12 Best Web Hosting Services for Your Website in November 2022

In this article, we have shortlisted twelve of the best web hosting services that are available for your new website. We have reviewed each of these hosting services in detail. Therefore, all you have to do is read this article and choose the web host suiting you and your business's needs perfectly.

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So, you’ve decided to dedicate a website for your business and look for web hosting services. But what are web hosts? How do you choose the right host for your website?

Web hosts are companies with servers available for rent. They offer shared space on their servers for you to store your website’s information. These servers are powerful internet-connected computers that are generally located in offshore centers. 

Choosing the right web host for your website is crucial to maintain its integrity, speed, and safety. But there are so many options to choose from, so which service should you choose? You can leave some of that worry behind because we are here to help you with that.

In this article, we have shortlisted twelve of the best web hosting services that are available for your new website. We have reviewed each of these hosting services in detail. Therefore, all you have to do is read this article and choose the web host suiting you and your business‘s needs perfectly. 

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Best Web Hosting Companies – In-Depth Reviews 

The best web hosting companies are those that are incredibly secure and fast. There are many things to consider, from dedicated hosting, or VPS-managed hosting, to different SSD storage sizes, available RAM, and SSL certificates. Therefore, understanding how to choose the best web hosting service for your business can get confusing for a beginner. 

To make things simpler for you, we have done our research and reviewed twelve of the best web hosting services you can buy for your business. You can narrow down the best web host option according to your requirements. So, without further ado, let’s get to the reviews! 


If you’re looking for a top-rated web hosting service, Bluehost should be your choice. Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting services because of its ease of use. It is made to be used by beginners, and the user interface clearly reflects that. 

The web hosting service offers some of the best SEO and analytics tools to make your website’s performance go from simple to fantastic. You can follow the web hosting service statistics to attract more visitors and plan marketing strategies. 

The company’s functioning is so powerful that WordPress itself lists Bluehost as their best CMS provider. Therefore, as soon as WordPress gets updates, your Bluehost profile will get updated automatically. 

Bluehost’s versatile services allow your business to grow in whichever direction you want it to take. You can begin with a WordPress-oriented shared web hosting plan and proceed to manage WordPress and then VPS hosting or dedicated hosting. The company will support your business and website throughout its growth and will adapt to its growing requirements. 

Bluehost offers tailor-made services for their clients who are new to the realm of website building. Moreover, they also provide 24/7 live chat support or phone support to help their clients with emergency problems. Unlike many other websites, their helpline number is easy to procure through their website. 

Another great thing about Bluehost is how affordable their services are. Their shared services start at just $2.75 a month with unmetered bandwidth and storage up to 50GB. 


  • 24-hour support through live chat and phone calls. 
  • Great service for WordPress hosting. 
  • High-speed performance even with shared hosting. 
  • Quickly adapts to the growing needs of your website. 
  • Offers the top SEO and analytics tools for traffic optimization.
  • Offers 30-day money-back guarantee. 


  • The plans have very low customizability options. 
  • There is no website builder tool for advanced website designing. 


DreamHost is one of the older web hosting services in the market. Found in 1996, DreamHosts’s customer base is about 1.5 million users, which is a huge number that reflects how popular this web hosting service is. 

Having a large number of clients in their portfolio doesn’t necessarily mean that your website might always suffer from server crashes. DreamHost proves this by being one of the fastest web hosting services out there. It is counted as the best web hosting service because of its exemplary performance at high speed and almost zero downtime. 

Instead of using the popular cPanel control dashboard, DreamHost offers a custom control panel allowing you to manage your website the way you want to. If you are a developer who likes to play with advanced settings now and then, DreamHost is a great choice for you.

We can suggest DreamHost as today’s best deals if you run a nonprofit. This is because the web host offers its unlimited shared hosting plan for free to 501(c)(3) organizations. 

DreamHost also provides exemplary customer support through 24/7 email availability. However, if you take the DreamPress Plus or opt for the pro-managed WordPress hosting plans, you will receive phone support as well. 

Dreamhost is one of the best WordPress hosting places. Its addition of the managed WordPress hosting for its basic plan makes it incredibly approachable and manageable. Moreover, its DreamPress plan is more organized and comes with a 97-day money-back guarantee with transparent pricing. 

DreamHost offers some of the most affordable and manageable per-month hosting plans. At only $3.95 per month, you get access to unlimited traffic and a free SSL certificate. 


  • High-speed service with unlimited bandwidth. 
  • One of the best-managed WordPress hosting service providers.
  • Comes with some of the most exciting deals for various organization types. 
  • Allows powerful website builder options due to a customer control panel. 


