Prepostseo Tools Review – Advanced SEO Tools for SEO Experts

If you are new to SEO tools and you are wondering whether Prepostseo Tools are worth it or not, then you are at the right place.

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Prepostseo is a popular free SEO tools provider offering 95+ free SEO and marketing tools for beginner and expert digital marketers. It offers a wide range of SEO tools that you can use to speed up your marketing efforts.

If you are new to SEO tools and you are wondering whether Prepostseo Tools are worth it or not, then you are at the right place.

In this article, we are going to walk you through everything you need to know about Prepostseo Tools.

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About Prepostseo Tools

Prepostseo Tools is a leading SEO tools provider in the market that offers 95+ advanced SEO tools for their users. All these tools are 100% free and you can use them as many times as you want, without any kind of usage restrictions.

This company is Pakistan-based and has been offering premium services for quite some time now. The user interface of Prepostseo Tools is quite simple and engaging. You can get access to all their tools quite simply from the homepage.

Since this website offers free tools, there are a lot of ads on here. These ads can often feel quite distracting. But other than that, Prepostseo Tools is quite great when it comes to the tools and the services that it has to offer.


Prepostseo Tools – Best Features

·       Huge Collection of Premium SEO Tools

As of now, Prepostseo Tools has 95+ SEO, academic, and website management tools that you can use to enhance your SEO efforts. All these tools are constantly updated to add new features for the users.

Tools such as the plagiarism checker, the grammar checker, and the DA checker are quite useful for SEO experts. Along with that, you also get a lot of useful academic tools such as the article rewriter, and text summarizer that you can use to create unique and engaging content for free.

·       Support for Multiple Languages

The best thing about Prepostseo Tools is that it offers support for multiple languages. Once you subscribe to this website, you can use all its services in multiple languages.

This platform currently supports English, German, Turkish, and Spanish languages. The platform is constantly evolving so we are expecting to support more languages in the future. The support for different languages doesn’t work for some tools.

·       No Need to Create An Account

Unlike most free SEO tools providers, you don’t need to create an account on Prepostseo Tools to use its services. Unless you want premium features, you can do just fine without creating the account.

The only limitations with the standard usage are the word count limitations. You can get rid of these limitations by getting the premium Prepostseo Tools. You can use the free versions of the basic tools such as the plagiarism checker, the article rewriter, and more, without creating an account.

·       Premium Account Features

The premium plans for the Prepostseo Tools offer a lot of additional features that add to the user experience. These plans remove the ads, make the tools work much faster, and increase the word limit for all the tools. Here are some of the most prominent features of the Prepostseo Tools premium account:

  • No ads
  • Faster tools performance
  • More words limit
  • No Captcha
  • Multiple files upload
  • One Drive
  • Free Paraphraser
  • Chrome Extension

·       Subscription Plans

Prepostseo Tools offers 3 subscription plans. These include the Basic, Standard, and Company plans.

The Basic plan starts at $50 per year. The standard plan is $150 per year. The Company plan is $350 per year. Here are the complete feature details associated with all these plans:

image 1

Popular Tools Available At Prepostseo Tools


Plagiarism Checker

The Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker is an advanced tool that analyzes your content to find plagiarism in it. The tool compares your text with millions of web pages on the internet to see whether the content has plagiarism in it, or not.

The tool gives you the plagiarism percentage, along with the details of the matches sources. You can get rid of plagiarism from the content to make it 100% unique.

image 2

Paraphrasing Tool

The paraphrasing tool by Prepostseo Tools is equally useful for content marketers as well as students. This tool offers you a simple and fast way of creating unique content from an existing source.

You can add the content in the tool, and it uses advanced paraphrasing algorithms to generate a unique copy for you. The output content would be 100% unique. You can publish this content on your website or provide it to concerned authorities, without the risk of plagiarism.

image 3

DA Checker

This tool is valuable for SEO experts as it helps them determine the domain authority of a website. This tool helps you check the DA and PA of a website to determine its chances of ranking well on search engines.

You can check the DA for multiple URLs at once with this tool. You need to separate the URLs by putting each URL in a new line and then click on the Check Authority button to find the DA.

image 4

Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker helps students and content creators determine the errors and mistakes in their content. This tool figures out the punctuation and grammatical mistakes in the content for you.

You can upload your content in this tool, and it is going to figure out the mistakes in it. When you fix the mistakes in the content, it enhances the readability and increases your chances of getting better rankings on search engines.

image 5

So, is Prepostseo Tools worth it?

Prepostseo Tools offers a huge collection of free tools for SEO experts and academic professionals. You can also get premium plans to unlock more features.

Based on the benefits and features that this SEO Tools platform has to offer, Prepostseo Tools is completely worth it in our opinion.

If you don’t have a lot of budget and you are looking for SEO tools to improve your search engine rankings, Prepostseo Tools would be a great option for you.


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