How to save images’ data into textual form? 

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Have you ever faced situations in which you came across a photo with information in the form of text and wanted to copy it? Today, many people post content like infographics, social media posts, and product photos that hold text – and many times, this text is crucial for us, and we wanted to pull it out. Of course, sitting back on the couch with a pen and paper to note the stuff manually won’t be time-consuming – and not everyone is free for it. 

Well! Don’t you think having easy and quick ways to help us grab images’ data into text would be a blessing? The good news is that technological advancements have made this easy. Let’s consider reading this post to find out how you can get the job done on the go.

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Understanding how text can be extracted from images?

How to save images' data into textual form? 

This section is made to help you know how text can get extracted from images in today’s era. Of course, we will not suggest you go for manual writing. But, we would like to introduce you to the OCR (optical character recognition) technique that can help you play along with such tasks. In this saturated online time, it is not unusual to come across the requirement to drag text from a photo. Whether you are a student, employee, teacher, marketer, designer, content writer, or anyone who has to deal with the content creation process might know the hassles of making an image editable. 

Thanks to OCR, technology-enabled people of all sectors get this job done without facing any disputes. It is a bespoke AI-powered technique that uses algorithms to recognize text placed in an image and spin it into an image to text. This technology is usually present in online tools, apps, software programs, and websites that offer OCR-powered features to make images editable

Top-Best Ways To Save Textual Data From An Image

If you want to extract text from an image then the only known way to do so is by typing down the visible text manually on a word or txt file. Well you must know that manual conversion of text from images is not always accurate plus it requires a lot of time and effort to manually change an image to text. 

Today you don’t have to rely on the manual conversion process as there are modern tools and apps that can automate the process of conversion. Now we don’t want to keep you away from the latest limelight revolving in the world of modern technology. Gone are the days when these tasks seemed troublesome. But now, the trend has changed, and you can take aid from below mentioned technological advancements to add ease to your life. Let’s know about the ways that you can use to save textual data from an image. 

Use Image to Text Converter by SmallSEOTools


One of the best ways to convert image to text in the blink of an eye is a picture to text converter offered by SmallSEOTools. This platform is most reputable, with many tools to accomplish different tasks. However, its image to text OCR-powered tool is being used globally. This tool works with intelligent algorithms and a multi-lightening fast system that holds the power to identify a text and extract them for you. 

While using this OCR online ☍ tool, all you need to do is pick the photo from Google Drive, DropBox, or local storage into the given input box of the tool.  Once you do that, select the convert button and let the magic begin. The outputs will be in front of you within less than sixty seconds. 

Take aid From an OCR Chrome extension.

Yet another best way to consider extracting text from an image is using OCR chrome extensions. Today, our browsers offer us the facility to add extensions that can help us perform many tasks. There are many famous names in the market, but Project Naptha is people’s favorite among the others. This is because it automatically makes all textual data inside the pictures on the web selectable. You can copy it and paste it to any word file later. There are no strict rules to follow. It would help if you downloaded the extension to add to your browser and use it anytime, free of cost. 

Utilize The Features of Google Docs

Who doesn’t know about Google Docs? It is a platform that helps manage, create, and edit files. One pretty good feature of it that it started to offer to its users is conversion tools. You can now convert your files to multiple formats without any disputes. Likewise, you can use Google Docs to convert images to text by following a few steps. 

Use Picture To Text Converter Application

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Last in order but not of importance! Here comes the image to text conversion app ☍ that can help you pull out text even when you are in a rush or messy situation. Suppose you are constantly traveling, and suddenly your boss sends you a picture and asks you to write the exact text present in the photo. Now, what will you do in such a speedy situation? Here is precisely where your handy smartphone will play the role. You have to download the image to text converter app on your phone and later leverage it to your benefit. The process of using it is the same as we have mentioned above. So, give it a try now if you seek comfort in everything. 

End Words

So, readers, these are some of the best ways to help you save image data in textual form on the go. Conversion of the image to text has become crucial in this fast-paced era, so having some good tools and tricks in your hands will help you add ease to your life. Because most of the time you need the data present on images in textual form. And you want to use it for your purposes. So, try the mentioned methods now, if you haven’t yet to add ease to your work. 

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