How to Make Money Blogging in 2023

Blogging can help you earn a lot of money if you do it right. This complete guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to start making money through blogging.

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In the past years there has been a great spike in the blogging industry.

This trend isn’t new, and people have been earning money through blogging for a long time.

However, as technology has advanced a great deal, more people have access to blogging.

This is why the number of bloggers has increased, the number of readers has increased, and even the amount of money earned through blogging has increased.

One of the key factors that have influenced this uprise is online shopping.

Online shopping has opened the gates for some of the most effective ways of money-making: affiliate marketing, for example.

In this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know on how to make money blogging.

Read our advice till the end, and you’ll be capable of earning good money through blogging!

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Affiliate Disclosure

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How to Monetize Your Blog

let’s put your blog to work and provide passive income for you

People new to blogging might think that only updating their blog will drive cash to their accounts.

However, that’s not the case.

You need to monetize your blog if you wish you earn from it.

This is a fairly complex process, but not difficult once you get the hang of it.

There are different ways of monetizing your blog as well.

Most of them work pretty well — some of them are broken now, but all of them are unique.

In this section, you’ll learn the different ways through which you can monetize your blog.

So, let’s get started!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common forms of monetization nowadays. All the websites that you’ll find out there leverage affiliate marketing for earning money. Most YouTube channels and other Vloggers leverage affiliate marketing too.

Why? Well, simply put, affiliate marketing is safe. It’s safer than most other methods, and if it’s done right, then it can help you earn a lot of money. Another amazing thing about affiliate marketing is that it doesn’t require constant effort.

You surely have to spend a lot of time learning different skills, like website management, content management, SEO, etc. You’ll also need a lot of time for setting up your website. However, once your website is completely set, you’ll be able to earn money, even in your sleep!

So, what’s affiliate marketing? It’s a process where you promote products from another manufacturer. It means that you’re in charge of the marketing section only, and you won’t have to deal with any loss affiliate with the production itself.

You can sign up for affiliate marketing programs all across the world, and you can even choose the products that you want to promote. Once you have a product of your liking, you need to write content about that product, and then publish that on your website or any other online platform, such as social media.

When you pick a certain product, you’ll be given a special link with a unique key. You need to publish that link with your content. This link will redirect the reader to that specific product.

Now, different affiliate links work in different ways. Some affiliate programs will pay you based on the number of people clicking on the link, while others will pay you depending on the number of people buying from you.

What happens if someone doesn’t purchase by clicking on the provided affiliate link, but purchases by accessing the site at a later time? Some affiliate programs are more flexible, and they provide a certain code with their affiliate link. Once someone clicks on your affiliate link, the code gets integrated into their cookies.

If that person buys that specific product by accessing that specific website directly, even then that sale will be considered as an affiliate sale. However, there’s a catch here. That code won’t be saved in the cookies of that person for a lifetime. These usually come with a time limit of a week to a month.

Then again, if that person opens another affiliate link from another person and purchases from that link, then you won’t be held accountable here. It means that the other person will get the money.

How much money can you make with affiliate marketing? Well, it depends on the effort you’re putting into it. Some people have managed to earn millions from affiliate marketing, and some couldn’t manage to earn a dime.

If you’re willing to earn through affiliate marketing, you need to sign up for an affiliate program first. There are lots of affiliate programs, but Amazon affiliate, ClickBank, etc. are the most famous. In fact, many of the independent services and eCommerce stores offer affiliate programs nowadays.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that everyone benefits from it. This is why it’s highly recommended.

Some beginners start without any research, and they find themselves to be losing money only. It’s a common practice that people promote their content integrated with affiliate links through PPC marketing. However, paid advertisements are a necessary evil.

You need to start off with this, but keeping it going for long will lose you a lot of money. The best way of maximizing your profit from affiliate marketing is by creating a sales funnel. The best way of doing this is by creating an email marketing funnel.

In this process, you need to collect the emails of the people who visit your website. You can collect these through strategically placed opt-in pages and bridge pages. Once you have collected enough emails, you need to sign up for an email marketing tool and send out well-crafted newsletters to the email addresses that you’ve collected.

What’s amazing about this process is that you can get your offers to a highly targeted group. In the pay-per-click advertising method, you can only reach out to targeted people. The efficiency of email marketing is far higher than that of PPC. So, you’ll be able to save a lot of cash through this method, which will help you boost your income. If you’re interested in earning through affiliate marketing, then we highly recommend leveraging email marketing.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is another amazing method that can help you make money through blogging. This is, in fact easier than affiliate marketing in some sense, but the overall income headroom is tougher to control.

Like in affiliate marketing, you can’t control or choose the products that you’ll be promoting in AdSense. In some ways, this can make AdSense easier. You don’t have to research for days before settling on a specific product, so it’ll be easier for you to get started with this.

This is also where the con lies. As you can’t choose a product of your liking, you don’t know what will be promoted through your website. If Google wishes, then it can promote a low-performing product or service through your website.

The products that’ll be promoted will still be congruent to your website content, which is good. Even then, it can pay a lot less than affiliate marketing, as you can fine-tune in the case of affiliate marketing.

To enable AdSense, you need to create Ad space on your website. While crafting your website, make sure that there are enough spaces for inserting some Ads. See those side, top, and bottom strips on different websites that show different Ads? Those are Ad spaces.

Once you have created those Ad codes, Google will automatically show Ads on your website, and you’ll earn a 68% commission on the amount the advertiser is paying, and Google will earn the rest 32%. It means that if the advertiser pays $1 for every click, then you’ll earn $0.68 per click.

