10 Best Women’s Steel Toe Boots to Buy in 2022

The durability and safety that come with the best women's steel toe boots have been enjoyed by people for centuries.

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Our top 5 recommendations for the Best Women’s Steel Toe Boots

10 Best Women’s Steel Toe Boots to Buy in 2022
Slip and Oil Resistance
Premium New Zealand Cowhide Leather
ErgoDefender (Steel Toe Cap)
Nitrile Outsole
Static Dissipative (SD)
Style Classic Boots
Product Specs +
Highly recommend
Good Value 🔥
10 Best Women’s Steel Toe Boots to Buy in 2022
100% Leather
Rubber sole
Waterproof membrane
Steel Toe

Slip Resistant Outsole
Product Specs +
⚡ Best Classic
10 Best Women’s Steel Toe Boots to Buy in 2022
100% Leather
Heat, Slip, Oil, and Abrasion Resistant
Rubber sole
Waterproof leather boot
Ultimate comfort, durability & protection
Product Specs +
Best value
💥 We Also Like
10 Best Women’s Steel Toe Boots to Buy in 2022
Rubber sole

Product Specs +
✨ Strong Contender
10 Best Women’s Steel Toe Boots to Buy in 2022
SAFETY KNIT® textile upper
TPU protection
Rotation Point System
BreathActive lining
Product Specs +
Good value

The durability and safety that come with the best work boots ☍ have been enjoyed by people for centuries. Quick fact check – did you know the first known example was introduced in the 19th century as popular cowboy boots? That’s right, while originally designed primarily for men but soon emerged an important need when women’s roles evolved during this period too!

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Best Women’s Steel Toe Boots and Sneakers with Steel Toe Cap

The cowgirl boot was created due to the female demand for more protection and support. The leading manufacturers at the time took on this challenge to create what could only be termed “steel-toed sneakers.”

Skechers for Work Women's Workshire Peril Boot, Black, 5 M US
4,751 Reviews
Skechers for Work Women's Workshire Peril Boot, Black, 5 M US
  • Traditional lace-up design with sturdy metal eyelets and buffalo crazy horse leather upper
  • Meets ASTM F2412/2413-2011 I/75 C/75, EH standards
  • Relaxed Fit design for a roomy comfortable fit
  • Removable gel-infused footbed with memory foam cushioning
  • Durable, oil-resistant outsole with lug pattern for traction
Rockport Work Women's Carly Work Safety Toe Bootie, Brown, 5
323 Reviews
Rockport Work Women's Carly Work Safety Toe Bootie, Brown, 5
  • Leather upper provides natural comfort, durability, and breathability
  • tru365 lightweight and breathable footbed
  • Moisture-wicking microsuede lining creates a breathable feel and durability
  • Alloy safety toe meets or exceeds ASTM F2413 safety standards
  • Slip resistant bottom for steady-on-feet feeling

Women’s best work boots that not only protect, support, and provide all-day comfort for your feet? Check. Supportive Shoes with modern design innovations to ensure you have the best-looking footwear at every job site or social occasion – no matter who sees them!

A stylish woman’s choice of the shoe should be able to accommodate various tastes while still being practical enough so as never to feel uncomfortable when they’re on display.


Skechers for Work Women’s Synergy Sandlot AlloyToe Shoe

While women have started to feel their presence in once male-dominated workplaces, they are still a minority. The selection of the best work boots for females can be scarce and difficult. Many companies do not produce them or provide more options than just fashionable dresses with high heels on sunny days.

In order words: While the number of female employees at these organizations has increased significantly over time, there’s been barely any progress when it comes down to choosing what kinds of protection from injury and a falling object should come from standard equipment. Luckily, some manufacturers stepped up this challenge by offering sporty, functional steel toe caps paired nicely under pumps while keeping toes safe. 

