7 Ways to Make Money On Amazon

Despite Amazon’s size and ubiquity, there are many ways for the everyday hustler to make money on the platform. You don't need to be an experienced seller; in fact, new Amazon merchants stand to make a revenue of between $26,000 and $810,000 annually.

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If you’re interested in learning how to make money on Amazon, this article will walk you through seven of the most profitable methods.

Let’s dive in!

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Merch By Amazon

Merch By Amazon - Ways to Make Money On Amazon

In the year 2015, Amazon Merch was launched as a new way for people to make money selling t-shirts. There were already well-established merch shirt vendors at the time, such as Red Bubble and Spreadshirt, but Amazon Merch offered something different. 

Merch by Amazon is an invitation-only program ☍ that allows people to create and sell shirts through Amazon, without having to worry about upfront costs or manufacturing.

People who are accepted into the Merch by Amazon program can create designs for t-shirts, upload them to the Amazon website, and set their own prices. Amazon will take care of all of the printing and shipping, and they’ll deduct a commission from each shirt sale.

If you want to sell shirts through Merch by Amazon, you must have an Amazon account that is in good standing, and your designs must be original and comply with Amazon’s terms of service.

How to do it

  1. Open an Amazon account, if you don’t have one already.
  2. Navigate to the Merch by Amazon website and apply to become a vendor.
  3. Once you’re accepted into the program, create designs for t-shirts using a design tool like Photoshop or Illustrator.
  4. Upload your designs to the Amazon website and use their templates to position your design.
  5. Set a price for each shirt, and Amazon will take care of the rest!

Remember to conduct market research to see what kinds of shirts are selling well on Amazon and to make sure your designs are original and comply with Amazon’s terms of service.

Sell on Amazon

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If you want to sell something other than t-shirts, there are several ways to sell the products you want through Amazon’s site. The first of these is called arbitrage. 

Retail or online arbitrage

In ecommerce, arbitrage is the purchase of an item at one price and the sale of the same item at a higher price. This can be done by finding a product for sale online or in-store at a lower price than it is being sold for on Amazon. 

Amazon sellers who use this method usually purchase products in bulk and then sell them at a higher price on Amazon. In retail arbitrage, you will buy from brick-and-mortar stores, while online arbitrage sellers ☍ generally look for on-sale products through sites like Walmart. 

While this method can be profitable, it can also be time-consuming, because you have to keep track of the prices of the products you’re selling and make sure you’re not losing money on each sale. 

To become an online or retail arbitrage seller:

  1. Choose the products you want to sell by conducting market research ☍ to find products with a high-profit margin.
  2. Find a supplier for the products you want to sell. You can do this by conducting a search on sites like Walmart, where you can buy clearance products.
  3. Set up an Amazon seller account and add products to the listings you want to sell.
  4. Ship the products you purchase from your place to Amazon’s warehouse.
  5. When a customer orders one of your products, Amazon will ship it directly to them.

Remember to factor in shipping costs and Amazon’s fees when pricing your products. You will also need to account for the time it takes to find a good deal, order the product, ship it to Amazon, and list it on the site.

Private label

If manufacturing or designing an original product isn’t your preference, you can always go the private label route. 

With this method, you find a supplier who will create a product according to your specifications, and then you put your own label on it. This has the advantage of saving you time and money in the design process, and also gives you more control over the finished product.

The disadvantage is that private labeling can be more expensive, and you’ll need to do some research to find a good supplier. However, if you can find a quality product at a good price, this can be a very profitable way to sell on Amazon.

To become a private label seller:

1. Design your branding. This includes your logo, font, and colors.

2. Choose a product to sell. You can find products for your private label in many places, but some good sources include Alibaba and AliExpress.

3. Find a supplier who can create the product you want according to your specifications.

4. Create an Amazon listing for your product.

5. Market your product and watch the sales come in!

Amazon Handmade

One of the lesser-known subsections of Amazon is Amazon Handmade. This is a section of the website that allows artisans and entrepreneurs to sell their handmade products directly to customers.

