Hola VPN Review: Is the Premium Version Worth Using in 2022 ?

What makes this VPN so different? Here is the Hola VPN review that makes it worth buying. Let's take a look at its plans and the processes it takes to operate the VPN provider.

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There are so many VPN services ☍ in the market. Yet you may think what puts HolaVPN ☍ out of the crowd. Oh well, HolaVPN is used by over 200 million users in 190 countries around the world. Hola is a trustworthy VPN service provider you must use and check its paid plans for the best.

Paid users get unlimited access to privacy, security, and your favorite content, gaming, and other services. The VPN services provided by Hola VPN are exclusive and unique. You can use it for free as well. However, if you want better benefits, be willing to pay for its reasonable packages.

But you may wonder what is it that makes this VPN so different? Here is the review that makes it worth buying. Let’s take a look at its plans and the processes it takes to operate the VPN provider.

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Overview of Hola VPN 

9.5Expert Score

Hola VPN is one of the best VPN providing services. The premium proxy server is useful for browsing and streaming activities. Over 200 million users use this VPN on a regular basis. 

It is the very first peer-to-peer VPN service provider in the market. The Virtual Private Network you look for while browsing is exactly what Hola VPN is for. It is a freemium web and mobile application offering VPN services. 

Since 2007, Hola has been offering its services with its base in Israel. Nevertheless, it offers its services worldwide. It hides your original IP address and protects your identity while you’re browsing the internet. 

Overall, the HolaVPN services cater to the safety and security of your browsing activities. You can even access geo-restricted content and stream limitlessly. You will also learn the various speeds it operates and the many features it enables its users with. 

  • Patented technology with excellent unblocking features
  • Paid versions are free of ads
  • Supports all virtual platforms, such as browsers, mobile, and smart devices
  • Free subscribers need not go through sign-in pages
  • Different paid plans are available for users in need of advanced features
  • Hola is available in 190 countries
  • It delivers at fast speeds in all countries it operates for
  • Hola VPN’s paid versions are top-notch in terms of security and data encryption
  • Provides advanced unblocking services
  • The free version cannot be used on iOS devices
  • Hola’s free version has limitations for use in Mac OS
  • It has limitations for streaming certain content types
  • The free version is not ideal for maintaining your security and privacy concerns

Who Owns Hola VPN?

Ofer Vilenski and Derry Shribman launched Hola VPN under the company name of Hola Networks Limited, based in Israel. It was officially launched in 2012 and established itself by January 2013 after people started using it, and it faced 80 downloads every day. This led to up to 40,000 downloads overnight.

The company allows the users to have free consumer services as well as premium subscription and corporate services they call Luminati. It uses free users’ bandwidth calculated for every gigabyte. It does not reimburse it to the users. This is what led to conflicts in the cybersecurity industry.

Therefore, it is now openly revealed to all the users before they purchase the paid plans of the VPN provider. Additionally, it has a long list of features to up your experience while streaming or browsing restricted sites and platforms.

How To Get Started With Hola VPN?

Using the VPN services by Hola is simple. All you need to do is download Hola VPN from its official website and install it on your device to use it. 

The commercial VPN version is connected to the Luminati service. It works as per the peer-to-peer network technology. It appears to be a VPN provider, but the freemium Hola version is the proxy service. 

The proxy services cannot provide your server the anonymity you look for, unlike a VPN. A browser can use such anonymity but not the rest of the apps on your device. Additionally, it uses certain network resources that the website claims. However, it is not completely true that it works while being idle only.

How Hola VPN Actually Works

Hola VPN is a peer-to-peer VPN network using caching and routing to allow users access to restricted sites and content. This means you expose your IP address to other users to use it according to how they please. 

Using Hola VPN enables you to expose your IP address to internet traffic through nodes but without encryption. While other subscribers use this VPN as a website unblocker, it cannot be guaranteed that they don’t use it for unlawful practices. 

Free Hola users allow other users to use their idle resources without underlying operational costs. Nevertheless, the VPN provider is open to vulnerabilities such as IP address leaks, data scraping, etc., as claimed by cybersecurity Trend Micro.

