from softening and unfreezing iced things to heating last night’s leftovers. 

The uber-powerful multistage cooking mechanics have been included in every Toshiba model for cooking that feels and tastes like perfection. Set up two or three cooking stages, each with its customizable length and power levels, to prepare edibles that you like as per your preference. 

image 24

To finish it up, the well-suited child lock and five-blade fan make this product a hit among all households, for adults and children alike, and it’s a plus that Toshiba’s customer service comes along with it. 

Top 5 Best Toshiba Smart Microwave in 2023

Key Considerations for Choosing the Best Toshiba Microwave Oven

There are several countertop microwaves to choose from that will match your space and aesthetic, but these are the key things to look for:

Microwaves rotate food on the turntable to ensure that it warms evenly. You’d have to interrupt the cooking cycle to flip your plate around if you didn’t have one. Some versions have a side-to-side movement. It’s easy to clean the turntable if it’s a removable one.

[amazon box=”B08N5VXS37″]

Smart sensors automatically change the time and power level for you according to the heat in your meal. It eliminates the guesswork in determining how long to cook your meal.

The wattage of a microwave indicates how strong it is. A 700 to 900-watt microwave may be adequate for reheating individual portions of meals, defrosting small amounts of vegetables, and creating popcorn.

[amazon box=”B09MS3PH9H”]

You’ll need at least 1,000 watts of electricity for anything else. The majority of microwave cooking recommendations for frozen meals are based on an 1100-watt microwave. Lowering the temperature would merely take longer to heat up.

It’s vital to remember that size is expressed in cubic feet. Consider that an 11-inch dinner plate won’t fit in our preferred compact countertop microwave, but if your kitchen is cramped, our top selection for big families may not be the best option. Choose the size that best suits your needs and space.

[amazon box=”B09L4ZQNDF”]

The “Add 30 Seconds” button may not seem much, but it makes a significant impact since it enables you to start or add time fast without having to hit a sequence of buttons.

Preset settings are already commonplace, notably for defrosting (by weight or amount), reheating, and popping popcorn. More isn’t necessarily better, and they’re usually more expensive, so seek for ones that offer exactly what you’re looking for.

Top Features to Look For in a Toshiba Microwave Oven


All Toshiba microwaves provide the following features as standard.

The power settings, such as full power or defrost, relate to how high you run the microwave to cook or heat your meal. Toshiba microwaves feature up to 11 levels of power. With that said, if you’ve never used more than one setting on a microwave, it’s important to understand how to utilize the multiple power levels to optimize your heating possibilities.

[amazon box=”B08G4Q5196″]

When looking at the control panel of a Toshiba microwave, you’ll notice that some of the numbers on the pad are in brackets. Additional pre-programmed settings on these buttons allow you to cook food at maximum power for a specified length of time, avoiding the need to fiddle with timers and settings. The buttons are set at 30- and 60-second intervals for the most part.

Preprogrammed menu: If you’re a creature of habit, you’ll like the Toshiba microwave’s preprogrammed menu. These buttons include pre-programmed recipes that change the timing and power settings to completely reheat or cook typical dishes such as pizza, drinks, potatoes, and popcorn. They’re also simple to locate on the control panel since each option is denoted by a little icon.

[amazon box=”B08PK7WZC1″]

Toshiba microwaves include a sleek, user-friendly control panel with a digital display with blue or green numerals on every model. The display may additionally show heating status, power, or cooking mode, depending on the model.

Turntable: You don’t need to keep your old turntable or buy a new one since your Toshiba microwave already has one. The turntable, which has a diameter of a little over 10 inches, is constructed of textured glass for simple cleaning.

These advanced features are available on a limited number of Toshiba microwaves.

Smart Sensor: Because certain items are more difficult to cook or reheat than others, many customers avoid using microwaves as a cooking or reheating alternative. Toshiba microwaves with Smart Sensor technology prepare food in a natural and intuitive manner. Rather than just heating whatever is on the platter, the microwave uses humidity levels to determine the necessary power and cooking time.

Silent mode: If you don’t want to use the microwave while others are asleep, know that certain Toshiba models include a quiet option. You can silence any noisy beeps and buzzes with a couple of button presses.

[amazon box=”B08G4HSJCJ”]

Microwave/convection combination ovens: Toshiba provides a handful of microwave/convection combo ovens. You can bake, defrost, and roast things using them. Some models in this category also include a warming-hold feature, which allows you to keep food warm while preparing or serving other meals.


Where can I purchase a Toshiba microwave?