Skechers for Work Women's Synergy Sandlot Slip Resistant Work Shoe, Black/Pink, 5 M US
4,552 Reviews
Skechers for Work Women's Synergy Sandlot Slip Resistant Work Shoe, Black/Pink, 5 M US
  • Memory foam
  • Electrical Hazard
  • Alloy safety Toe
  • Slip Resistant
  • Memory Foam footbed

The Synergy Sandlot Work Shoe ☍ from Skechers is a women’s steel toe shoe with superior durability thanks to its Nubuck leather upper. It also features printed reflective side stripes and pink accents, which define this gorgeous sneaker as one of the best in every category! 

The uppers are made for comfort with memory foam insoles so you can enjoy your time on-site without any pain or discomfort at all. Plus, if we’re talking about what really matters most, which is a well-fitted pair, you’ll be satisfied by how they fit just right, giving each wearer their own personalized touch while looking fantastic doing it.

The Sandlot is the perfect work shoe if you want to stay safe on your feet. It has an ASTM-rated alloy toe that exceeds safety standards. Its outsole includes slip-resistant nitrile rubber sole construction with electrical hazard protection in mind as well!


Timberland PRO Women’s Powertrain Alloy-Toe ESD Industrial Sneaker

The Timberland PRO Women’s Powertrain Alloy-Toe ESD Industrial Shoe ☍ is designed with a lace-up front and deep treads, making it a great safety toe boot. The upper part of the shoe has an industrial look. At the same time, its sole gives it a more casual appeal for women who want to wear their safety shoes outside of work or around town on weekends.

“If you haven’t had the pleasure,” says Lisa Brown about her review, “of slipping your feet into these latest sneakers from Timberland yet, you should know that you’re missing out on a great safety boot.” 

Timberland PRO Women's Powertrain Sport Alloy Toe SD+ Industrial & Construction Shoe, Black Synthetic, 5.5
1,111 Reviews
Timberland PRO Women's Powertrain Sport Alloy Toe SD+ Industrial & Construction Shoe, Black Synthetic, 5.5
  • Ripstop nylon with printed hex
  • Alloy safety toe shaped on TiTan last
  • Dual-Density outsole with built-in Anti-Fatigue Technology
  • Cement construction
  • Fiberglass shank

The workwear designs are perfect for women who look professional and feel comfortable. Everyone can enjoy something in this line with bright colors and fashionable patterns on everything from coveralls to khakis or jeans!

The Timberland PRO polyurethane outsoles are abrasion-resistant and non-marking. They keep your feet cool, comfortable with a pleasant shock absorption experience that will have you smiling all day long!

The blue sole of these spicy girls’ sneakers is made for traction on any surface. They can take whatever life throws at them without missing steps or worrying about leaving prints behind wherever it leads. Even if it’s through rainforest trails into uncharted territory where pirates lurk unknowingly awaiting fresh prey.

Timberland - Best Women's Steel Toe Work Boots

Keep your feet safe and secure with the help of Timberland’s steel toe boot, which features an ASTM-rated construction for structural integrity. The fiberglass shank provides extra cushioning against rough surfaces or is flexible enough to get past obstacles that would otherwise trip you up without worrying about breakage! 

This shoe also meets EH safety standards, protecting against unseen electrical hazards. This includes live wires near power lines. Never again will this concern keep you from going into work on time the next morning, thanks to entirely too much adrenaline pumping through. 


New Balance Women’s 412 V1 Steel Toe Training Tennis Shoe

For over 100 years, New Balance ☍ has been making it their goal to help all athletes and workers achieve excellence in whatever they do. Active people need protection from hazards that come with performing at high activity levels. Such as friction caused by sweat absorption or ground surfaces. For example, running shoes are made primarily out of full grain leather which helps keep them lightweight and provides cushioning when you hit an object.

These women’s steel toes training work shoes ☍ from New Balance will be your new best friend! They are light and comfortable, which means you can get more productivity each day. Plus, they’ll look great with any outfit – these bad boys go well beyond being just a shoe; their sleek design makes them the perfect addition for every on-the-job woman site or not.”

