How To Delete A Page In Google Docs? [5 Methods for 2023]

If you want a document to look perfect, formatting is a crucial way to make it possible. Unfortunately, finding an extra page somewhere in between your flawlessly polished work can be troublesome. Hence, it is only natural you want to delete those pages. So, how to delete a page in Google Docs?

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Google Docs ☍ are highly accessible and are also extremely simple to use. Additionally, you can type your content from wherever you are. Hence, it is a great choice to process your word documents.

However, numerous users from around the world are trying to figure out the way certain features work. As a result, this simplistic service can sometimes seem complicated. So, one such complication is with deleting of pages.

If you want your Google document to look perfect, formatting is a crucial way to make it possible. Unfortunately, finding an extra page somewhere in between your flawlessly polished work can be troublesome.

Hence, it is only natural you want to delete those pages. So, how to delete a page in Google Docs?

This article will walk you through ways to delete unwanted pages in Google Docs. Read on to find easy steps to delete the extra pages in no time.

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How To Delete A Page In Google Docs? 

There are a few ways to delete a page on Google Docs. The method to choose depends on why the page exists there in the first place.

You can try out the following suggestions, and any one of them can work out for you. Moreover, it will only take a few clicks to achieve results.

Also, if you are wondering how to delete a page in Google Docs on Mac? Or, how to delete a page in Google Docs on a Chromebook ☍? The following methods work for all types of devices as long as it supports Google Docs updates.

Here are some ideas to help you out with how to delete a page in Google Docs.

Method 1: Hit The “Delete” Key (or right click -> delete)

How to delete a page in Google Docs

It is the easiest way to delete a page in Google Docs. This method may sound too simple, but you may be surprised by the results. So, how to delete a whole page in Google Docs quickly?

Try this method before you go for others. Then, all you have to do is place your cursor at the end of the page. At the end of the page means where there is the end of the text.

Once the cursor is in the right place, press the “delete” key on your keyboard. If this does not work, you can highlight the blank pages and follow the same process.

Method 2: Remove the extra texts

Suppose you want to delete a page with a lot of content on it. Also, the content is large enough to make up a page, and then you can quickly delete it.

If the problem with your document is the content on the page, or you simply have too much content, you can get rid of it quickly.

All you have to do is click on your cursor and drag it to the content you think is unnecessary. Then, highlight the unwanted content; it can be texts, graphs, or images.

On the selected page, press on the delete key or backspace on your keyboard. It deletes all the content you selected, and the pages will be deleted along with it.

delete a google docs page 1

Also, you can make this method work by deleting content from different portions of your document. However, the content should be enough to sit into one page or any number of pages you want to delete.

You can do that by getting rid of a paragraph or two from here and there in the document. Pages will get deleted depending on the size of content omissions.

Always make sure to delete the empty line breaks when using this method. That is because the line break will take up space even if there is no content on the pages.

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Method 3: Delete an unnecessary page break

Docs may consider the space as content as well. Hence, a seemingly empty page, according to docs, has content on it. 

If you have a blank space taking up a page, you have likely inserted a page break by accident.

Hence, if you do not want that page, you should remove the page break. So, how to delete a page break in Google Docs?

Deleting a page break is very simple. You just have to position your cursor immediately after space. That should be followed by clicking the “delete” button.

The content that exists after the cursor will then jump back to the previous page. This method will work if you have added unwanted page breaks.

Method 4: Make some adjustments in the margins

How to delete a page in Google Docs if none of those mentioned above methods work? Adjusting your margins can help.

The way page margins get set can be why many unwanted blank pages appear in your docs. You can adjust your margins and learn how to delete a blank page in Google Docs.

That can happen when the margins set are too large. You can follow the below steps to fix the issue with the margins.

Step 1: Go to the “File” menu. It will be at the top left side of the toolbar.

Step 2: Go to the dropdown menu and go all the way down. You will find the option “Page Setup.” 

google docs page setup

Step 3: You will find a pop-up box once you click on that option. Check the box go to margin settings.

google docs margin options

Step 4: Change all the margin size to one inch. You can set it to any size you prefer as well.

This method will ensure that your margins are evenly spaced. In addition, it will fix the issue if the top or bottom margins of the docs are too large.

Once the margin sizes are fixed, your docs will have enough free space in the document and remove unwanted pages.

Also, problems in the margins are the main reason for that extra second page that is usually found. You can use the same method to figure out how to delete a second page in Google Docs.

Method 5: Use the Custom Spacing Option

To figure out how to delete a page in Google Docs can be very tricky. Nonetheless, Google Docs provides its user with an extensive level of customization. Custom Spacing is one such excellent option you can make use of.

Sometimes, if there anything wrong with the custom spacing options, it will result in an extra page.

When the value is anything more than zero, Google Docs may add an empty page.

Follow the below steps and find out how to delete a whole page in Google Docs.

Step 1: Go to Google Docs ☍ and create a new google doc.

Step 2: Find the “Format” option at the top menu.

google docs format option

Step 3: Hover over the option “Line Spacing,” and you will find a new menu with options.

Step 4: Click on the Custom Spacing option in the pop-up box. That will open another small window.

google docs line spacing options

Step 5: You will have to adjust the space after the paragraph. Change the value to 1.

google docs line spacing set to 1

Step 6: Click on the “Apply” button and check if the unwanted page has disappeared.

4 Ways to Delete a Blank Page | Google Docs Tutorial


How do you delete a whole page?

You can try deleting a whole page in your Google document by following any of the above methods. The methods work pretty much for any device you are working on, such as Mac or PC.
However, there may be specific changes in the way you navigate things. Yet, the steps are overall the same for all devices.

How do you delete a page that won’t delete?

Are you trying to delete a page by removing the page break option when this is not the problem? You should try the margin method if it is something else, like a problem with margins.
If you follow one method several times and the pages still won’t delete. It is better to move on to the next method. This article covers all the possible methods that can help you in deleting an unwanted page in Google Docs.
Alternatively, you could be trying out all the methods but not doing it properly. For example, you could be deleting all the content as mentioned in Method 3. However, you may have forgotten to remove line breaks. 
So, try out all the methods correctly and check out which one works the best for you.

How do you find and delete in Google Docs? 

You will have to click on the three horizontal dots at the top right corner of your document and click on “Find.” Then, type the words or phrases you are looking for in the search box.
Click on the search button. It will take you to the location of those texts, and from there, you can delete them.

Where is the delete button on Google Docs?

Go to the top left corner of your Google Docs and click on “Edit.” You will find the “Delete” button at the bottom of the pop-up menu.

Final Words

Any of the above methods can help you depending on the particular problem. By following the suitable method correctly, you can delete all the unwanted pages. 

Well, now you know how to delete a page in Google Docs. With that, you can make your document precise and professional.


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