Even though AdSense isn’t as customizable as affiliate marketing, you can earn quite a lot from it. There are bloggers who managed to earn as high as $50,000, from AdSense in a span of ten years.

The best part about AdSense is that you don’t need to pay extra attention to it. You just have to be strategic and well-researched about where and how you will place the Ad spaces. There are websites that cram their pages with Ad spaces. Trust me, they don’t get many clicks. On the other hand, people visit their sites less frequently, as cramming up your website pages with Ad spaces can affect user-friendliness negatively.

If you can place the Ad spaces without overcomplicating your website space, then you’ll be able to generate cash no matter what you’re doing. Plus, you can integrate this method with any other method that you’re using.

For example, if you’re promoting products using affiliate marketing, then you can implement Ad spaces to your website as well. This will help you earn from two sources simultaneously. However, we strongly discourage resorting to AdSense for your earnings only.

This will force you to add tons of ad spaces on your website pages, which will only make your website unsuitable for users. This is why we highly recommend keeping this as a secondary income source.

There are two ways through which you can get paid from AdSense. You can either get paid through EPC, which stands for Earnings Per Click, or you can get paid through the CPC system, which stands for Cost per Click. In the EPC method, you’ll get a percentage from the price the customer pays. Then again, in the CPC method, you’ll get a specific earning for every click, irrespective of whether the customer buys anything or not. You’ll receive the earnings monthly from Google.

If you want to earn through Google AdSense, then you need to follow their strict guidelines to make your website suitable for AdSense. It’s challenging to follow the guidelines properly, but once you’re there, you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

A lot of people ask us about the factors that decide how much money you’ll be earning from AdSense. Well, these are the factors that mainly influence this:

  • Amount of traffic
  • Type of traffic
  • Type of content on the website, some content provides better ROI than others.
  • Competition on that specific content type.
  • Position of the Ads. This is one of the most crucial things that determine whether you’ll earn from the Ads or not.

You’ll need a lot of research to get these things right. But once you can set up your website properly, you won’t have to look back anymore.

Selling Digital Products

Selling digital products is one of the best ways of making money online, and if done right, this can offer you more revenue than the previous two methods. However, there are two things everyone needs for this: skill and creativity.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, as long as you’re selling something valuable. Plus, make sure you aren’t selling anything illegal or you’ll just end up in a cell. Digital products are making a huge splash nowadays, and this is only expected to rise. By the year 2022, digital products worth more than 240 billion USD are expected to be sold.

What can you sell online? There are actually a lot of things to choose from. You can sell eBooks, videos, music tracks, songs, animations, and many more things. The only thing that can limit you here is creativity.

The best part about this is that digital content can be created with sheer skill and creativity. There’s no politics here, no major company or other sellers holding you back. You can create whatever you want to, and you’ll even sell it if you can convince people about its value.

Digital products break the boundaries that hold people back from selling analog products. You won’t have to spend tons of money on printing a book. Neither will you have to spend money on producing CDs or cassettes.

If you have the skill of producing an amazing song, record it, and upload it on Spotify or any other streaming platform of your liking. If you don’t like streaming platforms, just upload it on a platform from where people can buy it directly! 

The same goes for eBooks: eBooks have become more popular than they ever were. Back in 2015, Mark Manson published his online article named “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”. This article literally blew the brains out of people, and it gained immense popularity. After being read by millions of people online, Mark was approached by Harper Collins for creating a book out of this. Guess what? This book has sold 3,000,000 copies in the US only, and millions more in the rest of the world.

As you can see, digital products are tough to create. But if you have what it takes, the rest of the process isn’t challenging at all. With the right type of promotion, you’ll be able to reach thousands of people. And that’s all you need to do!

Selling Online Courses

If you know something really well, then this is the right step for you to take. Online courses have become the craze now. People have become more conscious about their lives nowadays, and now even the slightest idea of validation matters a lot to them.

This is where online courses come in. People can always see tutorials or read books for learning a skill. However, they won’t be provided any certificate or any form of validation for those.

On the other hand, an online course will provide that, and more! Online courses can be of any type, and they can talk about literally any life skill. If you research about it, you’ll find that there are online courses on astronomy, nuclear physics, accounting, just as there are courses for guitar playing, dancing, choreography, gardening, and other non-bookish things.

This is why online courses are so flexible. You can literally sell anything that you know well enough, and that’s the only challenge there is!

What makes online courses more attractive is interactivity. Unlike books or YouTube video tutorials, online courses ask people to submit their work. Now, you may be thinking that you’ll need to be engaged with the tutorial constantly for checking everyone’s script. Well, you’re wrong!

There’s an amazing system developed for conducting online courses. You need to create exams in the multiple-choice question pattern. You can determine the true answers beforehand, so the computer will check the scripts instantly for you.

Then again, there are projects. In such cases, the system is that the students will check each other’s copies. To encourage this more, some rules are set: for example, a student has to verify at least three other scripts for passing.

This makes the courses very interactive and self-sufficient. You can put an appropriate price tag on the course, and then you can work at your own pace while people buy your course!

However, it goes without saying that you need to be affiliated a bit with the course when the student number is low. If you don’t check the copies that are being dropped, then the interactivity won’t be there, and the number of students will only drop.

Once you see that the number of students is enough for the course to run on its own, then you can take your leave, and earn money in your sleep!

If you’re wondering where you’re going to start the courses, then we suggest you look around. There are different online course platforms for different niches. For example, Coursera and Udemy are amazing platforms, but Coursera deals mostly with academic courses, while Udemy deals with both academic and life skill-based courses.