New Balance Women's 412 V1 Alloy Toe Industrial Shoe, Black/Purple, 9 M US
1,474 Reviews
New Balance Women's 412 V1 Alloy Toe Industrial Shoe, Black/Purple, 9 M US
  • EVA insert
  • Slip-resistant outsole properties are tested according to ASTM F2913-17 to provide superior traction under various surface conditions
  • Meets ASTM F2413-17 I/75 and C/75 impact and compression safety standards

The most important part of any shoe is the uppers. And these ones from Two Women Traveling have it all. Leather and textile fabrics that breathe to keep your feet fresh, steel toes for protection against impacts or compression by other objects (like rocks). Plus, the safety cap is made with ASTM-rated steel, which is a nice to have safety feature for your toe protection. 

The female steel toe sneakers are designed with the latest safety features to protect against punctures and scrapes. The removable EVA cushion inserts provide extra comfort. At the same time, you work, especially if your job involves working near sensitive electronic components like batteries or screens! 

These amazing shoes also have dissipative capabilities, so they won’t conduct static electricity when walking across malfunctioning electronics during fault-finding sessions at factory floors everywhere.”


Nautilus 1771 Women ESD Safety Toe Athletic Sneaker

To be successful, you have to know your strengths.

The independent woman with an assertive personality has no problem being both her joyful self AND professional. This person never stops dreaming up new ideas or getting down to avoid missing anything happening outside their window view while they’re doing what needs to be done.

The Nautilus 1771 Women’s ESD Safety Toe Athletic Shoe ☍ is perfect for the person who loves showing off their true colors. Made from tough nubuck leather and decorated with subtle gray accents that make them easy to spot, these low-cut sneakers will have you walking away feeling confident about how stunningly beautiful (and resistant) your feet really are!

Nautilus Safety Footwear Women's 1771 Work Shoe,Grey/Iris,7.5 M US
218 Reviews
Nautilus Safety Footwear Women's 1771 Work Shoe,Grey/Iris,7.5 M US
  • Steel safety toe
  • No exposed metal
  • Slip and oil resistant outsole

The Nautilus is the perfect shoe for women who want a professional yet comfortable look. These sneakers have absolutely no metal showing and come with ESD protection, ensuring you don’t damage sensitive equipment in your work environment. The interior consists primarily of comfy insoles made from EVA foam to provide lightweight comfort while wearing these shoes all day long!

With their rubber soles, these kicks will keep you safe from any surface that may lie in wait. They also work great to soften your steps and absorb impact so it won’t cause much pain or discomfort in contact with the ground! 

The sleek design features a high traction outsole perfect for running through puddles during inclement weather while maintaining grip against slippery surfaces like ice. This is something we can all appreciate when walking outside soon after snowfall ends at this time of year. 


KEEN Utility Women’s Detroit Low Steel Toe Work Shoe

KEEN ☍ believes that everyone should enjoy the great outdoors, no matter their situation. That’s why they’re redefining what people think of as work boots with safety toes. The hybrid technology makes these tough enough for anything life throws at you but still keeps them versatile sufficient so they will always fit right when heading out on an adventure!

The Keen Utility Women’s Detroit Low Steel Toe Work Shoe ☍ is a sleek and protective work boot. This shoe features the latest technology in construction, with its steel toe that offers protection against kicks. Not just to your toes but also any part of one’s foot where there are joints or bones susceptible enough for injury as well!