Amazon Handmade is a simple and convenient way for artisans to reach a large number of customers, and it can be a great way to make some extra money on the side, so long as you don’t mind the 15% commission that Amazon takes on all sales.

To start selling through Amazon Handmade:

  1. Register for an account on Amazon Handmade.
  2. Fill out your seller profile, including a description of your products and business information.
  3. Upload photographs of your products.
  4. Set your prices and decide how you want to ship your products.
  5. Start selling!

When you sell through Amazon Handmade, you’ll need to adhere to the company’s strict product guidelines. All products must be handmade by the seller, and they must meet certain quality and safety standards.

Amazon Affiliate Program

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Amazon is home to one of the largest affiliate programs ☍ in the world, and this is perfect for anyone looking to make some extra money. The Amazon affiliate program allows you to earn commission on products that you refer to Amazon. 

This can be a great way to make money if you have a blog or website, as you can simply include links to Amazon products on your site. When someone clicks on one of these links and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission on the sale.

To become an Amazon Associate:

  1. Go to https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/ and click Sign Up. You will be prompted to sign in or create an Amazon account.
  2. Once you are logged in, you will need to fill out your account information, web and mobile app list, and profile settings.
  3. Once you have filled out your account information, you will be taken to the Associates Central page. Here, you can start creating links and learning about how to best use the Amazon affiliate program.

It’s important to remember that you will only earn commission on products that are sold through your affiliate links. If someone clicks on your link but then decides not to purchase the product, you will not earn a commission.

Amazon Flex

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Believe it or not, you don’t actually have to sell or promote products on Amazon in order to make money from the site. There is another option called Amazon Flex.

Amazon Flex is a program that allows you to work as an “on-demand” delivery driver for Amazon. You can earn roughly $25 per hour delivering packages for the company (estimate subject to change), and there is no limit to the amount of money you can make.

This opportunity is especially great for people who live in major metropolitan areas and have access to a vehicle. You will need to be available during certain hours in order to complete deliveries, but, if you’re looking for an easy way to make some extra cash, this is it.

To become a Flex driver:

  1. Go to Amazon Flex, download the app, and sign up. You will need to pass a background check and complete a quiz on the Amazon Flex website.
  2. Once you’re approved, you can start selecting delivery blocks that work for you.
  3. When you’re available, go to the Amazon Flex app and select the time block you want to work. You will then be given a list of delivery addresses and times.
  4. Complete your deliveries and get paid!

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Named after a fake chess-playing machine in the 1800s, Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace where businesses and individuals can outsource small tasks to workers. The idea is that a human workforce can complete small tasks quicker and cheaper than algorithms or software.

The majority of MTurk jobs are completed by people in the United States, with the Philippines, India, and Pakistan making up the next largest contingents. The most common tasks include data entry, transcribing audio recordings, and identifying objects in photographs.

MTurk is a great way to make money on Amazon if you have some spare time and are looking for something to do in your free time. There are a number of different tasks that you can complete, and the pay is relatively good. However, it’s important to note that not all tasks are equally lucrative, so it’s important to do your research before you start working.

To become an MTurk worker:

  1. Go to the MTurk website, click Get Started, and request a Worker account.
  2. Fill out the Worker registration form and click Create Account.
  3. After your account is approved, you can start applying for tasks. You will be told how much each task pays before you accept it.
  4. The Requester will need to approve your work before you are paid, but, once it is approved, your earnings will be deposited into your account.

Like any other microtask site, there is always a risk of scams on MTurk. Be sure to only work with reputable Requesters and avoid any tasks that seem too good to be true.


In 2023, there are more ways than ever to make money online, and Amazon is leading the pack. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to expand your reach or an individual looking for ways to supplement your income, Amazon has something to offer. 

With its massive customer base and ever-growing product selection, Amazon is the perfect platform for entrepreneurs and online shoppers alike!

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