However, it goes without saying that your courses won’t be able to generate any revenue unless they provide the value the students are looking for. In such cases, they will ask for a refund. If they don’t get a refund, they’ll just report your courses, and the number of negative reviews will only be increasing.

This is why we highly recommend that you create online courses only if you’re very skillful and if you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, we would recommend going for another source of income.

Another important thing is promotion. Trust me, no matter how good your course is, no one will buy it unless you promote it. You need to convince people that they need it. There are hundreds of courses on almost every topic out there. You can only stand out if you can prove that you’re professional, your course is valuable, and if it’s well-organized. Good promotion increases the chances of selling by a hundred percent, so we highly recommend doing that.

Create a Paid Membership Website

If you’re looking for regular income and want to create a base of loyal customers at the same time, then creating a website that offers paid membership is a great option for you. The first thing that’s going to strike the mind of any practical person is “Why would anyone buy a membership of my website?”.

This is definitely a valid question. If you can’t provide proper value with the membership, then no one will pay for it, and the opposite is equally true.

You can always create a website where you can post exclusive content, allow users to interact with one another, interact with them by yourself, and you can offer tons of more features that people can’t get from any other website.

Even if you’re running a regular website, you can always start offering a paid membership. For example, if you’re running an eCommerce website, you can offer paid membership there. The people who’ll pay for the membership will receive additional offers, discounts, bonuses, and they can even ask for products. If you want, you can take it up a notch by selling special products to them only.

Here are some tips that’ll help you create a more effective paid membership system:

When you’re starting out, demanding a $$$ price won’t get you any members, but it’ll only help people make a meme out of your business. It’s true that no matter how much preparation time you take, you can never offer a perfect membership experience from the very beginning. You’ll learn a lot from the member’s behavior and tweaking the system will help you make it better.

This is why you should start giving off membership at a much lower price than you intend to. However, make sure you portray that as a discounted price, otherwise the members will get infuriated when they find that the fees increase from $5 to $50.

There are a lot of other things that membership must offer. It’s not humanly possible to interact with the audiences every day, and most people wouldn’t even want to do that. If this is the case, then it’s better to offer weekly or monthly conferences.

These conferences can be taken over online platforms, and this will help you make your business a lot more interactive. You can also check whether people are interested in asking you questions. You can always take in questions and answer them in your free time.

If you run a YouTube channel or a Facebook page, then you can always upload videos answering multiple questions. This will help those who are asking the questions, and it’ll also help people who have the same question in their minds.

This is a great way of driving more traffic towards your video content. Plus, it’s also a good way of gathering more members.

Another amazing way of driving up sales is letting in members for free. I know this sounds contradicting. Let’s look at it from another angle.

Let’s suppose that you have a person who follows your business closely but is unable to buy the membership that you’re offering. Let’s say that this person knows a lot about your business and how the niche works and helps out other people on your social media pages.

If you allow such people in for free, you’ll see that they’re participating in discussions in your favor. This will reduce a lot of pressure and work from your shoulders, which is why we highly recommend doing this.

If you aren’t willing to take people in for free, then consider offering them discounts. This will help get some of them in, while it will motivate the entire community to be more interactive.

One of the major things that most people forget is that the membership offerings must be refreshed on a regular basis. You can’t expect people to buy what you’re selling for the last 24 years. You need to offer the new things on the market —  new features that can hook them up, leverage new technology for learning member’s actions better, and overall maintain a fresh environment.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to maintain a constant flow of revenue from the paid membership of your business.

Offer Consulting

You won’t even believe how much money people make from online consultancy. The best thing about this job is its flexibility. You can offer consultation on literally anything. Good at accounting? Great! You can spend some time here earning tons of cash for providing online consultancy on accounting. Good at marketing? Same drill!

No matter what you’re good at, if you’re an expert, know that you have what it takes to offer online consultation. If you’re skeptical about this sector, let’s take a look at some figures to clear the confusion. The consultancy sector alone earns around $250 billion a year! This makes the consulting sector one of the largest professional sectors of the entire world!

The best part about this is you can make it your full-time business if you want. Now, people tell us that they can turn anything into their full-time business if they want to. Well, this is different. Unlike some other income sources like affiliate marketing, this has absolutely no risk.

Sure, you won’t lose money from affiliate marketing, but you never know for how many days will you be able to stay on the top of the line. No matter how good you are, there will always be some website better than yours.

On the other hand, consultancy doesn’t work like that. You can earn a lot of cash every time someone asks you for a consultation. If you’re good enough to manage to get returning customers, then you won’t need anything else!

Once you get hold of enough returning customers, you won’t have to emphasize much on marketing either. You can leverage your customers to draw in more customers, and this is how you can keep the cycle running.

In some sectors like accounting, you won’t even need more than 10 to 20 clients. Some people even do well focusing on a single client only. If you can outshine the competition out there, then you’ll be able to hold onto the business for as long as you want.

There are many other benefits to this income source. First of all, there aren’t many costs for starting up. All you need is a website of your own. Creating and maintaining websites don’t cost much, but you’ll still need to allocate some cash for online marketing.

Then comes the product itself. Unlike some other businesses, you don’t need to create something for selling. In fact, here the services that you provide are the product. You don’t need to spend any extra on the things that you’re going to sell.

Then again, you can offer your services on free platforms like Zoom. This is another positive thing about consultancy. You won’t have to pay for these platforms either.