KEEN Utility Women's Detroit XT Low Steel Toe Waterproof Work Shoe, Cascade Brown/Amaranth, 9 Medium US
159 Reviews
KEEN Utility Women's Detroit XT Low Steel Toe Waterproof Work Shoe, Cascade Brown/Amaranth, 9 Medium US
  • STEEL TOE: Left and right asymmetrical steel toe design provides a roomier toe box for maximum comfort and an unobtrusive fit, The Detroit XT Low Steel Toe work shoe meets or exceeds ASTM F2412 and F2913, Female I/75, C/75, and MT/75 EH Standards
  • TRACTION: Oil- and slip-resistant, non-marking, rubber outsoles; Dual density compression molded EVA midsole; Lug sole patterns provide grip even on slick surfaces; Meets ASTM F1677 Mark II and ASTM F2913 SATRA non-slip standards
  • FIT & CONSTRUCTION: Built on a specific women’s foot form that is wider than the industry norm for improved fit & comfort; The sizes listed are women’s and fit true to size; Non-mutilating uppers reduce the chance of marking or scratching surfaces
  • SUPPORT & UNDERFOOT PROTECTION: Electrical Hazard (EH) rated to provide secondary protection from live electrical circuits; Contoured heel lock and KEEN.KEY-TECH FLEX, a contoured underfoot support that provides structure, stability, and comfort
  • COMFORT: Mesh liner provides breathability to help keep feet cool in warm environments; CLEANSPORT NXT provides natural odor protection using probiotics; Removable metatomical PU footbed

The innovative design allows comfort while providing support all day long. You can get an excellent workout without concern about harming yourself at any time during it, even if some heavy machinery comes along later on down the line. 

KEEN work boot, industrial, work boot, steel toe, safety toe, construction, leather boot

If you want to move freely and with little weight in your steps, these are the perfect shoes. These black leather/canvas sneakers have a combination that provides maximum durability while also providing flexibility. This won’t limit how far or fast I can go on any day!

A lightweight boot with steel toe for protection that’s perfect if you want a touch of feminine comfort. A Keen safety shoe is an answer to all your needs! It has dual-density construction and two layers from EVA cushioning Foam, providing optimal shock absorption. 

image 1

Comfortable steel toe boots are the footwear of choice for many construction workers because they provide protection against injuries. The industry has seen rapid growth in recent years, creating new opportunities and boosting salaries across all sectors. 

This means that even if you have been out on your feet all day long at work or just doing yard work as part of an active lifestyle choice (like me), there’s still a chance to get some shut-eye after getting home safely without worrying about slipping hazardously near any plumbing fixtures!

Women represent 47% of the working population ☍ and increasingly enter traditionally male-dominated trades. Companies are creating specialized equipment for women’s bodies with a different genetic makeup than men’s genetics to keep them safe. 

Which can change how their organs function at certain levels in response to stress or toxins exposure. If you’re looking for steel toe safety boots designed specifically around these needs as well-like some great examples are listed below!

Try slipping your feet into one pair from each list!


Timberland PRO Women’s Titan Waterproof Boot

The best women’s work boots are the Timberland PRO series ☍. These waterproof, durable, and protective leather lace-up shoes offer all-day comfort with proven protection at your job site or around town! 

Plus, they look great, too. Perfect for any professional woman looking to stand out in a crowd while still being protected from harm during whatever task needs completing most urgently right now. 

Timberland PRO Women's Titan WaterProof Boot,Brown,11 M US
45 Reviews
Timberland PRO Women's Titan WaterProof Boot,Brown,11 M US
  • Safety
  • Made by: Timberland Pro
  • Country of Manufacturing: Dominican Republic
  • Package Dimensions: 12.5" L x 11.5" W x 5.0" H

Whether it be construction labor on rainy days or moving furniture home through snowdrifts without getting wet feet (not that there’s anything wrong with wearing galoshes). 

A durable leather provides comfort while the metal toe adds protection. We want all of our customers to feel comfortable and safe in their new boots, so we offer a speedy break-in period with no blisters or strains!

image 3

The inside lining is made from aluminum alloy toes that extend durability further. And remember: it’s important for you not just to wear them but love on these beautiful things too because they should take care of both feet equally well over time. 


Skechers for Work Women’s Workshire Peril Steel Toe Boot

There’s a new style of footwear from Skechers ☍ that will have women looking forward to work every day. The company has been known for its incredible ATVs and other outdoor toys. Still, it seems they are not done yet as this year brings another must-have: the Women’s Workshire Peril Steel Toe Boot! 