  • The basic plan does not have proper customer support. 
  • No option for Windows hosting. 


SiteGround is one of those very few hosting services that is well supported by its audience. Therefore, your website will get an audience when you purchase a web hosting plan from SiteGround. 

According to SiteGrounds’s annual reports, at least 97.7% of the website hosting company’s customers are happy with their services. 

Other than Bluehost and DreamHost, SiteGround of one of the web hosts recommended by WordPress. SiteGround’s shared hosting programs are integrated with built-in WordPress for automatic updates, exceptional technical support, and streamlined security. 

What’s better is that the web host’s infrastructure is managed and designed by WordPress. Therefore, users can take advantage of the WP starter plugin, the best and easiest way to build a website. 

SiteGround is an expert at cloud hosting and shared hosting only. Even though cloud hosting is a huge part of how well the website host functions, its main focus is on shared hosting. Another impressive thing about SiteGround is its security. You get to choose the geographic location where you want to place your website. 

The web hosting providers offer exceptional speed for all plans. It also boasts of excellent uptime. We personally like how well the hosting service can manage speed even when all it offers is shared hosting. 

Considering how well the shared hosting and cloud hosting websites work, we can only wonder how powerful the hosts’ Virtual Private Server (VPS) could be. 

If you often struggle with website development and maintenance, you will need a lot of technical support. Technical support is something SiteGround is an expert at. Its technical customer support is cleverly optimized in such a way that you can be sure to get a detailed solution to all your issues within 15 minutes. 


  • Experts in shared and cloud hosting 
  • Great for small business hosting. 
  • One of the best technical supports out there.
  • Great speeds and uptime guarantee. 
  • High security. 


  • Does not provide you with a free domain. 
  • Does not have virtual private servers. 


One of the top offshore hosting options we have for you is Hostinger. With its headquarters in Lithuania, Hostinger has offices throughout the world for the best customer support. If you’re looking for an affordable option for your small business, there is hardly any option better than Hostinger.

Even with 30 million customers, Hostinger offers exceptionally high speed and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Believe it or not, you can get this powerful web host’s services for less than a dollar a month. 

Their cloud hosting basic plan costs only $0.99, with a free SSL certificate. No other web hosting services can go as low as that with their pricing.

Even though the web hosting service is extremely cheap, you will never feel cost-cutting negatives anywhere on the website. Hostinger will never make you feel like you’re missing out on important things for the budget with powerful web development tools and a fast, fully functional, and responsive website.

Hostinger’s UI host and marketing, everything feels premium. Moreover, learning how to use the website is pretty simple too. The web host allows you to install WordPress and other web apps with just a single click. 

Even the technical customer support provided by Hostinger feels to be way over its price range. Although customer support is better for plans that cost higher, even the base plans get some necessary assistance. Therefore, why would you want to start your business website with some other expensive hosting service? 


  • Free domain and SSL certificate 
  • Robust performance for pennies.
  • Access to a huge knowledge base. 
  • One of the most affordable cloud-hosting options. 
  • Auto installs the essential and handy website builder apps. 


  • The base plans are only suitable for single-page websites due to a lack of storage.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is popularly known for its affordable prices and incredibly fast speed. Regardless of whether you look for shared web hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated hosting, A2 Hosting will provide you the best speed in the market.

A2 Hosting is a great place to start your website hosting journey because you’re hardly going to need to look for more options. However, if you migrate from some other web host, you will see a considerable improvement in your website’s loading speed. 

If that much is not enough, you can achieve 20 times faster speed than their traditional plans with their Turbo Max plans. These plans also include nine times more traffic, three times faster reading speeds, and a 40% faster SMD EPYC CPU. 

Another great thing about A2 hosting for websites is their 99.9% uptime commitment. The web hosting company offers complete support for growing businesses and websites. Therefore, you can upgrade from one sharing tier to another in no time. 

With A2 Hosting, you get 1-click offers to install CMS tools such as Magento, WordPress, and Drupal. However, the starting plan doesn’t allow you to host multiple websites. Therefore, you will have to get the Drive plan which costs $2 extra per month.

Even though the base plans start at as low as $8.99 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can still save money. A2 Hosting offers several of today’s best deals that can save you up to 63% money on renewal. 


  • A high-speed web hosting option for people with heavy websites.
  • Offers even higher speed at minimal prices.
  • Offers decent customer support. 
  • Affordable plans with a money-back guarantee. 
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee. 


  • Lacks versatility
  • It could be much more user-friendly. 