Another amazing this is the freedom that this job provides. You can be anywhere in the world, but you can still offer your services if you have an internet connection. You can get such freedom from other online income sources, like affiliate marketing as well.

However, online consulting is much more professional than that. This is why we highly recommend offering consultancy alongside blogging, as it can drive up your revenues much higher.

Sell Your Own Services

This is yet another amazing sector. There are certain services that you can offer online, and these services have a great demand right now. These are mainly:

  • Website design
  • Freelance writing
  • SEO
  • WordPress customization
  • Logo Design
  • Poster design
  • Photo editing
  • Video editing

The list goes on. There are even more unique tasks. For example, you can offer to write codes, or you can create user interfaces of certain apps or software.

The possibility is endless here, and the best part is that these aren’t that tough to learn. Sure, coding is tough to learn, video editing is tough to learn — so is graphic designing. However, you can learn these comparatively easier than some academic or professional work.

Then again, freelance writing is very easy and simple. If you have a good instinct for writing, I assure you that you won’t need much time before you get used to writing thousands of words per day.

SEO is another thing that’s pretty easy to learn. SEO is a simple concept, and don’t believe if someone says it’s too hard for anyone to learn. SEO has its complications, and so does every other skill. However, you can learn how to SEO a website in relatively less time, and you’ll be able to offer this service to thousands of people that are looking for it.

Even though coding is a relatively tougher skill to learn, it’s a must for you if you’re a student of CS or CE. If you’re looking for some extra cash, then you can always offer writing codes for others.

The same goes for graphic designing and video editing. Even though these are fairly more complex to learn and to master, these skills will aid you a lot as you can show them in your portfolio.

Now, you might ask how this ties in with blogging. Now, most people would offer these services on freelancing platforms such as Fiverr,, etc. Even though they are fairly good, we strongly discourage going to these sites. Why?

Take a look at the payment that you can receive from these platforms. Most of the clients that you’ll meet will underpay you on a wholly different level. Then again, if you’re using Fiverr, you’ll have to sacrifice 20% of the payment that you get from the client on every sale made! We think that it’s outrageous, and you can avoid these if you offer these services on your blogging website.

There’s another positive thing about having your own blogging website. Platforms such as Fiverr and already have a lot of sellers, and the competition is pretty high. What’s worse is that whether you get any recognition or not will depend strictly on how well you’re maintaining their policies, and not on how well you can actually work.

This is why a lot of capable and dedicated workers are often left behind on these platforms. We’ve talked to one such person who couldn’t earn much from Fiverr and lost a lot due to their 20% cut policy. Afterward, the same person earned thousands of dollars by offering his services on his own blog website.

There are people who get their articles written by content writers. However, if you belong to the other group who writes about things that you’re good at, then this is a very good option for you. You can always write tutorials about small tricks and techniques, review different products related to your art, or maybe share your personal experience and views.

In this way, you’ll be able to create a very attractive blog. If you can manage to attract traffic to your blog, then you can start offering your services, too.

Now, you may think that not all people will visit your website for getting their job done, instead, they will visit to learn something for themselves. Even in this case, it’s beneficial for you. The more people visit you, the more credibility you will build. The more your credibility, the more clients you will get.

Sponsored Posts or Paid Reviews

Sponsored posts and paid reviews are great ways of earning from blogging. However, these often come with a pre-requisite. You won’t get any offer for paid reviews unless you’re an already established reviewer or have a lot of traffic coming to your website.

So, if you do meet any of these requirements, then you can keep a lookout for them. The thing with paid reviews is that you get instant payment. There’s no dilemma. All you need to do is make an honest review of the unit that you’ll be provided with, and then you have to post that on your blogging website.

On the other hand, sponsored posts are a bit different. In the review blogs, you’ll talk about everything from your perspective. There’s usually no restriction to what you can and what you can’t say. You can talk about the good things about the unit, and you can talk about the negative ones too.

When it comes to sponsored posts, you’ll be following a strict guideline, and there’s usually a restriction on what you can and what you can’t tell the audience. In fact, there are sponsored videos where the writer is restricted from talking about the specifications of a certain product if the product isn’t revealed yet.

No matter which one you get, you can surely make a lot of money from these posts. What’s amazing about these posts is that you can monetize them further and leverage them for driving in more traffic.

Let’s say, for example, that you run a blog on reviewing electronic gears and gadgets. You got an offer for reviewing the new ROG Strix 15 laptop from Asus, which hasn’t been released yet. As it’s a completely new model, there’s a great chance that people are already excited to know more about this, and the conscious people are keeping tabs on different websites for getting reviews on it.

If you get this unit early and review it, you aren’t only receiving money from Asus for reviewing it, but you’re also driving in a lot of traffic. The next step — yes, you’ve guessed it already! You just put an affiliate link after the product is live on different stores, and you start earning from there too!

This is why we always recommend keeping a lookout for paid reviews and sponsored posts. There are times that manufacturers might not approach you on their own, but they will provide you units if you approach them by yourself. We highly recommend doing that.

Sell Banner Ads on Your Website

Banner Ads are one of the major ways of passive income, and this functions more or less similar to AdSense. In fact, AdSense offers banners as well. However, in this section, we’ll talk about multiple other platforms from which you can receive banner ads.

At first, you’ll need to have a reputed website for earning through showing banner ads. You need a high SEO rank, otherwise you won’t appear when keywords related to your websites are searched for. PPC is a good way of appearing ahead of your competition, but PPC is highly targeted and won’t show your website for most keywords.

If you already have a website that appears on the first page of Google search results, then congratulations! Now you can move to the second step. You have to create a dedicated page on your website for advertising.