  • Free Internet: Hola VPN covers censorship and restrictions for you and enables you to use different sites with free and open internet from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Online Security: The subscribers can access online privacy and security once they pay for unlimited benefits extended by Hola. 
  • One-Stop-Solution for All: It is the one solution for all your VPN uses. Be it on your laptop or your mobile, the VPN works on all devices. 
  • Proxy for Business: Hola enables you to use proxy services for your business in any part of the world.

Ease of Use

Using Hola VPN is easy and can be done by any other person even if they have minimum technical knowledge. The settings are automatically configured whether it is your first time using a VPN or you are a pro in it. Hola VPN is ideal for beginners as well as veterans in the field.

Moreover, the installation process does not take more than a minute. Additionally, you can use the VPN extension for browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge on Windows and Mac devices. 

The VPN provider has exceptionally intuitive and practical add-ons compared to the browser window. Constant mobile users can install the Hola app for Android and iOS devices and even for HarmonyOS. The app for each operator is user-friendly and excellently designed.

Additionally, the VPN provider also allows you to use it for various purposes.

  • You can set the VPN on routers, gaming consoles, smart TVs, etc.
  • The site provides all the necessary details related to installation and uses.
  • It is single-handedly usable by anyone who needs a VPN connection while browsing or otherwise.
  • Additionally, the makers of Hola VPN have configured the app in 30 different languages for your ease.
  • Nevertheless, the browser extensions or the app do not have customizable features for user experiences.
Hola VPN Review - Benefits

Hola VPN Privacy and Logging

Most VPNs have their own server traffic to allow you to work using their network of servers and proceed with your work at ease. However, the Hola data routing mechanism stands out from the crowd. But it is not so simple and is not at all straightforward. It is not all transparent about how it secures your privacy.

Hola VPN analyses every consumer’s network regularly and looks for possible security breaches or other illegal work threats. Additionally, it detects the changes made to the server and thus, can locate the origin of such requests.

This means that the cyber cell can use the VPN network to build information about any criminal activity and share the same with the authorities. The threatening sites will be locked from using Hola VPN. 

Contribution of the Privacy Policy

Since the company claims to track the origin of any illegal activity on the server or signs of a security breach, it can somewhat monitor the browsing activities on the network. This proves as an asset at times of location hackers. However, it does require more work than other VPN providers.

The privacy policy allows some access to it too. The log data includes details such as access time and dates, time spent on every site, web pages you view, browser type, etc. The corporation may also seek your IP address, name, email address, payment and billing information, screen name, etc., for onboarding requirements and services.

You should, however, know that the VPN provider uses information saved on your device as well. For instance, social media accounts you have logged in from your device allow the VPN to record your name, address, email address, personal description, profile picture, birth date, etc. 

It also records information that you may have shared publicly and agreed to share with the VPN provider as well. Several logging options are available for the VPN server. However, the VPN service provider does not offer enough information about its data encryption and protection measures. 

Speeds of Free and Premium Hola VPN

The speed of a VPN provider suggests the rapidness of content uploads, or when you’re torrenting or streaming, the speed should be equal to your regular internet speed. Since VPNs encrypt your data, the data transfer can slow down your internet connection. 

But if throttling occurs, it may increase the speed. There is no use testing a VPN. The reason is different servers show up and may hamper the speed. Your location may also affect the speed. Therefore, testing the VPN for speed may be useless. Here is the normal speed flow for different servers provided by Hola VPN.

Free Hola VPN Speed

The base was taken as Europe to compare the different speeds used by Hola VPN for different countries.

  • Base upload: 99 Mbps
  • Base download: 92 Mbps

United Kingdom

  • Upload: 79 Mbps (20% drop-off)
  • Download: 75 Mbps (18% drop-off)

United States

  • Upload: 13 Mbps (87% drop-off)
  • Download: 54 Mbps (41% drop-off)


  • Upload: 26 Mbps (74% drop-off)
  • Download: 11 Mbps (88% drop-off)

Premium Hola VPN Speed

Started off comparing the speed of the paid version of Hola VPN by measuring it with Europe before comparing it with other locations.