These tough boots feature steel toes, so you can confidently take on any challenge while also staying safe at all times. Plus, the smooth leather provides unparalleled quality materials needed when dealing out various chemical substances (like oil paints).

Skechers Women's, Workshire - Peril ST Boot - Wide Width Brown 7 W
4,751 Reviews
Skechers Women's, Workshire - Peril ST Boot - Wide Width Brown 7 W
  • Smooth leather uppers in a relaxed fit ankle boot style
  • Lace up front with metal eyelets and top hooks
  • Highly padded collar and tongue
  • Gel Infused Memory Foam cushioned removable comfort insole and shock absorbing midsole
  • Rubber lug outsole is oil resistant with slip-resistant tread

The ultimate durability is here for those who want tough leather boots that will last forever and are made for women! These steel toe workhorses have an embossed logo with gorgeous stitching accents for style points and reinforced seams. 

Which makes them stand out from other footwear on the market today. The toughest buffalo crazy horse hides come into play, making it so these can take anything life throws at you without fear of injury or damage.

This shoe has many features that make the wearer feel comfortable and supported in different work environments. It also includes leather overlays on both sides, perfect for stability when walking around all day long or going upstairs with heavy cases slung over your shoulder! 

The extra padding helps to reduce any pain you might experience from blisters due to chaffing at sensitive areas (like behinds heels) where there’s little protection other than the skin itself (which we know can get sore). And don’t forget about how soft this lining feels against our feet; it was truly thoughtful touches like these small details. 


Caterpillar Women’s Echo WP Steel Toe Work Boot

CAT, the symbol of honesty and strength in all its forms. From making earth-moving machinery to tough workwear for women – CAT is not afraid to explore what it means “to be feminine” while still staying true to their roots as an industry leader who knows no bounds with functional gear that can take on anything.

A lot has changed over time, but there’s one thing we know never will: The guys at CAT are always going above and beyond expectations when you need them most! The Caterpillar Women’s Echo WP Steel Toe Work Boot ☍ is the perfect everyday wear of choice for any woman who wants to get their job done with efficiency and safety. 

Cat Footwear Women's Echo WP ST Industrial & Construction Shoe, Black, 6
2,644 Reviews
Cat Footwear Women's Echo WP ST Industrial & Construction Shoe, Black, 6
  • Waterproof membrane construction
  • Steel Toe
  • Slip Resistand Outsole
  • Electrical Hazard Rated

This high-quality boot has been built from advanced Nubuck leather, which ensures that it won’t let even a single drop of water in!

image 4

These safety toe boots are perfect for those who want to stay safe and comfortable during their workday. They feature a steel-toe sole with a rubber outsole that is both slip-resistant, oil-resistant so it won’t budge no matter how much you move around or if there’s debris on the ground! The interior of these Echo WP shoes has been designed by CAT, which provides extra. 

The soft-touch feels great against female feet, making everyone love owning this one pair, no matter what profession.

image 5

Caterpillar Women’s Jace Waterproof Work Boot Steel Toe – P90562

It’s not easy fighting off the urge to compile an entire list of Caterpillar boots when they always manage to sneak in yet another sleek, fine, and damn gorgeous work boot. The CAT company has finally come up with something that women will absolutely love. 

It’s been a while since we had such eye-catching looks on our feet (and what great shoes they are!). I’m glad I don’t have any important decisions or meetings today – all my worries would go away if only these babies were mine!

Cat Footwear Women's JACE ST Industrial Boot, Mulch, 6
411 Reviews
Cat Footwear Women's JACE ST Industrial Boot, Mulch, 6
  • Slip Resistant
  • Steel toe
  • Electrical hazard protection

CAT’s Women’s Jace Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot ☍ is so easy on the eyes that most women have trouble believing it! This is all thanks to their stylish and artistic design, which blends a split suede, wool exterior with hard-anodized aluminum queued up inside. 