This page will be labeled ‘Advertise Here’, so people can understand what it is about easily. This page will contain all the guidelines, FAQs, and policies that a business will have to follow for advertising on your website.

You know that your website is performing well, but chances are slim that others will know that too. So, you need to educate others about the metrics of your website. It can be done very gracefully through this page.

You can show all of your metrics through infographics on this page. You can show the impressions per month, the number of unique visitors, page views, bounce rates, conversion rate, etc., in this section.

On this page, you should also display the different options that people have for showing banners on your website. For example, they might be able to add banners in different image formats, GIF format, or even video format. We highly recommend offering all the possible options, or there’s a chance of losing a potential advertiser.

You should also include different customizability options, like where the ads will be displayed, how many Ad slots are available, and the monthly pricing for each of them. Ad slots and available pages for displaying the Ads are great factors. Displaying the wrong Ad on the wrong page will result in loss only, and no sane advertiser will make that mistake.

If you remain transparent about these things from the very beginning, then your website will be regarded as highly professional. This is why we highly recommend following these.

The most important thing to display here is the payment option and contact address. We recommend being 100% detailed and transparent here. If your website seems shady, no one will want to advertise there. So, you need to be cautious about putting these elements.

If you’re not willing to wait for other people to reach you for advertising, then you can resort to online marketplaces that make such stuff easy. One of the most prominent platforms is definitely BSA, which is also known as BuySellAds. BSA is literally a marketplace where you can buy and sell banner Ad spaces.

Once you’ve created a website of a specific niche or one that includes a few different niches, then you can sign up to BSA. However, remember that you need to have plenty of traffic on your website, or you won’t be able to sign up for BSA.

Once you sign up to their marketplace, you need to assign yourself the niche that your website is based on. Buyers who are looking for Ad spaces will find you depending on the location, traffic, cost, and niche they’re looking for.

BSA has a decent 75:25 ratio. It means that you’ll get 75% of the money the advertiser is paying for buying space on your website, and BSA will receive the other 25%. You’ll be able to receive money every week, but you’ll need to have a balance of at least $500 the first time you withdraw. You’ll also have to pay a fee of $35 every time you use a wired facility to withdraw cash from BSA.

Even though their withdrawing policy is a bit strict, BSA is quite a good marketplace if you’re looking forward to selling word spaces.

Another amazing place for getting advertisements is Adblade. Adblade is another marketplace that offers you a vast network of advertisers and Ad space sellers, and it offers you a 100% safe experience.

There are certain unique features that make this one stands out. It offers real-time feedback on how your Ads are performing. Through that, you’ll be able to understand which Ads to go for. You’ll know about the click-through rate, cost-per-action, impressions, as well as cost-per-click. Through these, you’ll be able to find the perfect ad for your website.

However, there’s a pre-requisite, and it’s quite tough to meet. You won’t be able to sign up for this network unless your website receives more than 500,000 views a month. They will take one or two business days for reviewing your website.

Even though such screening is a bit too strict, we do appreciate it, as it allows them to separate professionals and provide only the best experience.

The last one is the most popular Ad network out there, and it’s known as Revenue Hits. Revenue Hits is currently boasting 2 billion Ad impressions every day, all across the internet. With this network, you’ll be able to find the most suitable Display banners, Pop-ups, buttons, Footer, Shadow, and even boxes for your website.

You’ll be able to choose the right Ad for yourself, and you’ll also be able to tweak it and monitor how it’s performing. We highly recommend using Revenue Hits.

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging?

will it be enough to make it a full-time job?

Now, this is a real question. How much money can you make blogging? The answer is: more than you think you can! However, like every other answer, there are ifs and buts here, and we’ll get into all of that with some real-life figures for giving you a rough estimate of what you might encounter in your own career.

When you start blogging, you can’t possibly expect to earn a lot from it. If you’re only starting out with a blogging website, you can only earn as high as $2,000 the first year, while for most people it floats around the $500 to $1,000 range.

However, the best part about blogging is that you can increase your earnings gradually. While you earn $1,000 the first month, you can quadruple your income and earn $4,000 the second. It’s completely possible, but you’ll need to take the necessary steps, and you’ll need to keep on improving the website.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a blogger a year is $32,800, which is quite significant. However, it doesn’t mean that you can get here without any effort, or even with minimal effort.

If you aren’t planning on investing your time and effort into something, then blogging isn’t for you. You really need to know every nook and corner about your website, the niche you’re working on, the global market, your target audience, and the shifts in SEO and the marketplace.

There are lots of established businesses that fall only because they fail to keep up. Unless you keep tabs on these, you’ll face the same fate. Then again, most blogging websites can’t even earn a dime, and there’s enough reason for that too.

When you’re blogging, putting in your efforts isn’t enough. You need to invest your time and effort, but you’ll need to do so smartly. A lot of times people end up working for something that isn’t feasible, and this will only end up in your ruin.

Then again, there are tons of success stories as well. There are bloggers who have managed to earn around $200,000 a year even. When asked, all of them replied that they invested at least 10 to 30 hours behind blogging every week.

When they were blogging, they weren’t relying on PPC Ads, AdSense, Banner Ads, or affiliate marketing only. Rather, they combined all sorts of sources to get what’s best for them. While some of them offered paid reviews, others offered consultancy and other services.

As you can see, it’s possible to earn a lot from blogging. However, you need to be willing enough to do whatever it takes. There will be times that you’ll need to sit in front of your computer for days. There’s no shortcut to success, and it’s equally true for blogging.