Are you looking for the best web hosting services that offer virtual private servers? InMotion is the right choice for you because this web hosting provider is known to be the best for VPS hosting.

Besides VPS hosting, InMotion is also perfect for other wide arrays of services and plans. When InMotion gains a customer, it plans on keeping them for the long run, and its efforts are clearly visible. 

When you associate yourself with InMotion, along with web hosting services, you will also get access to a vast knowledge base. The web hosting provider wants to make sure that everyone who owns a website knows the ongoing web development industry. 

Along with a lot of knowledge, InMotion will also provide you with amazing customer service. The company’s support team is always ready to address any technical issue you might face. 

Even though the base hosting price is one of the highest in the industry, the hardware available makes the price worth it. At $5.99, you can support two websites through InMotion with unlimited bandwidth, ten email addresses, and ample storage space. 

Since the web hosting provider aims to give only the best of their customers, their base plan feels extensive. However, the rest of the plans are pretty similar. Therefore, upgrading will not cost you a lot of money. Each upgrade will get you more websites, subdomains, extra databases, and faster servers. 

If you want to get the best web hosting providers for your website but want to save money, InMotion might help you through several of today’s best deals.

While VPS hosting is InMotions’s specialty, you can also get access to cloud hosting and managed WordPress hosting. 


  • It offers several hosting options, but VPS hosting is their specialty. 
  • It offers the longest trial period out of all the web hosting providers out there. 
  • Offers only the best services to their customer base. 
  • Wonderful hardware configuration. 
  • Exposes you to a wide knowledge base. 
  • Provides exceptional technical customer support.


  • One of the most expensive web hosting providers. 
  • The speed can be inconsistent at times but has almost zero downtime. 


Have you started a business recently and are looking for the best web hosting services? Do you own a seasoned small business and would like to migrate to a better web hosting service? HostGator might be your best option. HostGator is best known for its powerful services for small business web hosting.

As long as you’re looking for a simple website, there are no options that will make your website and business stand out as well as HostGator. 

Using HostGator is easy because of the extensive how-to guides and technical support it provides. The web hosting service has a team of technical experts ready for you to contact 24/7 through live chat, email, or phone calls. However, such support is not available for all plans. 

Even though the web host is made of simple websites, it does offer some advanced features. If you are a great web developer, getting around these features will be very easy for you. 

You can use HostGator for Windows and Linux hosting. It also allows you to update to VPS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and managed WordPress. Therefore, as your website grows, HostGator offers for you to grow as well.

Since the web host also provides a 45-day money-back guarantee, it only makes sense to try it out and see if you like the simplicity. The plans themselves are not very expensive, starting from $2.75 per month, but such extra monetary assurance is great for any small business. 

If your website does not see a lot of traffic but needs something for your portfolio, HostGator is an excellent option for you. However, the web host provides scaling options through the several VPS options offered. 


  • Perfect for small businesses and websites.
  • Allows simplicity for new website developers. 
  • Affordable prices with a 45-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Unmetered bandwidth. 


  • It cannot be used by websites that see decent traffic.

WP Engine 

WP Engine is one of the best WordPress hosting services, along with Bluehost. Therefore, if you’re looking to up your WordPress game and make your website as customized as you want, WP Engine is a great choice for you. 

WP Engine’s best web hosting services are perfectly optimized for WordPress websites. Therefore, WP Engine is the best choice for people who are looking for a host for their WordPress online store or blog. 

Being completely managed by WordPress, quality is not something you will see getting compromised with this web hosting service. Moreover, the entire structure of your website and the web hosting service can be optimized with WordPress hosting. 

WP Engine takes care of regular maintenance and bug fixes. Moreover, the web hosting service’s servers are incredibly fast. This will allow your website’s content retrieval and loading time to be incredibly quick and responsive.

Even customer support is not something to be worried about with WP Engine. No matter what issue you face at whatever time of the day, you can reach out to customer services 24/7 via live chat. The support staff is quite knowledgeable and will address and solve most, if not all, issues you might face during your web hosting experience with them. 

WP Engine is one of the best organized and managed web hosting service providers out there. Therefore, you can expect to pay a high price for all the time and energy you will save. WP Engine’s services do not come for cheap. Even their most affordable plan costs about $20 per month for a maximum of 25,000 visitors per month and 10GB of storage space. 


  • One of the best-managed web hosting services.
  • Exemplary 24/7 customer support via live chat. 
  • Offers 30-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Free SSL certificate and free domain. 
  • It saves a lot of managing time and effort.


  • Very expensive plans – not suitable for everyone. 