A huge range of Toshiba microwaves ☍ is available on various websites which deliver nicely packed products with timely, efficient delivery services.

To name some, we have Walmart, Amazon ☍, Toshiba lifestyle ☍, Target, the Home Depot store. You can easily log into these stores with a valid email id and address and choose whichever Toshiba microwave oven best suits your needs and price range.

How to remove a protective film in a Toshiba microwave?

The procedure for removing any protective sheet covering from a Toshiba microwave oven is given below:

First, you need to scrape off at the edge of your metal cabinet cover where the sheet is folding across. Eventually, keep rolling the sheet around your microwave in small intervals until the entire thing comes off. The process can be tricky, as the film is invisible. Still, Toshiba has provided comprehensive tutorials on their website, which you can easily follow and do the procedure at home. 

How to reset the clock for the Toshiba microwave oven?

When you plug in the microwave to a power source, “0:00” will show up on the screen. Then, keep pressing the number pads given on the side to enter the time you want. For instance, if the time is 11: 10, press 1,1,1,0 respectively. Finally, press “clock” again to finalize the setting, flashing this “:” sign on the screen. The numbers eventually appear as clock time on the vast display.

How to change the light bulb in the Toshiba ec042a5c-bs microwave?

Most microwaves have an internal light that illuminates when the door opens, or the oven is switched on. This tiny incandescent bulb is not essential for the microwave to function, but it does improve its functionality.

Here is what you can do if the light in your microwave has blown down:
First, unplug the microwave from the electricity source. 
Locate the vent of your microwave, which would be either in the front, bottom or backside. 
Remove the screws which are fastening the vent in place and put it aside. 
The halogen lightbox must be removed and after taking off the cover, unscrew the bulb. 
Put in a brand-new bulb and replace the lightbox cover on it carefully. 
Secure the vent panel in place again and plug in the microwave oven, and you are good to go! 
Check the bulb again after opening the door and make sure that it is working correctly. 

What watt is Toshiba microwave oven ML-EC42P(SS)?

The Toshiba microwave oven ML-EC42P(SS) is approximately 1.5 cu. Ft. and has a voltage of 1000 watts. Therefore, it is the perfect size for small apartments and dorm rooms where high and power requirements are low.

Are Toshiba microwaves any good?

Toshiba microwave ovens are known for their durability and high functionality. The most popular choices for customers who are revamping their kitchens are microwaves and electronics from this reliable company.
Toshiba microwaves are more than just elegant; they include various options, configurations, and timers to meet all your warming and culinary requirements. Some even have special functions like Smart Sensor, silent mode, express cook, and child locks.

Which brand of microwave is best?

There are many reliable brands for microwaves rolling in the market these days. However, some companies are more prominent because of their quality products.

According to customer reviews, brands like Hamilton Beach, Amazon Basics, Black and Decker, Panasonic, and Breville are the top few manufacturers whose microwaves are always top-notch and hit just the right spot for all your kitchen needs.

What is the wattage of a Toshiba microwave?

0.9 cubic feet with 900-watt power microwave by Toshiba is the most suitable size for most kitchens and workplaces as well. It features ten power levels, with 900 watts being the maximum and most powerful wattage for any basic microwave oven in today’s product market.

What is the safest microwave to buy?

According to valued customer ratings, the safest microwave oven has been Panasonic for a couple of years now. This is because of a unique delay start button, which allows users to set a time before the oven starts to operate and is also useful in maintaining a distance from radiation exposure.
Moreover, a child safety lock and keep warm features are also a distinct quality of all Toshiba microwaves, making it easy and safe to use for all types of kitchen sizes.

What does it mean if a strange code pops up on the display of my Toshiba microwave?

It’s possible that your microwave is having a problem, in which case it will show an “E.” Look up the code in your user handbook to see what it means. You may need to replace or repair the microwave depending on the issue. If your warranty is still valid, you should contact Toshiba directly to inquire about coverage.

Is there a big difference in color between the silver stainless steel and the black stainless steel in Toshiba microwaves?

It’s possible that some individuals may notice it more than others. The only time it’s obvious is if the finish isn’t the same as the one on your other stainless steel equipment. Microwaves, on the other hand, are often painted a different color than other appliances.

Will the popcorn setting on my Toshiba microwave cook all the kernels in the bag?

Both yes and no. Although the popcorn button is helpful, it may not account for different sizes of popcorn bags. So, sure, if you increase time in 15- to 30-second increments, the setting may explode all the kernels. Unfortunately, popping all of the kernels is a bit of an art form with a lot of variables, so you’ll always have a few unpopped ones in the bag.

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