The amount of money that you’ll be earning through your blog sites depends largely on the traffic that your website gets. If the volume of traffic is high, then you’re halfway there. Usually, affiliate programs and Advertisers offer from $0.01 to $0.25 on every click you get. Then again, there are affiliate revenues that you’ll get on every sale made using your affiliate links.

If you consider getting $0.25 on each click, and if the 10% of the traffic visiting your website clicks that, then you’ll be receiving $250 a day, provided that 10,000 people visit your website every day.

While it might sound daunting at first, and you might think why 10,000 people will visit your website each day, it’s quite possible. More people are using the internet than you can realize right now, and it can help you achieve wonders.

Then again, you do need to make sure that your website reaches people. Unless you can reach out to others, there’s no chance that you’ll be earning money from them. This is why we highly recommend optimizing your website according to the guidelines of SEO.

You can always advertise your website, but it’s not at all viable. If you keep on advertising your website, you’ll be losing your cash constantly. This will end you up in more expense than revenue. Another con of paid advertisement is that the traffic becomes extremely narrow when it comes to PPC.

On the other hand, SEO helps you make your website available to a wide range of people. So, you can actually access more people through SEO, and that too for free! This is why we highly recommend this.

Another important thing is building an email funnel. When someone visits your website that’s a potential customer to you. However, you lose this potential customer once that person leaves your website, as there’s no way for you to call upon that person again.

Well, turns out there is, and this is called email marketing. If you can manage to acquire the email address of the people visiting your website, then you can always reach back to them. This will help you hold onto potential customers.

If you follow these tactics, then you’ll be able to generate a lot of revenue from blogging every month, and you’ll also be able to take it up as a full-time job of yours. The best part being is that you won’t have to spend more than 30 hours of your time, even with your full-time job!

However, we strongly suggest you start small and start slow. Don’t keep high expectations at first, as you’ll surely fail a lot of times. Make sure you learn from your mistakes and enhance your blogs and your tactics so that they can yield you a better ROI.

One of the key things that you need to earn $50,000 a year is perseverance. So, you shouldn’t give up no matter what!

Blogging Tools for Beginners

you can’t make money if you don’t have the right tools

A blogger needs lots of tools for the successful execution of different plans. When it comes to blogging, there’s no certain suite that allows you to do everything. Even if there are, we don’t recommend using those, as they are mostly inaccurate.

So, you’ll need different tools for measuring different metrics, or perhaps for carrying out a certain plan of yours. In this section, you’ll learn about the top blogging tools that every beginner blogger needs when that person is starting out.

One of the worst things about these tools is that there are literally hundreds of tools littering the internet, and most of them don’t deliver what they promise. This is why choosing the right tool for blogging is very important.

We’ll talk about the tool, and we’ll also tell you why you need that tool, and why we think that it’s the best. So, let’s get started!


Grammarly App

Starting off with the most basic tool every blogger really needs, and it’s Grammarly. To those of you who haven’t heard of Grammarly yet, we highly recommend trying it out now. Grammarly is a tool that’ll fix even the most advanced grammatical and spelling problems of your article instantly.

The best part about Grammarly is that it’s not only built for content writers, but it’s built for everyone. No matter what you do, you can benefit from using Grammarly. If you’re writing something on Microsoft Word, then you can integrate the Grammarly tool in your MS Word and get your writing corrected before publishing it or submitting it to someone else.

If you aren’t planning on blogging yet, even then, Grammarly can help you! You can get the website integration of Grammarly, and it’ll check for potential problems in your spelling and grammar whenever you write something using that browser.

In fact, it’ll even verify your texts when you’re writing something on messenger. This will help you communicate with your clients, customers, and any other person more fluently and confidently. This is why we highly recommend Grammarly to everyone, and especially for bloggers.

You can always buy Grammarly premium, and it offers very reasonable pricing. However, you’ll also do great with the free version of it. Remember that the premium version of Grammarly takes some advanced mistakes into account while the free version ignores them. Then again, it also helps you fix the overall tone and wording of a passage.


Hemingway App

When you’re talking about online website content, getting the grammar right alone won’t help you. To make sure that people actually read what you’re writing, you need to make your words as readable as possible.

This is where Hemingway App comes in. This is a free online tool that you can use from their website directly. Once you copy your article and paste it on their website’s editor, it will go through your article and highlight every last bit of sentence that needs edition.

What Hemingway editor does is that it’ll offer you alternatives and suggestions if you have words or sentences that are hard to understand. There are times that we end up overcomplicating what we write without even knowing, and these are the times that you’ll feel assured with this editor.

You’ll also see whether you’ve used any passive sentences and have any adverbs or not.

Remember that complex and complicated wording won’t get you anywhere in blogging. In this sector, simplicity is the key to driving your revenues higher. This is why we highly recommend using the Hemingway editor.

The positive thing about Hemingway editor is that it’s free. However, you won’t be able to save what you work on, which is a bummer. If you want to get that feature, you’ll need to buy it for a price of $19.99, and then it can be used as desktop software also!


Ginger App

If you find that Grammarly isn’t for you, then you can try Ginger out. Ginger is a tool that allows you to fix all the grammatical mistakes in your writing. What’s unique about Ginger is that it suggests good synonyms if certain words are overused in an article. This is a sector where Grammarly lags behind.

Another amazing thing about Ginger is that it can help you translate over 40 languages. If this is a feature that you need, we highly recommend choosing Ginger over Grammarly.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that you’ll be needing after your blog is published. This tool will help you decide how your blog is performing. It offers valuable insights on many different metrics regarding your website, and this is why we consider it as one of the most important tools that you’re going to need.