Liquid Web is one of the leading web host solution companies, and Nexcess is their hosting provider. If you are looking for the best web host that offers dedicated servers for e-commerce, this is the right choice for you. 

Nexcess offers managed e-commerce and content hosting services and can access web apps such as WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, Drupal, and BigCommerce. 

One particular thing that makes Nexcess stand out amongst its competitors is the Nexcess Cloud Accelerator. This feature increases the loading speed of the websites that are hosted on the cloud. 

Another right stance taken by Nexcess is their massive suite plans. They offer a massive variety of plans for all types of web hosting services. This gives the users a lot of versatility regarding how they want to go about subscribing to their services.

Liquid Web made all the right decisions to make Nexcess the leading e-commerce hosting provider. Nexcess is perfect for any business to grow and scale. The provider’s customer plans also help each business grow to its maximum potential. 

Nexcess also provides 24/7 customer support to all its clients. Their prompt availability makes it possible for customers of all skill levels to feel comfortable hosting their website with them. 

As mentioned earlier, Nexcess offers a huge variety of plans that can reach a very high price range. However, the starting WordPress plan begins at $15.84 per month. Even though that is a lot of money in comparison to the competition, no other hosting provider will help your e-commerce business grow as fast as Nexcess. 


  • Varied plans for nine different CMS platforms.
  • One of the best hosting dedicated servers for e-commerce businesses.
  • Accessible customer service at all times. 
  • 99.9% uptime. 
  • Offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, and dedicated server hosting. 


  • The system can be a bit more flexible.
  • Expensive.


If you are looking for a free domain name, you must have heard of GoDaddy.com. GoDaddy is mostly popular for its free domain registration service. However, the company also offers a wide variety of hosting services. 

The market enjoyed by GoDaddy is so huge that it has about 80 million free domain names registered under its 20 million customers. 

Whether you are looking for business or personal hosting services, you will find a solution at GoDaddy. All its plans and solutions are packed with exciting features to make sure you get the most out of your web hosting experience. 

Whether you are looking for dedicated hosting services, VPS hosting, or shared hosting in managed or unmanaged format, GoDaddy has you covered. In fact, GoDaddy also offers Windows, Linux, and email hosting. 

GoDaddy is a service provider that believes in constant growth. Therefore, when most of its customers complained about their customer support quality, they paid attention. Accordingly, they are on their path of making their customer service perfect even though there isn’t any 24/7 live chat support.

GoDaddy offers a lot of storage space and unmetered bandwidth regardless of the plan you choose to get from them. This is a huge benefit for small businesses that need a lot of storage space but can do without premium features offered in professional and premium plans. 

GoDaddy is among the affordable website hosting providers in the market. At about $4.33, the service provides you with a free domain name, 100GB storage, and unmetered bandwidth.


  • Will provide a free domain name with even the smallest plan. 
  • It offers a wide variety of plans spanned from duration, size, and features. 
  • Allows Linux, email, and Windows hosting. 
  • Allows unlimited bandwidth in each plan. 
  • You can install WordPress with one click. 
  • Perfect for small size business hosting requirements. 


  • Cloud hosting is not available.
  • Web development tools are very basic. 


With our planet’s condition, we need to take care of our carbon footprint and carbon emissions. Data centers produce almost as much carbon emissions as the airline industry. Therefore, each business’s hosting takes up a big part of environmental preservation. 

GreenGeeks has come up with the right solution for these problems. They have introduced eco-friendly and renewable energy plans to neutralize their carbon footprint. Their infrastructure and the entire company run on green energy, allowing it to create no damage on the planet. 

Your business doesn’t have to make a choice between supreme web hosting and environmental preservation while working with GreenGeeks. Since they run on renewable energy, your entire website(s) will be hosted on renewable energy, making your business indirectly green. 

All the plans offered by GreenGeeks have unmetered traffic limits and allow for unlimited storage. The service provider provides free domain registration and website migration. It also allows automatic WordPress and other CNS installation. 

GreenGeeks offers all of its WordPress plans at highly affordable prices. Moreover, each of the plans is extensively feature-packed to provide maximum usability and comfort. 

With GreenGeeks, you get free SSL certification and customized catching technology. Moreover, they offer spectacular loading speed through the Solid State Drives. The service provider also allows you to integrate Cloudflare setup. 

The only place where GreenGeeks lacks is customer support. Without the availability of 24/7 customer support through emails or live chat, getting certain tasks done might get a bit difficult. 


  • Carbon-neutral company 
  • Uses renewable green energy
  • Allows free domain registration 
  • Unmetered storage and bandwidth.