United Kingdom

image 1
  • Download: 48.96 Mbps
  • Upload: 10.95 Mbps

United States

Hola Best VPN
  • Download: 36.95 Mbps
  • Upload: 8.75 Mbps


image 2
  • Download: 33.65 Mbps
  • Upload: 5.43 Mbps

Hong Kong

image 3
  • Download: 26.23 Mbps
  • Upload: 3.98 Mbps

Streaming with Hola VPN

This review would be incomplete if it did not cover streaming using the Hola VPN. Apart from allowing you to use the VPN service to keep your data private and hide your identity, this VPN allows you to watch TV shows anywhere. 

The very first streaming service to be tested with Hola VPN was Netflix. Netflix is the most popular streaming service worldwide. That is the reason why many users try to get the most popular libraries of Netflix. 

But Netflix is guarded with A-grade detection tools that make tricking it almost impossible. But Hola goes through all the ups and downs and makes this impossible a possible action. You can also access Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, ITV libraries, and more than other VPNs that may not let you access.

Remember that only the paid plans allow you to access all such benefits of accessing endless streaming activities besides many others.

Torrenting with Hola VPN

Those who wanted to install the VPN for torrenting purposes have something disappointing to hear. Hola VPN does not enable torrenting services. In fact, it blocks all P2P sharing activities. Nevertheless, it would be wise not to use it for torrenting services even if it did allow you to.

The reasons are manifold. The traffic of the server network of Hola VPN is exposed to many servers. Moreover, the network may not be encrypted at all times. This means that your IP address might be visible to corrupt users. But if you are a Windows app user, you can be at ease because of its kill switch facility.

Hola VPN is not the appropriate VPN service provider for torrenting services for security and privacy purposes. But you can use it for other browsing or streaming purposes.

Hola VPN Price

Most of you might hear that Hola VPN is a free VPN provider. That’s what the commercials say. However, if you want to benefit from all its features, it would be best to subscribe to the VPN services. It has Hola Premium and Hola Ultra for the paid users to benefit the most from its features.

Hola Free VPN

Like its competitors, even Hola’s stater plan faced several limitations. The primary limitation, among others, was the usage limit. Moreover, the free version can be used on a single device. And streaming was not available for HD quality. But it did come with 500 servers around the world.

Hola Premium VPN

Users who require VPN services for more than an hour every day can upgrade their Hola VPN service plan to its Premium plan. It does not have any restrictions. A three-year contract brings you several benefits. It costs you $107.55 every three years with a $2.99 monthly fee. 

For shorter commitments, you can purchase the $92.26, which costs $7.69 every month. Another plan is the monthly payment premium plan of $14.99. These are reasonable rates for quite impressive benefits your way.

From ten simultaneous connections, unlimited HD streaming, and 1,000 servers worldwide, along with over 7,000,000 Ips, you can’t complain. Undoubtedly, the premium version of Hola VPN is much safer than the free version because of the additional benefits. It also enables the advanced benefits of the no-logs policy.

Hola Ultra VPN

The Ultra package of Hola VPN is somewhat expensive compared to the premium version. It allows you to pay $19.99 every month for a yearly subscription. And if you would prefer a monthly payment system, you need to pay $29.99 every month for the unlimited benefits. 

Nevertheless, you’d be on more benefits if you opt for the three-year contract that allows you to pay only $7.99, which is a much affordable rate. The price is justified given the many benefits that Hola VPN claims to offer the Ultra users. 

To start with, this version of Hola VPN provides you access to 1,500 servers, 4K streaming quality, a smart DNS service, and connection access in 20 different devices. However, you could expect more comparing the Premium and ultra prices with that regard.

Does Hola VPN Have a Free Trial?

Hola VPN paid plans to have no free trial for its users. Without a doubt, you can use the free version instead to test the VPN services before moving on to access its paid plans. However, the free version is less safe compared to the paid versions. It may expose your IP address to other Hola users.

Additionally, you will not be able to access the streaming services that the paid plans offer. It means that although you’d use the free version, you should know that the paid plans have a much better experience and a whole lot of additional features.

Hola VPN’s Refund Policy

If you purchase any of the two paid plans of Hola VPN, you have nothing to worry about. It enables all its users a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can apply for a refund when you do not have satisfactory results using the VPN services.

It can be a lengthy and tedious process of applying for your money-back guarantee if or when you do so. However, be mindful that Hola has a subpar customer support system which means extra concern for its users and extra security.