With Google Analytics, you can see how each page of your website is performing. This will help you fix a certain page that’s not performing well and learn from the ones that are performing well. You’ll also be able to fine-tune different elements so that each of the different pages gets the most visitors, and you’ll learn which niche and which content-type works the best with the audience of your website.

Another amazing thing that you can learn from Google Analytics is how much people actually read what you’ve written. Unlike tons of other tools, Google Analytics will not only tell you how many people have read your article. Rather, it’ll also tell you for how long people have read your article.

This will help you know whether people have read your articles or not. This is another reason why we highly recommend using Google Analytics.

One of the best features of Google Analytics is that it allows you to compare your website to itself! Yes, you can compare the present state of your website with another state from another time. This will help you understand whether some modifications have made your website better or worse.

Then again, you’ll get insights into your audience. You’ll learn how your audience is interacting with your website, what they’re interested in, when they’re visiting, etc. All of these metrics will help you make better decisions when writing any future content.

Google Analytics is completely free to use, and you can use it with popular website creators like WordPress.


Yoast SEO

Optimizing your website content for the search engine is one of the most —  if not the most important step, and we couldn’t stress this enough. Without SEO, your website won’t appear among the top search results, which is why it’s very important to optimize your website.

There are a lot of SEO tools that allow you to fine-tune the optimization on your website. Out of all of them, we prefer using Yoast SEO.

It’s a very simple and easy tool to use. There are lots of SEO tools that only overcomplicate things. Unlike them, Yoast SEO provides you a clean and intuitive user-interface that even a beginner will be able to use properly.

With Yoast SEO, you’ll also be able to find the right keyword for your content. It provides information on the necessary metrics that you need — for example, you’ll get insights on the keyword density, the search volume, etc. that’ll help you determine the keyword and place it strategically in your content.

You’ll also get suggestions on key phrases that are related to your keyword. When it comes to SEO, you need to optimize your content for a lot of phrases and words. Otherwise, you’ll only end up limiting your content.

Yoast SEO will help you broaden the scope of your content, as you’ll be able to target a much wider audience base with this tool.

Even though you can use the most basic features of this tool with the free plan, you can get access to tons of amazing features if you buy the premium subscription of Yoast SEO. You’ll get a feature known as Redirection manager. This allows you to redirect your website when it’s being updated, without the necessity of a programmer.

You’ll also get suggestions about internal links. It’s always better to interlink some related websites to your page, and you can get suggestions in real-time with Yoast SEO.

There’s another feature known as Social Preview. With this, you can see how your website looks on a social media platform before even sharing them!

There are tons of other premium features that make the Yoast SEO premium subscription completely worth it. For example, you’ll get orphaned content, Advanced Context detection, Stale Cornerstone Content filter, and even their support!

This is why we recommend you buy their premium subscription, as it’ll pay you off double, if not more.



Plagiarism is one of the few things that can drag your website down to the grave, like literally. If Google finds even a trace of plagiarism on a certain page of your website, then it’ll bring that down immediately, and sometimes it also brings the other site down.

This is why you should always avoid plagiarism. There are a lot of tools that help you avoid plagiarism by checking for them, and you’ll find a lot of free tools as well.

If you want to rest assured that your website is free from plagiarism, then you can go for PrepostSEO. This SEO tool is one of the best that we’ve ever tried. PrepostSEO is a plagiarism checker that can check online for any form of plagiarism. You can get your articles, your web content, and even your assignments checked through this, and it’ll always provide you accurate results.

The best part about PrepostSEO is that it’s completely free. All you need to do is copy the part that you need to check and paste it on their website’s online editor. With that, you’ll be able to get rid of plagiarism from your content.

A friendly reminder: you can’t post a mix of unique and plagiarized content on your website. This will only end up dragging your website down in the SERPs. The new algorithm of Google is well capable of handling these plagiarisms, so we discourage these. 


Email Marketing Tools

As we’ve said countless times in our article, Email Marketing is one of the most important things that you must do to make your business sustainable. There are tons of email marketing tools, and we’ve realized that there is no perfect tool that we can recommend.

There are a few tools that we’ve picked today, and all of these are great. It’s not that all of them have a flaw, but it’s just that all of them are built differently. While someone might like a specific tool, others might not.

This is why we suggest you go through some of these tools before settling on a particular one.

  • OptinMonster
  • Sendgrid
  • Mailchimp
  • MailPoet

Email marketing campaigns are a must for any blogger, and we urge you to try these out. If you don’t leverage email marketing, then you’ll only be missing out on a large chunk of revenue.



It’s tough to come up with new topics regularly, and sometimes you’ll feel like hitting a stone wall. However, it’s very important that you come up with new content for your readers constantly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep them hooked onto your website.

This is where BuzzSumo comes in. BuzzSumo is a tool that helps you out by letting you in on trending topics. With this tool, you’ll be able to learn what people are talking about, and this will help you create highly engaging content.

This is why we recommend using BuzzSumo. This tool can always help you out when you’ve hit a wall.



It’s tough to find the right pictures for decorating your blog content. People often use the free pictures that you can find online, but the readers usually get tired of looking at the same thing all the time.

This is why we recommend using Canva. Canva is a tool that helps you create attractive and engaging banners without requiring any graphic designing skills. Another amazing thing about this tool is that it guides beginners through slightly complicated tools.