It provides safety and comfort for your feet while working in wet conditions or having steel toes protect you from any falling objects nearby at work – like nails during construction projects.

The Nylex footbeds are known as the most comfortable in their class, and they can be seen on feet around. With a plush interior that feels like walking on clouds (literally), your entire experience will leave you feeling satisfied with every step. Even if it is for something as menial or demanding of work hours as stepping one nail at a time! The input does not have any wow-limited flow, so we keep our output simple.

The beauty doesn’t stop there, though, because under this stunning surface lies an ASTM-rated boot designed just right by CAT – a company known worldwide as being both fashionable and functional. 


Keen Seattle Women’s 6″ Alloy Toe Work Boot

Keen ☍ is a company that has been around since manufacturing boots for soldiers in World War II, and they’ve never stopped innovating. Their line of women’s work footwear offers more comfort than most other brands while still providing durable protection from tough tasks like yard work or industrial jobs, a problem many female workers face on an everyday basis!

It’s hard to be a woman and work in the construction industry. Women are often limited by their size, which can make it difficult for them to maintain and have access to quality tools that will suit any job they take on well – whether it’s at an office desk or out on-site with field crew members. 

KEEN Utility Women's Seattle 6” Alloy Toe Waterproof Work Boots, Gingerbread/Black, 6
142 Reviews
KEEN Utility Women's Seattle 6” Alloy Toe Waterproof Work Boots, Gingerbread/Black, 6
  • Left and right asymmetrical aluminum alloy safety toes weigh 35% less than steel toes and offer a sleeker appearance; The Seattle 6” work boots meet or exceed ASTM F2412 and F2413, M I/75, and C/75 EH Standards
  • FIT & DESIGN: Built on a specific women’s foot form that is wider than the industry norm for improved fit and comfort; She Built This – Sizes listed are women’s and have been tested by tradeswomen in the field
  • WATERPROOF: KEEN.DRY is a waterproof, breathable membrane liner that lets vapor out without letting water in for keeping your feet dry and comfortable; These boots does have a liner that integrates with the waterproof membrane
  • TRACTION: Oil- and slip-resistant, non-marking, siped, rubber outsoles that disperse liquid for improved traction that meet or exceed ASTM F1677-96 and F2913 SATRA standards
  • UNDERFOOT PROTECTION: Electrical Hazard (EH)-rated footwear provides a secondary source of protection in case of accidental contact with live electrical circuits; Includes a compression molded EVA midsole and removable PU metatomical footbed for comfort

Thankfully there’s Keen Seattle 6″ alloy toe boot ☍ designed specifically as women’s footwear manufactured from high-performing materials like 100% steel shanks providing stability while weighing less than half of the comparable men’s pair thanksgiving dinner – making your feet happy too!

Ever received a pair of wet socks? The feeling is not enjoyable and can be quite uncomfortable. KEEN has developed the perfect solution for this issue by creating water-resistant footwear that still allows your feet to breathe, so you’re never left with moistness or discomfort again!

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Keen’s Women’s work boot is the perfect choice for any woman on your team. Not only do they have a durable upper with steel toes, but this shoe also integrates an inner layer that keeps moisture away from their foot while providing enough cushioning to take some abuse! 

So go ahead and order up those size 10D’s – you won’t regret it when one of these beauties becomes a part of our everyday lives.

KEEN Utility work boot construction maintenance slip resistant medium duty waterproof
THE BEST WORK BOOTS FOR WOMEN: Safety Shoes, Women’s Boots, Steel Toe Boot, Composite Toe, Shoe Haul

Final Thought

Shopping for the perfect pair of safety footwear and finding the best womens steel toe boots can be a tall task. On top of deciding which type and style you want, countless options are available in different price ranges! 

That’s why we’ve put together this list with our favorite five best sellers so that all your shopping needs will be met without having to venture off-site or spend hours online looking at sites like Amazon reviews before making any decisions on what suits you best (you’re welcome).

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