  • Enterprise plans are not very well configurated
  • Lack of great customer service


Most businesses hire one individual hosting company and website building apps. However, not all businesses can afford to do so. Some companies require a place that can be their website builder as well as hosting provider. If you are looking for such a resource, Wix is the right place for you. 

While competing with the web hosts on this list, Wix goes the extra mile by providing a comprehensive web design application to you. The double function makes Wix’s plans quite expensive. However, when you compare the two services’ combined costs, Wix becomes an affordable web hosting option. 

Wix has a great web hosting image for e-commerce and WordPress websites. Its web hosting image encourages users not to hesitate about the extra price they are paying for the web development tools. 

The starting package from the web host is $14 per month. Don’t get discouraged with the price. At this price, the company provides you with excellent utility and hardware. You get 3GB storage space, free domain and SSL certificate, 30 minutes of video storage, an image editor with several Instagram-like filters, and 500 free design templates. 

With such awesome hardware offered, the price doesn’t seem too much, does it? Wix’s hosting plans are great for most web developers regardless of the extra cost you have to pay. 


  • An integrated option for both website building and web hosting. 
  • Hosting plans include an image editor and free templates. 
  • Offers free SSL certificate and domain name 
  • One-stop solution for businesses to make web hosting and designing simple for small businesses. 


  • Storage space is comparatively low 
  • Pricing is relatively high, but it is balanced due to extra perks.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Choosing the best web hosting service with the right hosting plans can be an intimidating task for any business and website owner. 

Choosing the best web hosting service requires a lot of thought and leads to several looming questions. Therefore, in this section, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the best web hosting plans and sites available. 

What are the best web hosting options for a website? 

There are widely four different hosting options:

  • Shared hosting: Shared hosting is when the hosting companies place thousands of websites together on one server. These websites then share resources such as memory disk, RAM, etc. Shared hosting is a highly affordable option and is perfect for small websites that do not have many pages and elements in them. 
  • VPS hosting: Virtual Private Servers are the more refined version of shared hosting. In this option, a dedicated server houses fewer websites. Therefore, each website is guaranteed additional resources if it suddenly happens to see extra traffic. This is the best option for growing websites.
  • Dedicated hosting: Dedicated hosting involves dedicated servers for individual websites. Therefore, the website has autonomy over the virtual and server environment it wants. It has unlimited resources. This hosting is perfect for large websites that have huge traffic every day.
  • Cloud hosting: Cloud hosting is more of a hosting system than a hosting option. The system works by assigning several websites to a network of servers that share resources among themselves. 

Which web host is the best for beginners?

From the above list of reviews, we can safely conclude that Bluehost is the best web hosting source for beginners. This is because of its incredibly user-friendly interface. 

The service’s powerful analytics and SEO tools make it very easy for new website owners to understand the nuances of online traffic. 

Running closely behind Bluehost is A2 Hosting. The sheer speed of the service makes it easy for beginners to get the hang of quality web hosts, managed hosting, and web hosting plans. 

Which is the best web hosting service in Australia? 

The above list mentions and reviews all of the best web hosting options available in Australia. However, for anyone looking for extremely fast hosting speeds, we would recommend A2 Hosting. Reseller hosting services such as Nexcess and GoDaddy are great options as well. 

Since many service providers offer a money-back guarantee, you can try several hosting services until you find the one you like the most. 

What is the best website host for small businesses?

For small businesses looking for shared hosting options, SiteGround is a great option. With their several hosting plans and the huge money-back guarantee period, the risk involved in reseller hosting investment is slightly reduced. 

SiteGround allows small businesses to thrive and grow at their own pace. Their wonderful technical support is another factor for it to be the best web hosting solution for small businesses. 

How much should hosting plans cost? 

When we look at hosting plans, you can get them for something as cheap as $1 per month and as high as $40 per month. The per month varies according to the type of hosting chosen – shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, or cloud hosting. 

Expensive hosting plans generally have higher bandwidth and storage. They also offer higher speed for websites with heavy traffic. However, even the basic plans from various service providers allow users to manage one basic website. 

Wrapping Up 

Website hosting can be a complicated topic for a new website or business owners who do not know most of the technicalities. Therefore, when website hosting services provide live chat support, it gets easier for everyone to handle websites. 

Choosing the right hosting option requires some careful thinking and evaluation. You must prioritize your and your business’s needs and choose the right web host accordingly. 

You can try any of the web hosts mentioned and review them in this list. They are all certifiably powerful and reliable sources. So, don’t overthink, and sign up for the service that best suits your requirements now. 

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