If you’re looking for the best blogging platform to run your blog on, then you should definitely go for WordPress. WordPress is a website creator that allows you to create blogs effectively and efficiently. You can also integrate thousands of plugins into WordPress, which makes it the most flexible website creator.

There are some easier-to-use alternatives, such as Squarespace, Wix, Shopify. However, we recommend WordPress because it’s the most flexible and most effective. Even though you’ll find Wix and Shopify easier to use at first, you’ll gradually realize that they’re not built for customization, which you’ll need when you’re going down the line.



You need to host your blog site to make it available to the world. There are a lot of hosting services, but we recommend Bluehost as it’s the most beginner-friendly hosting service out there. Plus, they offer the best customer support service!

Bluehost offers one of the cheapest prices ever, which is another reason why we highly recommend this.


Divi Themes

Trust me, your blog content provides value as long as someone reads them, and no one will read them unless you can entice them to. The best way of doing so is by creating an attractive website, and there isn’t another website customization plugin like Divi themes to help you do it.

Divi themes are definitely very user-friendly, but what’s better about this tool is its customizability. Usually, the user-friendly tools sacrifice customizability for making them more intuitive. Divi themes just change this stereotype.

With this easy-to-use tool, you’ll be able to customize the visuals of your website in any way you want, which is why we highly recommend using it.



Optimizilla is an amazing tool that’ll help you compress the images that you’ll be uploading on your website. When you’re uploading something on your website, it takes up a definite amount of space. The more space it acquires, the longer it will take to load.

Usually, the stock photos that you’ll find on the internet are of high quality, which makes them occupy a larger volume as well. However, uploading them to your website will only reduce the loading speed of your website.

This is where Optimizilla comes in. Optimizilla will optimize the image by compressing it. Once it’s compressed, its size will be decreased automatically, which in turn will improve the loading speed of your website’s pages.

The reason why we love Optimizilla is its customizability. There are thousands of compressing tools, but this one offers the most customizability without overcomplicating things. This is why we highly recommend Optimizilla.



If you’re a beginner and you can’t make peace with the advanced SEO tools, then we recommend UberSuggest for you. UberSuggest is an online keyword research tool that’s very accurate. This tool provides a lot of amazing metrics that can help you pick the right keyword for your content. You’ll get insights on the keyword density, search volume, related long-chain and short-chain key phrases, as well as the competition on a certain keyword.

With the help of these metrics, you’ll be able to fine-tune the words that you’ll use on your content. What we love most about this tool is its simplicity. Without resorting to complex numbers, it simply tells you whether a specific keyword is easy or tough to rank. This is why most beginners can highly benefit from this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can You Expect to Make a Lot of Money When You’re Starting Blogging?

Well, not actually. When you’ll be starting out with blogging, you won’t be able to make a lot of cash.
However, once you get started, and if you can keep up maintaining your website properly, then you’ll be able to make a lot of money down the line.
The problem is, most beginners give up only after a few months. Remember that blogging takes a lot of time and giving up will only end up in failure.
Statistics say that around 38% of bloggers end up making less than $10, while 4% of bloggers end up making more than $10,000. The goal is to be among the 4% who work hard, keep consistent, and never give up. Well, not actually. When you’ll be starting out with blogging, you won’t be able to make a lot of cash.
However, once you get started, and if you can keep up maintaining your website properly, then you’ll be able to make a lot of money down the line.
The problem is, most beginners give up only after a few months. Remember that blogging takes a lot of time and giving up will only end up in failure.
Statistics say that around 38% of bloggers end up making less than $10, while 4% of bloggers end up making more than $10,000. The goal is to be among the 4% who work hard, keep consistent, and never give up.

Do You have to Pay Taxes on Your Blogging Revenue?

Yes, you’ll need to pay taxes on the revenue you earn through blogging. However, the source that you’re earning through matters a lot here. If you’re earning through selling your services, then you’ll fall under one category, and if you’re earning through affiliate marketing, then you’ll fall under another.Yes, you’ll need to pay taxes on the revenue you earn through blogging. However, the source that you’re earning through matters a lot here. If you’re earning through selling your services, then you’ll fall under one category, and if you’re earning through affiliate marketing, then you’ll fall under another.

Who is the Richest Blogger?

Everyone’s heard of the Huffington Post, and its co-founder Ariana Huffington is the richest blogger. She makes around $2 million from her website per month, and she started way back in 2005.

How Long Until You Will Start Earning Money With Your Blogging Site?

Well, there’s no definite time period for this. Some people start earning as early as the 2nd month, while some even take a year. You can estimate that you won’t start earning within 6–8 months, at least.

Can You Start Blogging for Free?

Yes, you can! You can start on the Medium. It’s a free platform, and it’s got a lot of readers. Or if you want to go solo, then you can use as it’s one of the most powerful blogging tools, and it’s completely free!Yes, you can! You can start on the Medium. It’s a free platform, and it’s got a lot of readers. Or if you want to go solo, then you can use as it’s one of the most powerful blogging tools, and it’s completely free!


Blogging is definitely no easy task. There’s a lot of competition out there, and you need to focus a lot on promotion if you truly want to succeed in this sector.
However, that doesn’t mean that spending time on blogging isn’t worth it. The more time you spend on this, the better you’ll become. Plus, blogging is no source for getting easy and quick money. Rather, it requires a lot of effort and definitely a lot of time.
Once you start, you won’t be able to get much return at the beginning. But once the wheels start spinning, you’ll be able to generate a lot of revenues from blogging. This is why we highly recommend doing it the right way!

We hope you’ve found this advice helpful. Please make sure to leave a comment if we missed out on something or you have something to share with us.

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