Customer Support

Hola VPN is pretty inclusive when it comes to customer support. They enable you with a few options to address all your issues and queries and ensure the best customer experience.

  • Submit a form
  • FAQ
  • General contacts

They allow you to have an extensive FAQ session related to Android and iOS devices. Besides, you can also ask about billing and the Premium versions of Hola VPN. Free users may not have as much liberty. However, you would have the internet to your rescue.

Paying users are enabled with a form to the email address that they need to fill and revert. Additionally, you are connected to 24/7 human customer service help for all your queries related to your Hola VPN premium or ultra subscription. However, the response time can be mediocre at most. 

The team has not yet enabled live chat or phone support to assist the users. More updates are yet to be gathered in this regard.

User Experience

The users of Hola VPN have vivid experience given the free version and the different paid versions of the same. 

Download Links and FAQ

The site labels the download links for the paid versions and the FAQ sections of the website as the most important parts of the page. The landing page advertises the product as a free-to-use VPN service. However, the free version has its limits.

The download links and the FAQ, for instance, are more related to the paid versions of the VPN provider. As such, if you want a longer commitment and additional benefits, these are places to go.

Windows Access

Windows is not a client of Hola VPN. However, it is one of the browsing windows of the VPN. You use the extension on different browsers of your Windows device and install a paid version to access the additional benefits. 

Drop-down Menu

Hola’s official website enables you an easy-to-navigate drop-down menu that offers you an intuitive guide through the website’s content. You start with a list of sites that you can unblock using the VPN services in your country and others.

By choosing a random service, you get to inspect the various others available for different countries around yours.

Wide Server Network and Settings

A wide collection of countries allow you to access the restricted sites with your IP address hidden.

The settings of the VPN provider are pretty straightforward. You need not look up anything as it offers only the list of countries and the recent sites you’ve visited.

Many Languages

The language preferences that the settings have been extensive in choices. Hola allows you to change more than 30 different languages to use it according to your convenience. 


The Help menu is the most valuable part of the Hola website. It offers customer support and lets you deal with the FAQ section. Although they could have added much more to the Help menu, many users have their basics fulfilled without any issues.

Beginners can easily get through using Hola VPN for paid versions and FAQs to go through a good customer experience. It is easy to use and is mostly great for safe browsing and streaming purposes.

Is Hola VPN Safe?

Most users sign up for Hola VPN services is because it is free. All you need to do is download the app or the browser extension as per your requirements and join its network of servers. 

The kick here is that it uses its bandwidth and processing power to narrow down its network traffic. The process exposes the free version users’ internet connection data to other such users of the VPN. 

Although Hola ensures that others cannot access your data or your system while using it, it can be somewhat risky when using the free version. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of strangers getting access to your information you can always switch to the paid version of Hola VPN.

It mainly focuses on unblocking sites you cannot access otherwise and not much on privacy. However, the paid versions allow you to block other users from accessing your information, and you can be assured of some levels of privacy here.

All in all, Hola VPN is safe to use if you are using the Premium or the Ultra version of it. The free version can potentially lead you to risks and threats you may not realize while using it.

Does Hola VPN Keep Logs?

Hola VPN does not keep logs. The paid versions strictly follow the no-log policy, as mentioned previously. It means that it does not store any user information. However, the privacy policy of Hola VPN has a pretty descriptive way of conveying the claims and policies of Hola.

It keeps tabs on the browser you are using and the time spent on each site, the access time, and the date of the site. The list is even longer than this. It may also collect your personal information such as name, IP address, email address, payment and billing info, screen name, etc.

You may wonder then what is it that Hola VPN does not keep logs of? You should know that although it may not keep logs, it does collect this information, and it is not necessarily available only to Hola. 

The privacy policy of Hola VPN exclusively mentions that it may share the information that it has collected with a third party if required. They share such information with affiliates and partners already.

But your user experience is much better when you sign up for any of its paid versions. Alternately, you can choose other VPN providers as well.

Should Businesses Use Hola VPN?

Businesses can use Hola VPN for their unblocking activities. However, they should do it at their own risk. The free versions are susceptible to threats and cyber risks. But if you have taken up the paid version, you can use it for your business purposes.

You should, however, know that it has limited to no business-facing features. Without a control panel, a business might not use it for channeling bills and managing accounts. This way, your IT department will be helpless in maintaining the company’s security.

But with the pain version, such as a subscription to the app or preferably the browser extension, you’d be able to secure your data. Additionally, the advanced security features of the Premium and Ultra subscription plans are not available for the free version.

For instance, kill switch features, two-factor authentication, and additional layers of security are the benefits of upgrading to the premium plans. So, if you’re looking for business commitments, Hola VPN is ideal only if you use the paid version.

Nevertheless, the terms of the service might not allow all sorts of access you may require for your business purposes. It allows peer-to-peer networking and bandwidth sharing. It means your data might be exposed to threats now and then if you use the free version. 

Exposing your bandwidth to other users leaves your IP address vulnerable to potential security threats, which is the antithesis of involving in business terms with VPN usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Is Hola VPN Compatible with my devices?

VPN is compatible on several devices and platforms, such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, Huawei, iOS, Android, Windows, PlayStation, Consoles, macOS, Windows, and more. It enables you the fast speed you’d expect to operate a VPN service with more than 30 languages.

2.    What is the refund policy of Hola VPN?

Hola enables its users with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This refund policy ensures that the customers are taken care of to the best of their interest. Also, it shows how confident the makers of Hola VPN are about their VPN services.

3.    Does Hola VPN provide a free trial?

You don’t get a free trial for the paid plans by Hola VPN. However, you do get access to the premium plan for three days. The free version exposes your IP address and bandwidth to other Hola users. Therefore, try to avoid Hola for torrenting purposes.

4.    Is Hola VPN good for Torrenting?

If you use Hola VPN for torrenting purposes, it would be a wrong decision on your part. Torrenting is not one of the features the Hola VPN is ideal for fulfilling. It blocks Bit Torrent traffic.

5.    Hola VPN Speed Test – Is Hola VPN fast?

If you are not a fan of hassles, Hola VPN is ideal for you. The speed tests for Hola VPN services have drawn in impressive results in terms of fast speed. Every country that it has been tested for has shown good speed for search results and streaming practices. If speed is what you’re looking for, Hola VPN is ideal for you.

6.    Hola Premium for Streaming – Does Hola VPN good for Netflix?

Hola’s paid plans of the VPN services allow you to access Netflix streaming features and other platforms for that purpose. You can unblock your favorite streaming library using this VPN. If you aim for Canada Netflix, you can use Hola VPN without any issues. You can now watch Netflix from any part of the world and access any library.

7.    Does Hola VPN offer ads blocking feature?

Adblocking is one of the best features of Hola VPN besides other popular features. Using it you can easily block the popup ads and keep up with your browsing while enjoying the content without the fear of online threats.

8.    How to delete Hola VPN?

Deleting Hola VPN is not a difficult task. If you’ve been using the app, simply delete it from your device like you’d have deleted any other app. Regarding the browser extension, you can right-click on the icon on the top-right corner of your screen. Remove the add-on from the extensions list.

9.    How do I add Hola VPN to Chrome?

Adding Hola VPN to the Chrome browser is simple. You simply need to open the Chrome Web Store and search for Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker precisely. Make sure to steer clear of duplicates and spot the one by hola.org. Click on Add to Chrome and confirm by clicking on Add Extension. You’ll be done.

10.                    Is it possible to use Hola VPN in conjunction with another VPN service?

Using two VPNs side to side simultaneously can draw in space for some levels of confusion. This would result in strange consequences. If you want to use two VPN services simultaneously, you should disable one while using the other.

11.                    Is Hola VPN compatible with all operating systems, browsers, and devices?

Hola VPN can be installed on Windows and Mac devices as browser plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. It is also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Additionally, you can use it in their desktop version as well.

All the downloads and their installation info are available on the home page. The installation processes are subject to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy of Hola VPN.

Final Thoughts

So that’s it. While it is always human nature to go after the free goods, remember that nothing free is always good. The free version of Hola VPN may be good for your budget but not for your device and data privacy and security. 

Therefore, if you will take up the Hola VPN services, aim for its paid plans to utilize all the benefits in detail. This ensures your security and privacy, and also, you can access the advanced security features for the best purposes.

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